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  1. There,s nobody there but us chickens.
  2. There is another in the same flats for sale with Reeds Rains on the market for £57500 i offered the full price but out bid i believe it is selling for £67000 last sold for £219000 total mortgage fraud never worth that .mine is let at £425 per month.if you know the area it is Clifton Drive North Porrit houses.
  3. + plus 10 he upset the establishment big time,the rape happened about 10 years prior to the conviction.Mind you Owen is a [email protected] with his daft beard and floppy hats
  4. 72% ... one bed flat Flat 8 .fy82pb 2008 sold for £125000 bought May 2010 for £35000 i know i was the buyer ,great condition.yield 10%
  5. Agreed ,and a decent bottle of red taken before bed.
  6. Packet of 50 balloons gone from £1.20 to £1.99 thats proper inflation.
  7. Your local council does if you claim council tax benefit or housing benefit its is surprising what access to your personal details they can get.
  8. i do not think that that many people work from Moss Side and the ones that do soon leave the place as soon as they make a few quid,for some being from a bad area gives some the work ethic to get away from the place I was born in the next deprived area next to Moss Side, Wythenshawe and my contemporaries and myself all worked hard to get away.
  9. Wrong with Single farm Payment and the rent from the farmer about 8% yield
  10. All well and good if you are on £750 per week £145 pa is peanuts but if you find yourself out of work which can happen to anybody JSA £65 per week more than 2 weeks cash a huge amount to find.
  11. Agreed, and putting little girls in police uniforms and expecting them to do a full grown policeman's job is a big problem.they command no respect.
  12. Scrap the TV License! horror ,who would pay for their big Pensions?
  13. That sounds like a excellent result,out of interest how much are the Taxes and the total running cost?
  14. Alvin has a degree in stating Bleeding Obvious
  15. It makes no difference, you still do not own it.You a still have to pay a fortune to the local council and ask their permission if you want to do anything with it.You are just maintaining your own prison cell.
  16. Gold bugs note..for your best returns invest in Aga double ovens £995 then £6200 now unbelievable.
  17. Does anyone out there know how much it cost a estate agent to keep a property on the Right move site ?
  18. Gold is well down and the £ is dropping like a stone against the euro
  19. If she did not do the work,whats the threat she could not be sacked.only 17 teachers sacked for incompetence in the last 10 years.
  20. Lenders need to pay savers a decent rate on their savings to finance house purchase rather than get money on the wholesale market.there used to be thing called building society's
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