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  1. Suppressing a big yawn here, but I won't elaborate much further as this is a (largely) cracking thread with most posters making relevant, informed & intelligent contributions, rather than [email protected] around with cod-Spartist, sub-sixth form attempts at sociology lectures. You're only pleasuring yourself, pal.
  2. What about Norman Tebbit? Classic Socialist/Marxist, right? Don't spoil this thread, mate. It's very good so far.
  3. Dissident junk - you have joined Talbot in hitting the nail on the friggin' head. Excellent post. Quality thread, quality postings.
  4. Talbot my man, that is an exceptional post. Nail on the friggin' head.
  5. So what? Isn't your area WASP enough anymore? Do you count EU citizens as 'immigrants'? They're not - the EU allows free movement of its citizens from one member state to another. Er, not sure if you were reading my reply or just confabulating (look it up). I didn't say anything about "the housing shortage we keep hearing about". In fact, what "housing shortage we keep hearing about" is that? VI, ramping bullsh!t, which you then accuse me of. Make up your mind, pal. I'm 100% in agreement with you that we should tax the t!ts off BTLers & second-home owners. I took issue because you gav
  6. Can you elaborate on how 'infrastructure and services are already stretched to breaking point'? This wouldn't be caused by chronic under-investment in public transport, hospitals, schools, etc, for a period of decades, would it? As I said earlier... I guess you're right. Why tackle a problem properly, when it's a useful crutch to lean on in any argument?
  7. Uncontrolled immigration - a tiny drop in the ocean compared to overall UK housing requirements. And what about emigration *from* the UK to other countries? Let's not forget the amount of Eastern Europeans now going home. Y'know, I think the right are going to have to find another group of largely voiceless people to blame for everything in future. And as for the spectre of the UK being concreted over - isn't it the case that less than 10% of the UK is built on? Are you also suggesting we go back to an agrarian society, where we can feed ourselves without any imports? Get real. I can just im
  8. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-101...=8&tr_t=buy Guess the 'open house' didn't go all that well. 7th Jun 2008 * Price changed: from 'Offers in Excess of £229,950' to 'Offers in Excess of £200,000' [Found by SuperKev] 27th May 2008 * Brief Description changed: OPEN HOUSE THIS SATURDAY CALL 01603 760700 FOR MORE INFO Located in the ever popular Threescore, this property offers brilliant access to the UEA, hospital and southern bypass. Unlike many of the properties in Threescore this one has a detached garage, meaning there is as much space downstairs as there is up. (contd..
  9. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-199...=7&tr_t=buy 28th May 2008 * Price changed: from '£124,995' to 'Offers in Excess of £110,000' [Found by newfangler] 23rd May 2008 * Status changed: from 'Sold STC' to 'Available' [Found by newfangler] 22nd May 2008 * Status changed: from 'Available' to 'Sold STC' [Found by newfangler] 30th Apr 2008 * Price changed: from 'Offers in Excess of £135,000' to '£124,995' [Found by newfangler] 10th Apr 2008 * Initial entry found. [Found by newfangler]
  10. Well, that's a load of worthless [email protected], isn't it? If anything, rents are static or falling due to the amount of BTLers desperate to bring in tenants & revenue, and minimise voids. I do get sick of news/magazine/portal-type websites publishing any old rubbish without quality control, just to give the impression their site is full of fresh, up-to-date content. Gives toss like that article undeserved gravitas. PS: is he related to Jeremy?
  11. Yawn. Are you aware there are genuine asylum-seekers?
  12. Quick bump. Just read the Radio Times preview: Realistically, this must be the last series.
  13. Good God - Whitley. Worked there (office building on main road) in 1997. The very anus of the Thames Valley? One night during first week working there: scummers from the council estate round the back shot through half a dozen plate-glass windows on the back of the building with a gun. Weeks later, break-in overnight - £5K of laptops & projectors nicked. Weeks later, break-in overnight discovered in progress by total chance, causing crims to scarper. Approx 200 PC system boxes found stacked neatly in reception, awaiting transfer to stolen getaway van parked nearby (this was in the days of
  14. Banks (and the NHS) seemed to be the nearest you get to a closed-shop nowadays. Almost all the job ads I ever saw in these sectors insisted that you had to have worked in their sector already. Definite protectionism at play. Not sure what the route of entry actually is. And would you seriously want to bet on the banking sector keeping on so many contractors over the next couple of years? Must be the riskiest sector there is. But yes, I am a bit jaded by the whole industry & inclined to look on it negatively.
  15. I got canned in Feb 2002 by a mobile phone company which rhymes with "Oh, poo". Contract had 6 more months to run & I was very busy, but the org had been taken over by bean-counters & marketing people by then. They had paved the way by forcing all contractors to take a 10% rate cut just before Xmas 2001, and then again in Jan 2002. I relocated (as was already planned, pre-canning) and took a crap permie IT job just to get some money coming in. Worked out some figures around this time - I had taken a 73% pay cut. After several job moves, I'm now in a permie job earning as much as my p
  16. It's a pity there isn't a 'f*cking stupidest, most pointless ideas' forum, as this deserves to be moved there. Tards have been forwarding this worthless [email protected] round the net for about 4 years, to my knowledge. Off with their heads, etc.
  17. Krusty is locked in my soundproofed basement and will be for 28 years. I hope to father at least 7 children with her. In the real world, Phil has been up here in Naaarf*ck giving it the VI routine - hardly surprising, given that his biz is expanding into East Anglia. Spotted by CATFLAP in the East Anglia sub-board, who has made it their sig quote: "Statistics can make some fairly ballsy headlines but it (the housing market) is not going to collapse; it is not going to crash, absolutely not, and everyone will feel much rosier in September." Source: http://preview.*******.com/4wlqra
  18. Fantastic 'Kick Out The Jams' - the only album I've ever played where a girlfriend has immediately told me to TURN THAT OFF, just moments into track 1 ('Ramblin' Rose'). A fine accolade for any album.
  19. Fellow MC5 fan in the house? Me = Norwich. Although I always make the point that I'm exiled here. Land of sh!t wages & about a 9 times average-earnings multiple when HPI peaked. Needs to crash a long way round here before things are properly affordable again. Still, at least the recession will hopefully mean a lot of owners of 2nd homes in nice parts of Norfolk will sell them to people who live/work in the area & f*ck off back to London.
  20. They're having a laugh with that pricing. And quite what the point is of buying such a tiny share in a place is beyond me. Is the idea that you eventually start magically earning more & re-mortgage for the existing loan + another 75%? Wages suck round here - that'll never change. You're right - aside from all the 'contemporary living' bullsh!t, there are definitely cheaper alternatives - even this early in the HPC - which offer better value, better area, etc. I can't see anyone taking these flats up. I was looking through 2-bed houses & flats earlier on with Property Bee, and even in
  21. There's a new development I've been keeping an eye on - 'The Point'. Site of an old tyre place (I think) on the northeastern corner of the Dereham Road / Marlpit Lane junction, on the way out to New Costessey. Other side of Dereham Road from the Aldi at the top of Larkman Lane. Their site: http://www.greenwoodhomes.co.uk/thepoint.html Been on the go for some time, although not progressing much lately. Despite decent weather today, no-one I could see from the road on site at 18:00 tonight. http://www.greenwoodhomes.co.uk/news.html suggests the completion has gone back from summer 08 to autumn
  22. Good God A fair few grand getting all lot that ripped out & redone in less mad colours. And that carpet is just shocking :-( I guess some people don't realise that their own taste in decor might be totally unsaleable. Check out previous Property Ladder episodes from plenty of this, especally the two sisters doing up the Art Deco place down Brighton way. Remember all the mad Indian / flowery stuff on the walls that *all* potential buyers said they would paint over if they bought it? I'd keep the fireplace though. Obviously not original, but it looks cool. And that lovely big conservato
  23. Damn right - newly-released figures confirm this: <<<Average weekly earnings are £410.40 in Norfolk, £450 in the region and £458.60 nationwide.>>> Source: http://preview.*******.com/3hmp7e If my maths is right, that means the average Norfolk wage is 10.5% below the national average. Sounds about right. I doubt this will ever change - mainly because of the 'we like it round here' mentality & the pool of cheap labour which this creates.
  24. Nestoria ( http://www.nestoria.co.uk/ ) is working fine in IE & Firefox right now. Try clearing out your cache?
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