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  1. Yet again the private sector cuts then talks about it, the public sector....just talks Mike
  2. You want more? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/constructionandproperty/7977376/UK-housing-data-underpins-recession-fears.html Mike
  3. http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/Business/House-Prices-Fell-By-09-In-August---The-First-Consecutive-Drop-Since-2009-According-To-Nationwide/Article/201009115711252?lpos=Business_Carousel_Region_3&lid=ARTICLE_15711252_House_Prices_Fell_By_0.9%25_In_August_-_The_First_Consecutive_Drop_Since_2009%2C_According_To_Nationwide Its coming Mike
  4. The MSM will hope it goes away, then they HAVE to report it,.....then "It will start"..............It going to be BLOODY good fun! Mike
  5. http://www.counterpunch.org:80/roberts09012010.html Spot on! Mike
  6. You know, it reminds me of "MG ROVER"..........they stripped all value out, picked away all things of worth, hollowed it out.....then sat back & watched it fall. Mike
  7. http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article22354.html FED Shell game will end then. Mike
  8. Yet AGAIN we note the private sector cutting....the public sector...TALKING about cuts. Mike
  9. The FED is helping the £, in return the BOE is buying US debt..........but at some point. Mike
  10. Not so much swimming against the tide, as trying to swim up a waterfall! Mike
  11. There is NO right path, they threw ANYTHING on the fire........they got no where to go....... Mike
  12. I see everyone bar the "Express" are on "FM" on this one...........express is trying to ramp again. Mike
  13. The sooner the better.........have you seen how much a whore is these days? Mike
  14. Yep, roger that Gruff..................it everyday now mate plate full of BEAR food! Mike
  15. Now, now Lets be gents about this, not long ago they would have laughed themselves sick at us.......now they NOT laughing! mike
  16. Welcome to HPC Yes, bear food everyday now, i start watching the £ btw....it might be the start of the side in the £. Mike
  17. I think all of the "HPC crew" (Us) called it 6-8 weeks ago, like a supertanker it takes time & don't blame the the press because if they called it early the "sheep" would be laughing at them like over peek oil. RB E N J O Y Am off to walk the dog & laugh @ passing BMW drivers. Mike
  18. Hmmm... Not sure this is a good sign when the MSM start to ramp Gold. Mike
  19. I think when the days shorten, the nights draw in THEN suddenly it will hit people & no amount of this nonsence will help. Mike
  20. Yes, but WHERE is the money going to go? Mike
  21. Let me see, Moodys that spot on rateing company that (Didn't) spoted the CDO for the sham they where "Suddenly" gets wind of trouble in China. The Telegraph's Mi6 mouthpiece then gives it both barrels......he tried this V the Euro, who China resuced. Where the salt? Mike
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