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  1. lol.. Yeah I would think that peak valuation on this place was around 259 max, and I'm a fairly paranoid kinda guy so would certainly want to come in way below that... I think the sellers are pricing very high anticipating a good knocking down. Trouble is, I absolutely love the place! It's a really beautiful 'home'. Not in a huge rush but would be gutted to lose it, however at the same time would hate to over burden myself as only have around £50k deposit... it's a tricky one.. it's definitely the sort of home that someone else will also fall in love with and be prepared to pay the premium on.. but more than anything I like a bl00dy good bargain so am in a bit of a dilemma! £220k or so and I'd be delighted but if they're asking £300k maybe I'm living in fantasy land...
  2. Asking price 299 Last sold in 2004 for 214 Mouse price valuation 215 ranging between 195 - 235 What would you offer? *awaiting the inevitable 1p offers lol*
  3. Hi Trevor, Would you like some pickle to go with your spam? Also, perhaps you should have bought a domain that included the correct spelling of the word
  4. She only managed to save £2k... and she's now about to borrow £187k... oh dear. .
  5. My number one rule which I apply in any haggle situation is that if the seller isn't p1ssed off at the point of sale agreement, then I haven't managed to get the best deal. I encourage you to offend estate agents as best you can with 'derisory' offers and be prepared to walk.. if you miss out on the house, well, there's plenty of fish in the sea and you can take comfort in knowing that whoever bought at the asking price was mugged off.. I doubt anyone thinks HP are going up any time soon, so what's the rush, embrace being a tightwad!
  6. Blah blah blah tax havens soon to be abolished blah blah blah.. I'm sure you've all heard this already - sorry, I haven't been on the forum for a while so not sure what threads have been popular. But for any of those that haven't heard.. http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/busi...icle5992840.ece Anyway.. so I had a VAT inspection the other day and was chatting to the inspector about this.. turns out the guy was fairly p1ssed off himself about the sheer hypocrisy behind this story and went on to tell me (in confidence - ooops!) that a few years ago HM Revenue actually sold their office blocks to a private company who now own it and rent it back to them.. The private company now owning the HM Offices are apparently based offshore - in a tax haven.. lol.. such poetry!
  7. Sounds great, go for it man, best of luck to you. I'd recommend this easy read sometime soon: http://fourhourworkweek.com/
  8. Learn Google's new Open Social API for developing cross platform social networking applications. Very likely to be the next big digital gold rush, coming to a web browser near you later this year. http://code.google.com/apis/opensocial/
  9. 1066: It's not an executive luxury apartment, it's a slave box
  10. I agree with pretty much everything in this thread. Britain (specifically England) provides one of the worst value returns on cost of living in the world. This country is an ever increasing sh1t hole with very little to offer. I've been working in digital marketing for the last 10 years and have decided to opt out as can see the storm coming. Someone earlier in the thread said "invent our way out of it" which is exactly what I plan to do. I have one more week to work and then will be setting up a new company building Facebook and the Google Open Social applications. I then plan to relocate somewhere abroad, likely outside of the EU.. I have some friends in Thailand, so might give that a go. However, I am currently recruiting my new team of developers/designers etc and there is absolutely no way I would look at employing a UK based person. For example, I found a guy earlier, seemed pretty dreary, not a great portfolio, limited personality and experience who wanted £30 p/h (so $60ph in the global economy), this FREELANCE guy is competing with AGENCIES from other countries, mostly eastern Europe, (Ukraine, Belarus etc) and far eastern countries (India, China etc) who absolutely batter him in terms of skills, experience, portfolio.. every department. They are also on par in terms of communication, but these guys charge $20ph (and that's agencies prices), one third of his price! (and believe me, £30ph for a UK based guy is considered cheap as chips). If, assuming both parties had the same skills, experience, etc.. the only difference between them would be that the English guy has about 10 times the outgoings of his foreign counterpart and therefore, due to his unfortunate living conditions (i.e. RIP OFF BRITAIN) he expects to be able to demand 3 times the wage with 1/2 the skill?! It's completely illogical. In this sector already the English based guys provide no value... gone are the days when people would think that British meant well made, well educated etc.. in regards to my sector, I know for a fact that Bucharest University in Romania beats my old uni (Exeter) hands down for developing young talent in Computer Science. And the more technology improves, the less significant locality will be and the more work will be outsourced. I have many friends working in call centres and I absolutely fear for their futures, they are trained in the company systems with 10 years experience yet no transferable skills and blatantly their positions will grow evermore redundant as the cost of living/employing in England rises. It's all well and good to say "invent our way out of it" but realistically, what percentage of this society has the intelligence, experience and determination to actually do it, and that's before we even begin to talk about the lack of support provided from our government and banks etc!! Besides, all those who are capable of inventing their way out of it will likely be smart enough to know that it's time to leave!! I hate to sound like a doom-monger but people need to wake up and smell the coffee!
  11. Phil: "how do you know if you are likely to get into trouble?" Well, if you live in the UK, own a house and currently watching the show.. then you're most probably fooked
  12. This Morning is the Sheeple's number one daytime tv show. Everyone trusts good ol' Fern and Phil. The 11am slot is about the 'Property Crunch' This is as mainstream as it gets! Disclaimer: I work from home and was on the Absinthe last night, so today the home office is my bed and laptop with the tv on in the background - I'm not on the dole, pregnant and smoking! haha
  13. The answer is simple, people cannot afford it. People are going bankrupt left, right and centre but due to the stigma attached, they are not publicising it. It is already happening. Do you know someone moving away 'to be closer to a better school' or 'to relocate within the company'... they are doing no such thing! They are simply broke, downsizing and escaping the shame! It's a very sad state of affairs and is only going to get worse. I am 30 and have alot of friends who are young couples and bought in the last 12 months. I feel so sorry for them. There are loads of couples who are together simply as they are tied down with a mortgage but many of whom, only have a joint mortgage as couldnt afford to purchase one bedroom accomodation based on their own single affordability - many have dug their own hole with numerical dyslexia. I fear this is only the tip of the iceberg. Thankfully, my situation - due to considerably more common sense - is alot better than my peers so I can sit back and watch this horror show unfold. While I believe that a 50% house price correction will ultimately be for the better (assuming restrictions are put in place to prevent a post-bust boom), I believe that my generation are going to suffer for the majority of their lives as a consequence. Buckle up!
  14. Looks like it's going to be a good one, better get the popcorn out!
  15. It would be great if property websites allowed comments/reviews like on blogs and e-commerce sites. Can you imagine the filth written by fellow HPCers?!
  16. The grass is always greener on the other side.. I'm 30, work for a London agency in digital marketing and could move abroad with relative ease. I thought about living in France and working from home attending the odd meeting in London, or moving out to Thailand with some friends running a small business to make ends meet but I choose to take the rough and the smooth of the UK. My family and friends are here and besides, I like a good bloody moan, I'm English! I previously lived in Italy for a few years and while it has many positives, there were also many negatives, but people don't talk about them so others tend to overlook. The sun is out today and when the sun is shining, England is as good a place as any. Sure we have a bunch of cronies in power but it isn't all bad. I for one am likely to stay here and keep making my contribution rather than be among the first to abandon ship. Besides, if all this country is left with is a load of unemployed chavs and tax evading non doms, who the hell is going to pay for my grandparents health care?!
  17. I thought you were off to the beach love? Or is that too stressful aswell? Bless x
  18. Wow, it really is quite sad to see such animosity between public and private sector workers. Divide and conquer at its very best. The bottom line is that whatever the sector, a worker is someone who makes a contribution to our country and should at minimum be respected for that. Teachers are an extremely valuable resource to our society and have one of the greatest responsibilities of us all - laying the foundation of our future. More so today than ever before with so many parents having to work to stay financially afloat. No-one is forced into a career, so it really is quite simple. Those of you who feel teachers have it easy, quit your job and become one - if you can't beat them, join them! And likewise, for all teachers who feel over worked and under paid, quit! My girlfriend is currently studying to become a teacher and I can categorically state that the hours/pay/holidays/pension has made absoluitely no influence on her decision to choose that career. She simply wants be a good person, help her community and teach children values and skills to help them for the rest of their lives. While I suspect this attitude will slowly erode due to red tape, bureaucracy and statistical targets, her original motivation is very honourable and certainly alot more selfless than mine. I suspect most teachers at least start their careers with this attitude and should be commended for their ambition rather than being labelled work shy. I know car salesmen who earn £50k a year, do they seriously contribute more to our society? And how about estate agents, mortgage advisors or bankers? On a final note, Claire, for someone claiming to be living in Spain 'on the sick' with stress, your comments are not only hypocritical but an absolute disgrace. Perhaps you should be spending more time getting yourself together and getting back into work to make a contribution rather than causing cyber conflict on an internet forum. Pathetic.
  19. That really is quite a disgusting thought. You need to get out more. Both of them are fat old pigs
  20. Wasn't that the point though? To help bring this problem to the general public.. Now that many of my friends and colleagues are aware of the housing market problems idue to media exposure it is now coming up more frequently in conversation. For those in two minds and unsure of what to do next, this site is a great resource for me to point them to.. "check out housepricecrash.co.uk and you will see there are thousands of other people sharing my thoughts, I'm not just a one off scaremonger!" Besides, we're still a long way off the Mad Max lifestyle.. perhaps a 2009 re-branding: www.societycrash.com lol
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