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  1. If they have lived in the barn unchallenged for over 4 years and can prove it ,they have got away with it.
  2. I believe it is a fact that if you retire back to Asia your life expectancy raises to 120 years
  3. How do you explain that Germans are such large buyers of Spanish Property a lot in Mallorca
  4. I went to a BNP meeting last year out of curiosity, and to find out their policies, the Key Note speaker who was explaining what was wrong with Britain and how to correct it, was a very good motivational speaker but the strange thing was he was a white man with a pronounced South African accent,It was explained to me afterwards that he had come to Britain 15 years ago ,after that i could not take the BNP as a serious party
  5. Plus the debt gets written of when you reach 60,so you are best doing your degree at 57 years of age.
  6. none of the above, i would invest in good agricultural land in a nice area.
  7. Buy a Tractor road legal and less than £100 per year to insure,not much of a bird puller but good for getting around.
  8. When a Daily Whail feature writer moves in then it is bound to be a up and coming area.
  9. From what i am told the majority of the workers on the site in Lytham St Annes are from India anyway, so it will not make any difference
  10. Welcome them ,hope they stay join them if there are enough of you and say you are travelers planners are shit scared of doing any enforcement after 4 years get residential rights.
  11. It is there if you search ,Cornwall Devon Dorset maybe a mile or two inland ,see woodland UK. last year maybe 4 or 5 grand an acre now 6 to 8 grand and acre depends on access rights of way river frontage sports rights covernats ect
  12. I disagree buy some woodland in a nice coastal area for the price of a small car then camp on it, within permitted development rights for 28 days a year ie during the expensive school holidays for the next few generations,it also supplies all your fuel for a wood burner for life, plus the pleasure of ownership all for about 6 grand an acre. also if prices do go up sell half for what you paid and you get whats left for free.Good Deal.
  13. No you have it the wrong way round.Welfare payments should be reduced by 25% in London and the South East, were all the job opportunities are,this would have the effect of moving the none productive people to less crowded areas of the UK.
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