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  1. http://www.peteregilkes.co.uk/more.php?id=187&typeofsale=for_sale
  2. Would the pasty be a Horse & Jockey chuck steak variety?
  3. How many times will he say "sound fundamentals", my guess is 5 times.
  4. In court it was suggested that Heather Mills was unbalanced. Paul suggested putting a beer mat under her left leg.
  5. Depot manager for national courier company so deal with a range of different businesses. My boss is very switched on to whats happening and keeps banging on to keep on top of credit customers. 2 have already "disappeared" but fortunately only small amounts. However, business still seems to be holding up but there are lots of customers saying recession. People are very worried.
  6. Chorley Average Cost: £172,576 Detached: £274,207 Semi-detached: £168,814 Terraced: £117,090 Flat: £100,251 Change in last quarter: 5.2% Change in last year: 2% Sales: 484 Bugger!!!! :angry:
  7. From the link below it would appear they are still in business. However, when on the show they said that 5 of the 6 almshouses had been sold. A quick look at their website and they say there are 2 styles to choose from so i guess at least 1 of the sales fell through. Now available @ £165K. If my memory is correct, at the time of the show they were valued @ £180k so a £15k drop. http://www.hearneholmes.co.uk/sale.htm
  8. This one isn`t ugly by any means but always makes me laugh. Is that Jose Mourinho in the living room? http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-939...=1&tr_t=buy
  9. According to this link the threshold is 125k http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/MoneyTaxAndBen...C&cre=Money
  10. Must be something about Leyland, remember this beauty. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-173...=7&tr_t=buy
  11. As i`ve already posted, round these parts Redrow are selling at 95k and above. Granted, these are Debut 3 & 4 but still very small. However, i do notice you get an allocated parking space so there`s room to extend. Sorry, didn`t add the link http://www.redrow.co.uk/houses/view_by_development/37
  12. It's definitely a result of the whole US sub-prime nonsense, but we've been with them for years and got complimentary Premier accounts. Our branch manager loves us as they make a fortune out of us and know that we're good for the money! It's basically a case of someone sitting in an office in Sheffield who's got nothing better to do, and no interest in actually considering the situation. After all, it doesn't affect them any so what does it matter? Have a heart you guys, its not their fault, its those pesky Americans again.
  13. These boxes are £95000 on the Redrow developement near us (Buckshaw,Chorley)
  14. You are quite correct, 120 jobs went at Planet Conservatories, windows & doors in Preston yesterday. http://www.lep.co.uk/news/120-jobs-to-go-after.3647818.jp
  15. Not dreaming, i read it too. But i am here 20 hours a day.
  16. I`ve learnt so much about our economy and how it all works i`d be sorry to see it go. There are so many good people on here.
  17. Just a quick update, still nothing much happening though. Went round all estate agents in town on Sunday afternoon. The biggest one in town was closed (even though the sign said open 7 days) and there was not a single person (apart from staff) in any of the other 7 or 8. Had a quick look in the windows and the reduced/new price stickers are starting to appear but only very minimal drops on price. I`ve had a Right Move search running now for 2 weeks and its stuck at 43 properties that match my criteria. There were 44 originally but one has been removed, even though its still for sale on the EA`s own website. How long can this stalemate continue?
  18. Don`t worry Stethetaff, i won`t be doing business with this man. Just couldn`t believe that a man with so many houses wasn`t prepared to budge on asking price even though the house had been on the market 6 months. Indeed, he was so confident it would be worth £30k more by June 2008. I hope he gets a nasty shock.
  19. EA did say they would ring me for feedback but haven`t as yet. Am going to let them know he`s prepared to cut them out of any deal.
  20. Newbie post! I`ve been out of the property market for 7 years but recently been toying with the idea of buying in again. Having read everything there is to read on this site about the impending HPC, i was thinking mid to late 2008 would be the ideal time to step in. To get a feel for the market around me i decided to view a few houses over the weekend. Went to see a 3 bedroom terrace on a main road but in a nice area that is on the market at £132k. Seller is a serial BTL with many,many properties. Told me the house had been on the market for 6 months without even a sniff of a sale. He said he was on the verge of taking the property off the market for 6 months or so, leave empty/rent out and sell later in the year. If i was interested, he`d take it off, cut out EA and he could do me a good deal. When pushed about how much he said £130k. When i told him that his good deal was just the EA`s fee and that the impending HPC would mean that in 6 months it would be worth probably 80% of its current value he told me i was dreaming, that property only appreciates in value and that by June it`ll be worth £160k. I didn`t hang around much longer to listen to him. Also viewed a couple of other places that have been on the market for ages, had no takers, yet still seller wasn`t interested in lowering their asking price. The market around here does seem very, very slow but no one seems to want to be the first to reduce. Is this normal? and once someone does cut, will the rest follow and the prices collapse? Any views.
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