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  1. So far we have Skelmersdale, Cumbernauld, MK and Redditch. There seems to be a common theme developing. Any entries from Telford, Basildon or Washington yet?
  2. Have to say these eco homes look interesting... http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...0%26index%3D200 MK could win this hands down if only I could be bothered to have a closer look.
  3. After hearing about the SD announcement I soon heard phrases like it has been 'postponed' or it would be a 'holiday'. I am assuming that if you were to buy a property between 125k and 175k within the next 12 months that you would have to pay zero SD on that purchase, and not for example have it deferred to a years time. So I have been doing a bit of searching just to see and can't seem to confirm it one way or the other. Any ideas? Sorry if it sounds thick but it just crossed my mind.
  4. Reminds me of the abolition of the 10% tax band. It was announced and nobody said a thing - until it started to affect them earlier this year.
  5. http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/Business/...lpos=TABCONTENT Has this just come in???
  6. My thoughts after watching that last night. I think they have finally moved on from the property only goes up spin. The new one is 'Improve your home now before increases in fuel costs makes it less affordable to do so at a later date' The whole idea of the bloke having to pitch his job to three builders to see if they were willing to 'take the job on' was hilarious. Shouldn't it have been the other way round?
  7. To be fair I wasn't intentionally having a go at her. It's as if 'Krusty' has now become some kind of affectionate pet name! In response to Matt, I found Yarmouth grim back in the 80s and everyone I know reckons its only gone one way - downhill. I've been there a few times recently, but not been out of the car long enough to 'soak up the changes'.
  8. OMG I don't believe this She's now ramping home improvements. Do it now before fuel costs put the cost of improving your home up even more!!!!
  9. Now turned over to Property Guide on More 4 where they promise to give us all the latest property advice!!!
  10. I have no idea why I am watching this tripe. Funny thing is when prices were still going up it was really annoying. Now its just hilarious to watch. Krusty's voice is just so annoying.
  11. I keep thinking it must have been some kind of grand plan to make slaves out of us all. An idiot should have been able to work out we can't just keep on borrowing and borrowing. Mind you we have been run by a bunch of idiots that will leg it as fast as they can as soon as we kick them out in a couple of years. And then over to another bunch of idiots and so the cycle continues....
  12. I just don't understand how they can come up with a figure like that and not include mortgage or rent! Makes it fairly meaningless to the majority of people.
  13. If you'd have pulled the potential buyer to one side, said no don't do it and referred them to this site, would the EA have any course to take action against you? Apart from asking you to leave the premises which would be fair enough. Just wondering.
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