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  1. Not sure if this is what you're thinking of? http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/norfolk/6593135.stm
  2. Mmmmm - Mile Cross. Lovely area The decor & garden are definitely in keeping with the vicinity. Move right in! Luv that poster of the chavmobile in the bedroom. Class.
  3. Yeah, but it does offer a <<<Contemporary Lifestyle>>> I think that's a euphemism for being able to watch the TV while you're on the throne.
  4. Exactamundo! What a sad little [email protected] this guy is. I'm certain he knows the score perfectly well, but has tailored his comments to neutral, no-blame guff about 'markets', and 'flattening', etc. Perhaps a reflection of how careerist our political system has become that there isn't any honesty about irresponsible govt. policy having led to all this. Wouldn't want to harm one's chance of getting a junior ministerial gig, would we? The only problem about the Nu Liars being booted out of power at the next election is that they'll be replaced by the Long-Established Liars. Things do not improve...
  5. Te$co = £2.85bn annual profit in 2007 - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7347769.stm Te$co = tax-avoiding, litigous, predatory in pricing & location, land-grabbing, insatiably greedy, and with far too much dominance / power / influence. Imagine the Westminster lobby they can buy. The supermarket equivalent of Micro$oft. And they still have the pretend-working-class w&nker Bob Hoskins doing their voiceovers. Why are you buying anything off them at all? Many HPCers complain about VIs / market abusers / manipulators / rampers. How about applying the same criteria in deciding where yo
  6. More delusional p!ss-takers trying to cover their huge mortgage by expecting a huge rent. Despite the guff about it being 'deceptively large', the bedrooms are small, kitchen tiny & lounge not much better. And only a downstairs bog! Fine on a place half the rent of this, but not at this premium. Rush hour & mid afternoon = area choked up with kids going to/from the Hewitt high school. Let's also not forget that this end of Cecil Road is literally just over the road from Lakenham and - speaking as a former Lakenham resident, myself - that area is an absolute hole, at least as bad as t
  7. If Nigerians are involved, you may have to pay £10K up front (via Western Union) for a chance of a share of the farm. I bet the farm's previous owner (Laurent Kabila?) died in a plane crash before he could get his funds out of the swimming pool. Don't tell me EAs have resorted to 419 scams! I know things are pretty desperate for them...
  8. I checked out the Arsepress today, just to see what the Great Unbrained were reading. Loads of Diana, Madeleine, and the non-missing-kiddy's munter of a mother. Bullish article on p4 ('HPC crisis? What crisis?). VI piece in the features section on p37, with EAs saying 'there has never been a better time for FTBs'. Mandatory picture of attractive, smiling FTB couple. They did make space for one bearish piece, though - a big picture of a cute polar bear on p3. That's the kind of level we're dealing with here, folks. I'm truly staggered that anyone (even real morons) would read this alleged
  9. The woman has been a flat-out whore for the last decade or so. I think it became quite clear what sort of thickos her ads were aimed at when the first low-fat spread ads came out. She says to camera that the spread can 'reduce your levels of cholesterol'. As she was saying the word 'reduce', she makes a hand gesture - imagine a very slowed-down version of the closing motion of the 'yakety yak' gesture (thumb meets the four fingers held together). I'm guessing this was in case any Daily Star readers were watching the ad & didn't understand what the word 'reduce' meant. Like you say, why d
  10. Plenty of dumb-f*cks will go for this. After all it is promoted by 'that clever woman off the telly - the one who's really brainy at maths - so it must be a good deal'. Probably the same people who went for those dial-a-stereotype 'I've got the right' RTB ads a few years back.
  11. Surely 'Crash' by The Primitives? Well worth it for an ogle at the lovely Tracey Tracey. I think these lyrics are absolutely spot-on - just have a quick read, with you HPC hat on... here you go way too fast dont slow down gonna crash you should watch watch your step dont lookout gonna break your neck so shut - shut your mouth cos im not listening anyhow ive had enough - enough of you you know to last a lifetime through so what do you want of me got no words of sympathy and if i go around with you you know that i'll get messed up too with you with you nana nana na nana nana
  12. The HPC story will be tucked away inside. Y'see, the Express has a ready-made front page story speculating about the charges against the munter whose kiddy went missing & then turned up...
  13. You lot are nasty. My sig says it all.
  14. You're spot-on. It's a great shame that so few people understand the politics & background of migration properly. Far too easy to give it the 'they come over here...' ill-informed nonsense. Let's give a big shout to good old George Orwell for the idea of the Two Minutes' Hate. Western 'societies' seem to need someone to blame for everything. Orwell's Two Minutes' Hate = today's Daily Express & BNP. The poster implying eugenics hasn't come back yet - probably past his level of conception - but IMHO he has ruined any chance of making a well-argued point by straying into territory he c
  15. Careful, now. Are you a fan of eugenics?
  16. I'm with the OP on his desire for a stable, long-term environment for bringing up the kid(s). Yeah, he could watch the market drop & ultimately save some money, but if it's a cracking place (& the circumstances are right), then why not get in there? Pure financial advantage ain't everything. Conversely, renting needn't always be a case of dealing with ar$ehole LLs & rental agents. Yep, I spent about 15 years being ripped off, screwed around & generally shafted by various leeches (mostly greedy amateur f*ckwit LLs who regard property as a zero-effort money-printing machine &am
  17. Hi, chainfree. Sounds like you should do the same as me - sit tight in rented accom & let the collision between excrement & air extractor take place in the Norwich property market over the next couple of years. Unbelievable that anyone would want to live in those street-front houses near the footy ground. Unless, that is, they were offered a stonking deal. I'm guessing there will be deals along where developers or BTLs are desperately trying to shift properties at any price before it all goes completely Pete Tong. I'm in two minds about what this will do to rental values during the
  18. This is all the more reason to forget about a long commute, and actually work locally if you're moving up here. Your lass will need your help, support and actual presence when your littl'un comes along. You won't be able to provide that if you're on a train for 4 hours per day & completely shagged out by the time you do get home. Just my 2p. And my final contributions to this thread. But all the best with future parenthood - best thing in the world.
  19. According to http://www.seasondirect.com/ a monthly Norwich <-> London season ticket is £547. They don't seem to offer a yearly one, so I'm concluding that annual cost will be (547*12) = £6564. Just as well you're pulling in a decent whack... Factor in income tax into the above figure, and it's more than half the average wage in Norfolk - sorry no link, but it's in the £17.5K - 18K range. Very modest 2-bed terraces in the Thorpe area start around £135K currently - approx a 7.5 multiple on local earnings. But only about a 2 x multiple on your earnings+bonuses, apparently - if you are bu
  20. Prying slightly, but you did start it... You mentioned you bought in the Thorpe area, and that it's a terrace. I know that area well, and quite like it - nothing out of the ordinary, mainly small, quiet streets full of Victorian terraces, with very little parking. What puzzles me is that you mention that you aimed at one particular street? No one street round there stands out to me in any sense. They all seem much the same. Any chance I could ask where you're referring to? Or at least, why one particular street was of great importance?
  21. Unlike you, I'm actually in the UK and know 4 or 5 people who work in the UK school education sector. If you didn't get your opinions from the tabloids, where did they come from? Let's hear your tales of the mythical lefty influence in UK schools. I mean proper, prima facie stuff - not the 'baa baa white sheep' nonsense out of the tabloids. And no cut/pasting off the Daily Mail or Express websites! # And it's all gone quiet over there... #
  22. Perhaps the National Curriculum should take its guidance from the Daily Express and Daily Mail, then? That's exactly the same sh!t that people like "Sir" Keith Joseph used to spout. Teachers don't educate out kids - they just turn them into tree-huggers / lefties / gays / etc ad nauseum. You're talking b0110cks, mate. Try getting a proper opinion of your own, rather than serving up re-heated tabloid rubbish. I assume you have a mind of your own to think with?
  23. Job = totally unstable discipline (IT) in a totally unstable industry (the City). No wonder they're cagy about lending him 100%. A quick check on rightmove suggests 2-bed properties round there start at c. £250K - he will shortly be co-habiting & 2 bedrooms is more than they need. Why must he have a £400K+ place? Ever heard of working up to it, mate? Daddy steps in with the money = great if you have a rich daddy. Why can't he lay his hands on £20K in a hurry if he can pull a £400K mortgage? As per a previous poster's point, what's the multiple? Google his name. Only been in his current
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