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  1. barrabus

    Agenda 21

    It can be done ,by a buying 11 acres of agricultural land and follow the information in the book from Field to Farm think outside the box. Don't be a slave.
  2. barrabus

    If you claim Income Support,

    Some very good and imaginative replies, but i am still perplexed as to whether the government or government departments, social ,tax consider crypto-currency an asset ,I have asked an accountant about this ,his reply was what is Bitcoin .Is it only an asset when it is sold and would you get the same capital gain tax allowance ?
  3. I have just sold my small amount of Bitcoin ,the main reason is all the talk wash trading,(large holders selling to each other at a bigger and bigger price) I will invest my profit in sovereigns.
  4. Would you have to declare Bitcoin as savings ?
  5. barrabus

    Kite Flying In Luton

    Its the New , New Delhi.
  6. Stick a set of Polish number plates on, job done
  7. Just in the process of doing a claim I will keep you updated how successful I am getting back €22,000 not hopeful
  8. barrabus

    That State Pension

    Is it true that if you have been signing on most of your life say 35 years that you can have a full contribution record and get the full pension somebody enlighten me . Surely can't be true
  9. barrabus

    Mo Money Mo Problems

    Agreed, but even when the bubble does burst, you will still have the land,and any enhanced value you have obtained getting round planning,plus rent from land and single farm payment.Better than fiat money,but i am a peasant at hart.
  10. barrabus

    Mo Money Mo Problems

    Buy good quality agri land,and if you can afford more than 12,5 acres buy the book field to farm.and try to push it as far as poss on the planning front.
  11. barrabus

    Permitted Development - Class Mb

    In your opion would a 45 foot shipping container that has been in sited for 7 years (council has accepted it now cannot be moved)be considered to be converted under permitted development ?
  12. barrabus

    Where To Emmigrate To In 10 Years Time


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