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  1. Thanks for the reply, which I've just read in full. Thoroughly interesting, and has opened my eyes to the internal workings of that sector. For instance, I wasn't aware of the amount of bursaries available - this certainly wasn't the case for the year I attended public school round here. I'm going to read your reply again tomorrow as I'm in massive sleep-debt at the mo. Thanks again for posting in such detail.
  2. I believe there was one called 'Ar$e Ventura: Butt Detective'
  3. Interesting philosophical point - I guess one person's strongly-held view is another person's troll-bait... But I'm very interested in the view which you appear to hold. I've never thought the 'public benefit'/charity angle would stand up to much scrutiny in the case of public schools. Always struck me as commercial businesses, with paying customers. IIRC, most public schools also charge termly in advance - that's a nice float of money every September, January & April. Surely not many other businesses bill quarterly in advance? 100% willing to have my thinking changed on this & to stand corrected - please just convince me it's not a tax-avoidance/reduction vehicle, and that there is really some charitable purpose to public schools. FWIW: attended public school for one year, aged 8, in UK. Rest of school in state schools in UK, France & 'public' (i.e. state) school in the US. And the UK public school I attended was excellent.
  4. Surely 'MacNob' is a more appropriate name? 100% VI bullsh!t. Does this paper have any editorial credibility? Are they just humping the 'possible future HPI' story so that Jock McPublic hears what he wants to hear? Maybe this article about their parent group has something to do with it? http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2008/nov/1...n-consolidation Desperately bleating out "good news" as they disappear down the toilet... EDIT: speelung
  5. http://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/4037...o_shut_up_shop/
  6. Suggestion in a thread a few weeks ago that public schools are feeling the pinch as some kids' fees are being funded by MEWed-to-the-gills grandparents. Wonder what public schools' totally fraudulent 'charitable' status means in times of downturn? Presumably a 'charity' can't get an overdraft or go to the bank for a commercial loan? Anyone know?
  7. Well done to Essexgirl for posting her story here - intelligent, articulate & honest post. And yes, it does sound like her husband (& especially her in-laws) need a good slap. The in-laws in particular seem to hold some very old-fashioned, petty-bourgeois views - which have contributed to Essexgirl's situation. Didn't Philip Larkin once write a poem about that sort of thing? http://www.artofeurope.com/larkin/lar2.htm Genuinely wish you all the best, Essexgirl. Post again at some point & let us know how you get on?
  8. I'll take your "van + Clio" and raise you an "entire posessions in the back seat & boot of a Fiat Strada". Moving house was a piece of p!ss - 2 hrs at most. Early 90s, before my kid & before accumulating furniture & other general detritus of life.
  9. Never mind all that. Could someone explain the relative merits of Honda's variable valve timing technology vs. that of BMW? I'm sure I'm not alone in having really enjoyed the last 30-page thread on that subject.
  10. Lunch with Phil doesn't appeal much. I'd much sooner have a fish supper with Krustie.
  11. FFS, there's nothing quite like motoring bores, is there? Try here instead: http://www.topgear.com/us/forums/viewforum/3/
  12. Mandy's a devious scumbag - no doubting that. But the fact that he bats for the other team isn't really relevant, is it?
  13. Anonymous proxy server? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anonymizer
  14. Cabbage patch dolls? But, yes - I would. Especially if it were a 'joint venture' Forgive the crude remarks. It's late & I'm horribly sober
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