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  1. Do all your "jokes"/insults revolve around school life and being a teenager? You need to get out more, meet some adults. Grow some balls!
  2. My job or the council worker's job? I work full time and do the parish stuff in my spare time. I can tell you now, you won't find any council workers at our parish council meetings! I can also tell you that if I asked to meet them out of their working hours, I'd get a less than polite two word response. And I'm certainly not using my holidays for anything other than my time.
  3. Maybe I should have just said "Why don't you bugger off to Somalia"! And you're still a hypocrite.
  4. Hurling insults? Hypocrite? You failed that one I'm afraid.
  5. When you were a local councillor, did that mean you worked day to day with council staff (the anonymous pen pushers)? Excuse my ignorance/intelligence but I represent my parish council (to try and get things done for the community, I certainly don't represent a party) but I never get to see the county council offices or the town concil offices or any other venue apart from the local village hall. I certainly don't get to meet the workers. What interaction did you have as a councillor?
  6. Will you please go to bed, I know it's not a school day but it is late.
  7. Marriage is fine thanks. 5 years last month and still going strong. Unless she was telling fibs about her time at Norfolk council that is!
  8. But you don't know my IQ! It's actually pretty high (it was when I passed my 'O' levels). Attacks on intelligence do tend to be the last resort of lefties/commies/greenies, whatever you call yourselves nowadays. I apologise for inferring that you vote Labour, that was below the belt. But don't try and feel you're superior to me because you think you have a higher IQ purely because you don't agree with me. Is that how it works in the public sector, you discuss how something is to be done and when a colleague disagrees you insult their IQ level? No wonder the country's in such bad a state.
  9. My God, this is tedious. I wrote about my wife's experiences 12 years ago. YOU then made some tripe comment about Somalia. You really are pathetic. Pathetic. Pathetic. Then you call me a liar and accuse me of not knowing what I'm talking about! So, I don't know what my wife tells me! You really are pathetic.
  10. It's the front line bit I had a problem with. Perhaps that's why I put it in bold for you? Read my posts, education is important as I said. But when people like you vote Labour just to protect your inflated salaries and they then send teenagers to the real front line in some god forsaken country, it makes me wonder how you sleep at night. YOU and your ilk are the criminals. YOU and your kind have blood on your hands. Think on. Night night.
  11. I see the problem now. You think what I wrote was a "fairy tale". Maybe you're too quick to call people a liar. If you'd ever had a real job then maybe you'd understand how (lazy, left wing, parasitic) people function. Until then, keep your liar accusations to yourself.
  12. People like you used to really piss me off. Now I just see you as charity. It's a shame you get to vote.
  13. Oh how I laughed. Like I say, I know what teachers earn (too much most of them) and I guarantee I pay more tax than you earn. And when talking about puberty, at least I spend most of my time with adults. Maybe you could never escape that school thing. And remember, you lot have had your golden years, it's gonna be tough for you lot from now on for a good 10 or 20 years. Sweet dreams
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