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  1. Just think in the future the only people who will pay full Council Tax are the leeches collecting it now, and all the rest on public sector pensions.
  2. Get a few more family's on the site say you are Gypsy's and they will not dare move you on.
  3. If they strike its time all the working people in the UK withhold all council tax payments income tax and TV license .Its only fair.
  4. Question how many people work at the Post Office ? answer about half of them.
  5. Depends how long the Bank has been holding the property on its books.if it has been a while ie over nine months it would be in the Banks nameI
  6. They are still filming new shows the blond was filming a flat in Lytham St Annes last week. I bet she does not mention it was part of a massive mortgage fraud in 2007, the price it sold for then over £200,000 sold at auction in May 2011 about £70,000 they never tell the real story.
  7. Around £70 to £100 per acre rent for good grazing land, plus about £100 per acre single farm payment from the E.E.C subject to certain conditions.
  8. Should have about 360 former collages with him.All the [email protected] were at it and are still at it.
  9. If my memory serves me well after the poll tax was scrapped did they not increase V.A.T from 15% to 17.5% to subsidies the new Council Tax ? or did i dream that.
  10. +1 It will not happen though as it would be a downward pressure on London prices vested interest will not like it.
  11. Land is without doubt the best investment i have ever made, bought 40 acres about 5 years ago for just over 3k a acre I get single farm payment of about 5k a year and rent from a local farmer of 4k a year,i have the shooting rights and a 45ft container for business storage nothing like walking your own land,I am just in the process of buying 4 acres of woodland in Dorset which you can camp on for 28 days a year without any planning issues people are paying the same money for a leasehold beach hut.buy land.
  12. So how do you explain the Germans being big buyers in the Spanish market.To my knowledge 1 in 4 properties in Mallorca go to Germans
  13. Tell the water Company to sod off That you no longer require there service,They cannot turn you water off. Do not pay they are all mostly French owned.
  14. Give them the maximum sentence 7 years. These [email protected] are 100 times worst than Benefit fraudsters these shits already have plenty of money and well paid position it is pure greed.
  15. This is the tip of the ice burgh there was massive fraud in the St Annes area .i know of at least 4 other properties bought as single properties cut into flats and sold as investments to punters down South at well inflated prices with so called assured rents, the rents at around £1200 per month,They have never rented for more than £500 look at . flat 7 344 clifton Drive North on with Reeds Rains it will sell for about £60,000 last sold in 2007 for over £200,000 There are loads of these being dripped fed on to the market.
  16. Yes but i bet the thieving [email protected] still gets his gold plated MP,s Pension.
  17. No wonder Brits,abroad are getting rinsed ,Sold my place in Spain 6 months ago always paid our local property tax and sewerage rubbish tax on time checked we were uptodate when selling,Just had a e-mail from my lawyer in spain that the tax is outstanding from 2008/9 560 euro to pay plus 20% penalty for late payment bunch of robbing [email protected] yet the 3600 euro retention tax that we are due from the tax office could take up to 24 months to refund.
  18. Nobody is irreplaceable even with your skills and qualifications i am sure a Indian could do your job as well, and cheaper given the chance.
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