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  1. Santander are the masters of creative accountancy I think the odds of them going bust are very good.
  2. Thats what he is going to tell the social so he can claim income support.
  3. You do not have to pay your council tax if you are in prison,unless you are in prison for none payment of council tax then you are still liable ,you could not make it up
  4. Every mobile family in the North should go south and claim HB And when they are told to go back north claim racisms .and riot.
  5. This is used a lot in the Spanish property market.
  6. Cash to protect ? the rents they receive are going to be in Stirling so where is the protection.
  7. Not at todays price you won,t $1361 and still going.
  8. Good, less pensions to pay out of our license fee
  9. Your well out of date, bricklaying cost at present are half that,The days of a £1 a block are long gone ,you can take your pick of brickies for a £100 a day some will work for £60 a day in the north west.
  10. Do you without a pension want to pay a council employee pension out of your savings yes/no
  11. They should only get the statuary minimum same as the majority of the working people of the uk
  12. Reduce the license fee by 10% per year till it disappears, the fee is taxation without representation
  13. There is a second market in Spain i have recently sold a appt in Mallorca and have some cash in the Cam Bank in Spain ,i called in last week and my Manager there is acting like a est agent asking what i was looking for and offering me properties that they have reprocessed at up to 60% of there peek price, these are not with any local est agents.
  14. land ,,gold and oil. the rest is smoke and mirrors
  15. Sky is far to big to fail now.they are after world domination,Murdcock is pure evil.
  16. Woks not bent just clever,and gets to touch up all these nude women,what a job,i wonder how much he pays the tv company .
  17. I have found the best solution to this is an ofset Mortgage,you only pay the interest on the amount of capital not covered,the added advantage is you still have access to the cash if a deal comes up.
  18. Poor [email protected] was only getting £10,000 for the scam and gets 3 years a bit harsh.Swapping rice for porridge.
  19. So if 75% of council income comes from central gov ,why cannot 100% and make life simpler .?
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