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  1. That, too is a very interesting point. I have some previous experience in working close to the local govt/LEA sector (sorry for the caginess), and I was staggered at the bureaucracy & wastage of money involved. I should add that the £5.4K - £8.4K per annum I mentioned was for a primary (i.e. "preparatory") public school. I imagine that secondary public schools are a fair bit more expensive. A quick check on one nearby suggests up to £10K per annum fees. Something tells me the taxpayer would be taking it anally if many people exercised such an option. And therein lies the self-defeating l
  2. http://www.bbc.co.uk/theoneshow/article/20...mraverage.shtml Overall VI context, with cockney [email protected] verbiage - shouldn't he stick to coaching 2nd-hand car-buyers theough an earpiece like he did a while back? He was good at that. At least they did have one HPC-opinioned person on there, but the sum-up had them glossing over the very idea of the imminent HPC. But enough of all that - did anyone else like the look of Paula? I know she's the archetypal VI, but I hereby christen her the Mortgage MILF.
  3. Fair point, but didn't Secondary Moderns teach just kids to be blue-collar, manual workers? Can you elaborate on the different 'learning styles' available? I know about Steiner schools at primary level, but what about secondary? Not taking the p!ss here, just don't understand why you think it's wrong to teach kids basic business skills (and English & Maths). Are you saying they should learn other subjects, rather than these? I'm no huge fan of comprehensives - went to one myself . And the lefty in me is slightly uncomfortable cos I genuinely believe mixed-ability teaching (at high-school
  4. Erm, have you all got very short memories about the mythical 'education voucher system'? The Tories dust this policy off & wheel it out every couple of years or so to show that they are "the party who puts education first". This goes back decades - it's the single reason why my old man campaigned/leafletted for Thatcher in 1979. They then had 18 years in power, and still didn't implement this manifesto promise. I last heard the Tories humping this one in the media about 18 months ago. Usual, hollow politico-bullsh!t. On paper, it looks like a good scheme & always has done. Just don't
  5. My consignment to the IT scrapheap happened at age 31, after 12 years of working my tits off at a high level & sacrificing friendships, relationships, and developing a massive booze/herb habit (the latter gone now). The IT industry is a pile of shit, almost totally de-commoditised nowadays. Wish I had learned a proper trade, but for all us late 80s schoolkids, working in IT was absolutely encouraged... The OP troll is going to find his ass outsourced or the industry moving in ways he cannot predict or react to. No skillset is immune, and even if he moves into IT management, that's even mo
  6. I couldn't give a rat's ar$e about this woman's plight. Lazy, greedy & gullible.
  7. Those Daily Express headlines in full: 'DIANA DEATH MYSTERY' 'FALLING HOUSE PRICE SHOCK' 'IMMIGRANTS TO BLAME FOR EVERYTHING' 'WORST WEATHER FOR 100 YEARS' [Repeat ad infinitum] Amazingly, a guy in front of me at the paper shop the other week bought an Express and a Daily Star - both Dirty Des rags, and also the two worst newspapers in the UK, by quite a distance. Admittedly, the guy did look like a bit of a tard.
  8. Of course she would have approved. Huge revenues for her buddies in the financial "services" sector, and an ever-present labour-pool of up-to-the-eyeballs-in-debt masses, happy to accept measly salaries in an economy about to go down the toliet. Thatch would have been proud of B. Liar and McBroon. Oh, BTW - loved the various Care In The Community types on this thread suggesting NuLab were "socialists". Hilarious
  9. Labour in the 70's: a bunch of incompetent ar$eholes who practically bankrupted the country. In that sense, I'm not surprised that Thatcher got into power, as the country was falling to bits. But she was mad as a loon, and was so paranoid about the bogey man of 'socialism' that she spent her whole 11 years in power trying to destroy it. Wreck trade unions, make teachers out to be the lowest of the low, abolish lefty strongholds like the GLC, etc. The most catastrophic mistake was right-to-buy - a textbook way of buying the working/lower-middle class vote for a generation. And yes, the seeds
  10. Hi again, and thanks for the warm welcome. This whole topic continues to fascinate me. The TOPS guy's stuff sounds like desperately trying to rally people into buying, when even the most casual observer of trends can see that it's all about to go Pete Tong in a big way. Anecdotal: I rent a place in a quiet bit of New Costessey, and as well as the immediate area, I regularly drive or walk through Thorpe Hamlet, Old Catton, Earlham & Bowthorpe/Three Score. In all these areas, I've noticed a definite increase in the amount of EA 'For Sale' boards over the last month or so. Wondering if man
  11. Hi, first post & all that. Terrific thread so far - massive appreciation of the time & effort that several posters have put into this. Hesistant to chuck in some apparent flame-bait in my first HPC post, but... It seems to me that Norfolk people hardly ever move away from Norfolk. Purely anecdotal, but I've had about 20 jobs - all over the southern half of the UK. Everywhere I've worked, I've had colleagues who were... Welsh, Geordie, Scots, Irish (both flavours), Londoners, southerners, Mancs, Scousers, Brummies, Midlanders, West Country folk, plus a whole load of people from Oz, N
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