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  1. I did - if the stamp duty wasn't there we would have bought a place worth another 150k. We couldn't simply as we didn't have the money for the stamp duty - at the time
  2. Yeah I saw the thread last night. I dont have time to look and I believe what is being said about reduce multiple's just want to see a comparasion. When we got our mortgage we assumed a 4 x time salary, (that is why I was wondering where the 6 times came from) - luckly it only worked out to 2 x in the end. Gordons stamp duty actually saved us from over extending.
  3. What reduced multiple's are we seeing - aside from NR?
  4. I agree the lower end of the market will certainly some effect on this! The perspective I am coming from is that the people who would have been looking at buying in the 500k mark last year are now looking at the 400k due to tightening credit. This applies from the million pound properties right down to your average priced properties. – buyer’s lower there limits To some extend I think the sales will still be there, just from a different person with different lending criteria Or there could be a stalemate between buyers and sellers – buyers cant get the finance - seller wont sell for less??
  5. It will be interesting to see what happens next. I guess prospective house buyers will have to down grade the expectations of what they can buy, whether this has an effect on actual sales prices will remain to be seen.
  6. Do you not think low incomes would be offered less, say 25k salary will give you 3.5% whereas a 50k might give you 5 times?
  7. On the face of it I can get up to 5 times with Scottish Widows, and it assumed a 5% Depost - 20k. Whether I can actually get it will be another question
  8. It is very one sided - however alot of the views on here are very one sided. Trick is to being able to see thru the "wishlist" for what is actually happening
  9. What also will be interesting will be all the people made redundant through lack of sales at these said supermarkets. Along with all the suppliers and trade contractors who support the supermarkets. It is the little people of this world who will be effected, not the directors of the board of the supermarkets
  10. He is calling it how he see's it I guess which is better than ignoring the issue. Thing is he hasn't been lying, he has been advising - if you like - on what he thinks the current markets are doing whether they be in a bull or bear market.
  11. perhaps - but you are trying to "summarise what the big triggers to house price armageddon" will be? But you fail to list your defination of armagedon? Am I missing something?
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