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  1. Zerohedge have a VERY mixed bag on stuff like this, they thought the Euro was about to be killed when i knew China had its back. Mike
  2. But THEY are using OUR money to LEASE THEIR toys..... Mike
  3. Am as p1ssed off waiting as the rest of you, i still have a Smiling mother f*cker driving about in my area in a new 3 series drop top Lease hire. Oh do i wish to wipe his smile face...........i BOUGHT my car via HARD WORK & with out LOANS or LEASE. Mike
  4. http://www.zerohedge.com/article/hugh-hendry-talks-geopolitics-potash-grains-and-other-scarcities-bbc-newsnight Don't think Econermy here think Geo-political. Mike
  5. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/constructionandproperty/7970908/Need-for-big-deposit-hits-home-sales-hard.html Upshot is Gang, Fear not the CRASH is now baked in! Mike
  6. Print money & give it to us for almost nothing...................& we be ok! Am i the only one whom thinks the "Growth" we got is not a great deal when we injected £200 billion & put rates on the floor? Mike
  7. "Miles Shipside of Rightmove said: "Many of those who should be buying for the first time have declared themselves as non-participants in the housing game. Due to the new deposit rules they have to play by, it comes as no surprise that they are staying away, as they are probably busy saving." Can't pay Won't pay Its a buyers strike & it going to start working VERY soon ! Mike
  8. I suspect they try a bit of everthing....cut spending/Print/Borrow...............but it won't make any differance! Mike
  9. Gents........relax They print, inflation will take off UK will start to sink & they print more..........£ will drop like a stone....rates will climb...BTLers will be "Taken out"......we ben back to the 90's.....if your a pennyless ass then you Don't get a house!.............. Mike
  10. We KNEW how to do it once! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4Lb5CpqIj4 Mike
  11. I like the ideathat we have aircralf carriers...but no aircralf!!!! Why at the design stage didn't they say ok we got Thphoons, we use them. Mike
  12. "They" love to start a war with Iran (China) but its too late for that now, no chance of another "False Flag" attack either........i think they just print & try to manage the poplutions.............i wonder how qucik & how far the £/$ will fall? Mike
  13. http://www.infowars.com/china-buys-euros-as-fear-of-world-depression-grows/ Wjat is happening is China is peeling off Europe from the Anglo-saxon scum Mike
  14. It will just make them MORE silly looking when it turns BAD! Mike
  15. "They" have a solution......its called a printing press! Mike
  16. Got Gold? Got Silver? Got com-mod stocks? GOOD! Lets get this party started! Mike
  17. Trouble is IF they slap Gold/silver it will just slap them back! Helecopter Ben does not understand that even the dogs in the street know that "Its over". Mike
  18. Print Motherf*cker PRINT!!!! I personaly ink the machine you feed the paper! Mike
  19. Just been on BBC news, i normally want to kill this bloke, but now i cheer him........he is a money printer.....sooner the better.....Go Danny Go! Mike
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