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  1. But UKIP oppose immigration, and surely it is easier to prevent four people arriving at Dover than it is to build another house?
  2. I suspect you are approaching this from an academic and theoretical viewpoint rather than by being one of the millions of people who have actually been adversely affected by immigration in real life. I'm possibly more in touch with the latter group, and if I was David Cameron etc I would be very apprehensive about the massive increase in support for UKIP that we are slated to see at the upcoming elections.
  3. In terms of the effect on housing costs, the only effect is negative. Obviously.
  4. Just been announced on the BBC news that the BoE is expected to hold interest rates at 0.5%... how do they know that?
  5. When it comes to holding a sensible debate on the negative effects of immigration, I'm afraid the "racist" card just doesn't work any more.
  6. I'm voting UKIP at the next election and so is absolutely everybody else I know.
  7. I get £210 a month in Tax Credits and I have £45,000 in savings.
  8. I see frequent advertisements on HPC for a company called Waterways World, a company with whom I have booked a canal boat holiday later this year. If I did find them through Google, this would have been once, several months ago and I must have Googled thousands of things since then.
  9. I believe the adverts are placed based on two things, the words which appear on the forum, ("buy house" for example, and cookies downloaded from other sites visited. by the viewer. No two forum members will see the same adverts.
  10. Do you lay by the pool in Benidorm sipping a £2 Margarita in blazing sunshine, or do you sit in a greasy cafe in Blackpool waiting for a break in the rain so you can run 100 yards to the nearest amusement arcade without getting too wet, to spunk another £50, passing yet another dreary hour away pumping money into fruit machines? Decisions, decisions!
  11. No, you only say that because they haven't gone up recently. And so you think it will be ever thus. I once watched a local Meridian TV news report, during a period when it hadn't rained for a couple of months. The reporter stood by a dried-out river and solemnly announced "water will never flow in this river again". No doubt local residents have spent the last month piling sandbags up against the front door. Interest rates will go up, they will go up a month or two after the Federal Reserve raises US interest rates, and the Federal Reserve do not take into account British mortgage debt when deciding policy.
  12. Having been in negative equity in the early 1990s, it is somewhat depressing watching new neighbours moving in who have paid around two-thirds of the price for an identical house.
  13. Well, this is true. There's no point in insisting that these places continue as hotels when the demand simply isn't there any more. I could have a week in Spain for less than the cost of a week in Blackpool, guaranteed sunshine and meals and beer at half the cost.
  14. I've given up on any plan to buy another house. I'm going to carry on running my business until mid-2015 at the earliest, more likely mid-2016, then I'm going to sell up, sell everything I own, buy a narrowboat, give up work and spend the rest of my days pottering around the UK canal network.
  15. I see lots of pictures of people who aren't getting any sex.
  16. My mother was talking about downsizing last year, because she's running out of money, but I think she has given up on the idea, largely because she seems to think her social status depends on how many bedrooms her residence has, regardless of the fact that nobody has slept in the empty bedrooms for over 25 years. When I suggested to her that if she did move, that she would probably be better renting, she was mortified at the very word. Unless you've ever had a day at home stuck in front of daytime TV, it is impossible to imagine how much property porn is shown, the problem is that oldies sit around watching this stuff day in, day out, until they are completely brainwashed by it.
  17. Where am I going wrong here? Surely if interest rates rise by 1.25%, then somebody with a £100,000 mortgage will be paying an extra £1,250 a year?
  18. Who's going to be the first person to say it? I've thrown my life savings away on bitcoins. I was completely, totally suckered by it. I've lost everything. What a freaking idiot I was. Anybody?
  19. So it was a MLM scheme all along designed to part fools from their money? Who'd have thunk it? ;-)
  20. The very bottom line is this house is not worth either of the values they have placed on it so far, and the proof is that if it was, somebody would have bought it by now.
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