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  1. Thanks for the reply, which I've just read in full. Thoroughly interesting, and has opened my eyes to the internal workings of that sector. For instance, I wasn't aware of the amount of bursaries available - this certainly wasn't the case for the year I attended public school round here. I'm going to read your reply again tomorrow as I'm in massive sleep-debt at the mo. Thanks again for posting in such detail.
  2. I believe there was one called 'Ar$e Ventura: Butt Detective'
  3. Interesting philosophical point - I guess one person's strongly-held view is another person's troll-bait... But I'm very interested in the view which you appear to hold. I've never thought the 'public benefit'/charity angle would stand up to much scrutiny in the case of public schools. Always struck me as commercial businesses, with paying customers. IIRC, most public schools also charge termly in advance - that's a nice float of money every September, January & April. Surely not many other businesses bill quarterly in advance? 100% willing to have my thinking changed on this & to s
  4. Surely 'MacNob' is a more appropriate name? 100% VI bullsh!t. Does this paper have any editorial credibility? Are they just humping the 'possible future HPI' story so that Jock McPublic hears what he wants to hear? Maybe this article about their parent group has something to do with it? http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2008/nov/1...n-consolidation Desperately bleating out "good news" as they disappear down the toilet... EDIT: speelung
  5. http://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/4037...o_shut_up_shop/
  6. Suggestion in a thread a few weeks ago that public schools are feeling the pinch as some kids' fees are being funded by MEWed-to-the-gills grandparents. Wonder what public schools' totally fraudulent 'charitable' status means in times of downturn? Presumably a 'charity' can't get an overdraft or go to the bank for a commercial loan? Anyone know?
  7. Well done to Essexgirl for posting her story here - intelligent, articulate & honest post. And yes, it does sound like her husband (& especially her in-laws) need a good slap. The in-laws in particular seem to hold some very old-fashioned, petty-bourgeois views - which have contributed to Essexgirl's situation. Didn't Philip Larkin once write a poem about that sort of thing? http://www.artofeurope.com/larkin/lar2.htm Genuinely wish you all the best, Essexgirl. Post again at some point & let us know how you get on?
  8. I'll take your "van + Clio" and raise you an "entire posessions in the back seat & boot of a Fiat Strada". Moving house was a piece of p!ss - 2 hrs at most. Early 90s, before my kid & before accumulating furniture & other general detritus of life.
  9. Never mind all that. Could someone explain the relative merits of Honda's variable valve timing technology vs. that of BMW? I'm sure I'm not alone in having really enjoyed the last 30-page thread on that subject.
  10. Lunch with Phil doesn't appeal much. I'd much sooner have a fish supper with Krustie.
  11. FFS, there's nothing quite like motoring bores, is there? Try here instead: http://www.topgear.com/us/forums/viewforum/3/
  12. Mandy's a devious scumbag - no doubting that. But the fact that he bats for the other team isn't really relevant, is it?
  13. Anonymous proxy server? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anonymizer
  14. Cabbage patch dolls? But, yes - I would. Especially if it were a 'joint venture' Forgive the crude remarks. It's late & I'm horribly sober
  15. Tell them to feck off, find another rental through a different agency, then phone them up to tell them about the lost business. Wrong. In a nutshell, it's what's wrong with some letting agents. Many of them are as scummy & unprincipled as EAs. Worst outrage so far? Paying the entire 6 months + deposit up-front for a place while I did a contract, then being asked to provide salary details for the last five years to 'prove I am who I say I am', otherwise no deal. I phoned & asked their boss where they were hoping to verify this information. He told me about some rent-guarantee b0110
  16. "The Point"? That's just so like 'last month'! Don't you know it's called 'Picture House Court' now? http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-214...=1&tr_t=buy WTF? Desperation taking hold? As if a name-change would help this bad-idea-made-real. The mighty Bee confirms the price of a 25% slice has dropped by £7K in the last 7 weeks. Therefore, the total 'market value' has dropped a smidgen over 20% during this period, if my maths is right (£138K > £110K). That ain't a price crash, it's a plunge down a ravine. Someone is gonna end up in the poor-house...
  17. Is that the same 'intelligence' community who try hard to get their organisations' names in the media every few months with the traditional 'we have reason to believe al-Qaeda are currently planning a major series of attacks' guff? I don't believe a word of it - just more attempts to seed a culture of fear and of 'keep on funding us, pretty please'. If their funding is reduced, so what? The war in Iraq was based on frigged, dishonest 'intelligence'. Where were these guardians of our country's liberty when grubby politcos decided to go on their adventure in the sandpit? They keeled over &
  18. Impractical & probably dangerous idea. In some cases, a quick stomp of the loud pedal is exactly what's needed in order to get out of danger or complete a manoeuvre safely. Granted, this could push an average speed for a trip over a limit. There are no simple answers, but I do get sick of people carping on about speed cameras & their alleged revenue-generation secret agenda. There's a simple way of avoiding speeding fines - stick to the speed limits. Open & shut case. And it's some years now since the hidden ones were made more visible & painted bright yellow. The irony is th
  19. Dear oh dear, what absolute [email protected] Why do you think you should get something for free, when it doesn't carry advertising? Someone has to pay for this content to be made - why shouldn't you contribute? Don't give me some letter-of-the-law rubbish about only watching programmes online after the event. It's a bit like me demanding the right to shag your wife after you've finished with her for the night. Someone else (you) has already 'paid' for his shag, so surely I should be able to have sloppy seconds for free, right? It's nonsense of course - just like your stance. The TV licence in the UK i
  20. Congrats to the OP on his first year of full-timing. Cool truck. I'm planning on doing this at some point, having realised that a boat would probably just be too much of a bottomless money-pit. Everyone I mention it to thinks I'm mad. I'll now be able to refer them to this thread. Well done, mate. More info & updates please.
  21. Care to provide some evidence? I think "your" (sic) talking b0110cks.
  22. F*ck right off :angry: It's you feckers who started the enslavement process in the first place. I'm normally vaguely coherent & considered in my opinions & postings, but frankly f*ck you, you pious ar$ehole. I'm a 'practising atheist', and seeing opinions like your makes me prouder & prouder to be one.
  23. <<<The registrant is a non-trading individual who has opted to have their address omitted from the WHOIS service.>>>
  24. <snipped lots of *good* stuff there, purely to keep the thread tidy> A related but (IMHO) relevant point is that most consumer goods nowadays are built in a way that they essentially *can't* be repaired when they go wrong. Yes, I grant that VLSI-type integration / simplification / miniaturisation have been responsible for lowering costs & making many consumer electronics products affordable in the first place, but when it goes wrong there's nothing modular. There's no way of swapping out a defective part. Getting someone skilled in to look at it costs more than replacement. So just
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