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  1. Sounds like bo-lax to me as well, since when did ANY credit card company let you withdraw cash without a handling fee ?
  2. Well in my opinion the market has changed, it's not a sellers market anymore ....I'd knock him down more ( thousands not hundreds ) It was worth to you £71 then, got to be work £67,500 - £68,000 Life is tough, he should have sold when you put your first offer in, You'd be a mug I think to give him what you offered him then.
  3. The thing that I keep getting rubbished about by my social circle ( me being the only one at home still ) is when I try to point out that a whole sector of the market is being kept out ( i.e first time buyers ) how the hell are chains completing ?? Friends that tell me they know someone who can get me 5 times my wages - this scares me to be honest, how would I afford to live if my mortgage went up ? Also, a property costing £200,000 plus interest on that loan hardly consitutes a cracking deal, and when I say to my friends, surely I should buy low and sell high! They say, not if you want to
  4. To get on with my life, I need a house price crash ! Strangely enough, which is what this website is all about, if you don't need it then you're here because you have nothing better to do in your life .....Now THAT is sad. ta ta
  5. Surveyor, I can totally understand what you mean, but after being priced out for so long, FTB's will be keen to strike the best deal, it will in a sense become a buyers market with sellers cutting each others throats, promoting vast choice. Like I say, I know there will be a few who simply can't wait - But I've been waiting since 1998 ! ( I was slow to catch on! ) it'll be a snowball effect in the end I think - just like the hype that built this market up, the same 'hype' will bring it down. There are plenty of people out there who will be subject to reposession orders as rates continue to
  6. I put £7500 in the stock market in 1998, it's not worth that now - going to have to play the waiting game there as well before I can pull my money out at a small marginal profit. ( This money was originally meant for my deposit on a house )
  7. I honestly can't see FTB's returning to the Market at all, once the decline starts they will wait to see how far it falls, before investing in property, granted there will be a few desperate people who can't wait. I hate the situation I'm in now, but I will sit here untill the market drops thru the floor now and educated FTB's will do the same.
  8. I have no quarms in admitting I'm jealous and bitter about the property market. 30 years old and nowhere to live and only 'one life' - lets think of something a little more original to come out with then us actually being jealous rking, that pal is a ridiculously obvious thing to come out with. How is your property by the way, I assume you could 'cash in' if you wanted to ?
  9. Hi People, Just wanted to say I've seen the London Tonight article and as a first time buyer, I am sorry to say I am wishing a house price crash ASAP. I am a software Analyst who earnt over fourty thousand pounds last year, I have now got savings OVER twenty-five thousand pounds and I can't even afford a decent house on my own...... A one bedroom flat is even out of my reach (bearing in mind I'm not prepared to borrow irresponsibly) Being of single status and venturing in to the property market is a distant dream, it's also extremely embarrassing have to tell people I still live with my par
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