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  1. Thats why when you buy land you take out chancellery insurance
  2. Tarzan is 98% dead why should we even give a moments notice to the opinion of a senile relic.
  3. I live in the woodland a couple of months of the year and have tried camper vans tents and trailer tents,all have their positive and negative,But my best option so far is a small Eriba caravan .can be pulled by most small cars,well insulated ideal for a couple ,or single can be pulled about by one person you do not know you are towing it,the only downside is they are quite expensive, they are a cult thing and hold their value.
  4. You are a Yorkshire person or a soft southern [email protected],who does not know Lancashire.
  5. In the area the Fracking is to take place on the Fylde the drinking water comes from the Lake District.There is plenty of clean water in the the UK.very little energy.
  6. Did i dream it ,or did they increase VAT to cover any short fall, when they scrapped the poll tax.anyone remember?
  7. Your right prisoners do not have to pay council tax.But if you are sent to prison for none payment of council tax you are still liable to pay the council tax on your property.
  8. Wait till the NIBYS are freezing in their expensive homes and cooking over a open fire,they will soon change their mind.
  9. He also suggest you can build a cabin in the woods without planning consent
  10. B.T is a large unfunded pension fund, attached to outdated copper wire.
  11. For a complete answer, ask the question on Field to Farm forum .but in my experience the LPA do not have any rights of access unless you have broke an court issued enforcement notice,most LPA only seem to get involved once a NIBBY reports you.
  12. Go for it! The more people that do this, the faster we can undermine this stupid restrictive planning system. POWER TO THE PLEBS.
  13. For permitted development you need to own or own and rent at least 12.5 acres then you can live in a mobile home while you build your barn for up to 5 years,I attended a planning meeting recently where a book called Field to Farm was discussed by the chief planning officer and he was concerned about, what he called the exploitation of this loophole.
  14. Won, after a few appeals, Most planners are not very bright ,and if you have plenty of cheek/ youth and nothing to lose you can beat them,worst case they have to rehouse you in a council house,remember you are not breaking the law it is not criminal,it is withholding planning consent on land that you own that is criminal it is a crime against your human rights to stop you enjoying your property.On a brighter note thanks to Kevin the price of woodland in Somerset has doubled,Thanks Kev
  15. Been there done that in the past, when i was younger and hungrier,but if i did not have a home already i would.
  16. Just viewed Kevin McLoud new program ,on i player.And the planning issue was skimmed over ie if it is mobile it is OK .From what i have been told by the local LPA is any structure has to be in connection with forestry and has to be removed when the work in the area is completed,you can camp on the land for 28 days without any permission but if any tents or structure is erected it has to be removed. Interestingly I bought 3.5 acres of woodland on the Somerset Devon border, same area as Kevin, 3 years ago. We have camped and enjoyed the place.But i am sure if i could build a nice Cabin like Kevin we could enjoy it even more.I am going to approach somerset LPA to see if a precedent has been set and can we do the same,I will keep you informed
  17. A traditional detached house brick and block tile roof 6mt x 10 mt on two floors built for just less than £60,000 after the vat was claimed back 3 years ago.I think i could now do the same for about 10% less, with Knowledge gained.
  18. I read someplace it cost the state about £10 per hour to put a convicted criminal on community service, and they struggle to find things for the criminals to do,
  19. I have always wondered why the animal rights crowed do not say anything about the cruel way Halal meat is produced.
  20. I have been told that the best way to grow and hide a crop is in a commercial tomato greenhouses ,a few plants hide in with the tom plants cannabis leaves are very similar they can survive on the same light heat and nutriment,same plant family and the tomato plants hide the smell, Italian growers in Kent have been doing for years ,as back home cannabis was used as a cooking herb,but now it is done on a larger scale with the stronger skunk.
  21. I have heard a few people like this who get free accommodation in the local hospital
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