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  1. Ummmmm...no. No.17 is a terrace as is No.25. (mouseprice.co.uk) I think it's fairly safe to say that as they are four doors away from each other they are likely to be of similar style. Even if you allow for one having a loft conversion that's still a mahoosive drop from peak. Carry on though, it'll increase the ROI on that Positive Mental Attitude course you bought in the 80's
  2. Yes...I do believe some properties will fall 50% in value. I think the "average" fall will be 35% I believe we will get back to prices around 2001/2002. The government pumping money into the system will not change the fundamental fact that the average wage multiplied by 3.5 does not = the price of an average house.
  3. Almost every business in this country relies on IT to function..11,000 people is quite literally a drop in the ocean. BT alone employ more people in IT that this number (I'm not an IT person by the way). As for the BNP comment....please don't insult us, we're an intelligent bunch of people. People born in India were not born with a British passport, and according to my mother...when I was born here in England, I didn't have one either. Does that fact that someone is born in Manchester stop them from taking jobs in London? Or those born in London taking jobs in New York? Jobs go to those who are best able to do them. And please don't think about giving us that shit about putting money back into the "British" economy.
  4. I don't really think buying paper clips compares with Nazi Germany!
  5. HER HUSBAND IS IN PROCUREMENT!!! For god's sake everyone this is just a normal family with three kids and a "person" who's been made redundant from an admin role. The high earners are in the severe minority and admittedly are a bunch of twats but lets not tar them all with the same brush
  6. How about this one? The Killers....Mr Brightside Coming out of my cage and I've been doing just fine Gotta gotta re-mortgage cos I want it all It started out with a few grand how'd it end up like this It was only three grand, It was only three grand Now I'm asking the bank For another ten grand And I'm telling them "yes, all my debts are in hand" Now I'm going to bed and my stomach is sick And it's all in my head But I'm going to Cannes now I take off my dress now Let me go And I just can't think it's killing me cos the bank's in control Jealousy, my neighbours got more than me Swimming in their mortgage lies Cos he wants a 325 But it's just the price you pay Destiny made you this way Let's forget our mortgage size Cos I'm Mrs Brightside!
  7. I'm not really sure why everyone is being negative about having a cleaner. If both parents in a family of four or more work then having a cleaner is almost essential if you want to spend some quality time with your kids at the weekend. I leave the house at 7 and return at 7. The evening is full enough with homework, bath time, bed time, cooking etc etc. There's no time left for the "trivial" job of keeping the house clean, doing the washing, ironing, changing the beds etc. Without a cleaner my weekends would be spent inside catching up on the cleaning and not having fun with the kids. I only have one for four hours a week and still manage to have a couple of hours to do each day of the weekend, so can easily see how someone might need 10 hours a week.
  8. Oh dear. I'll say it again. ITS £112 per week! Do we really believe that a couple can afford to both be off work for six months on £112 per week each? It's just to give a choice to couples in terms of which one of them takes the leave.
  9. It's quite simple then isn't it. Just employ people who have a mortgage. There's no way they could take more than the 6 weeks at 90%. No one can pay a mortgage in the current climate on £112 per week!!! I agree that small company's have staff who are indispensable and roles are not interchangeable. Small company's do have more scope for a "family" type atmosphere though, where people are aware of their worth and value and are less likely to put you in a position that would leave their own ob in jeopardy.
  10. So...back to the paternity/maternity leave hoo hah. You only get 6 weeks at 90% of pay and then up to £112 per week. 92% can be claimed back by businesses unless they pay more than £45k per year in NI in which case they can claim back 104%. I understand that the reason that paternity leave at 6 months is being looked at is because some women earn more than their partners. I know, I know, it's a shocker and shouldn't really be allowed but there we have it. For some couples, it makes more sense for the man to stay at home and the woman to go back to work. We still worship at the alter of the man tho.
  11. That's probably the best 11 minutes I ever spent... No wait...apart from that time in Las Vegas, although that was probably more like an hour and 15 minutes and on a pro-rata basis I reckon they're pretty much on a par
  12. Isn't George Bush associated with the Carlyle Group along with members of the Bin Laden family? If so....can't wait for it to crumble under it's margin call!
  13. The voucher scheme is a brilliant idea and it has always baffled me why it hasn't been implemented. I was born in a council house and went to the local comprehensive school. The standard of teaching was appalling, some examples include; 3 different French teachers in one school year; a history teacher who spent all summer lessons watching cricket in the staff room; an English teacher (later committed to a psychiatric hospital) who would spend the lesson with a bin on his head (I kid you not); a P.E. teacher who would insist on holding all of the girls towels during our showers and a permanently stoned art teacher. Consequently, my two are in private school. The only way for me to manage this is to go without but it pis*es me off that the fees I pay are net of tax and as I minimum both nursery, childcare and school fees ought to be eligible for tax rebates. For what it's worth, I do wrestle with the decision. I can't stand elitism and here I am propping it up. However, the local alternatives are not acceptable to me and at least I haven't bought a house in an expensive area to get my kids into the only decent local school. I actually think that this is worse but maybe that's me trying to justify my not so socialist actions.
  14. But the CML argues that nearly all mortgage holders will have seen a significant rise in their take-home incomes since they first took out a mortgage, helping them to absorb any higher repayments. Because of course none of these people would have had babies which would have led to either a single income or an added nursey cost of upwards of £600 per month. Most of these people will be facing a 25%+ increase in payments and whilst it pains me to admit it...I really do feel for them
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