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  1. Glut of houses, glut of cars...mix in some inflation & peek oil.....BLOODBATH!
  2. Am getting a deep warm feeling, a thing of beauty is on its way! The nice thing is there is now NOTHING MERV can do about it! Mike
  3. Eat sh1t & die! These people, no SHEEP piss-me-off ! They sat there while Blair got brown to pump their houses prices......oh Free money, we rich, we rich...........& then they forgot to say ANYTHING when Blair & Bush marched into Iraq & killed a million! Now, because "the invoice" has arrived they "Worried".........million dead people whom did nothing to you scumbags, now your worried the company BMW might be going, Oh MY i feel for you! You sheep are going to get EVERYTHING thats coming !!!!!! Mike
  4. If she short of money...................can't she find "Other sources" of income? Jokes apart anything over 80% & i have ZERO time for them. Mike
  5. I fear we have some distance yet to go, they selling more BMW's then Toyota+Lexus.....selling more Audi's than Honda's....For Merc's then Nissan's...........(Lease hire mostly).............the last bubble to burst! Mike
  6. We broken the back of the job, by Xmas we be running headlong into a MEGA crash, a train weck of stunning size & scope. 200-300 years from now they be talking about it......."These are great days we living bro's" Mike
  7. When the panic sets in we have them here in 12 months time Mike
  8. The Hits just keep coming, don't forget to say your make a profit by "de-com-misson-ing" Mike
  9. To think we have this, depression & Peek oil...like buses 3 come at once! Mike Ps. Watch silver!
  10. I think we are at the end of the "de-nile" phase, watching this kick in is going to be a joy. I wonder if this cause the banks to go "REPO" & turn on BTL's ? Mike
  11. What a week, REAL break thoughs, the tide has turned & you can almost smell the panic.................... As for the BOE, more & more the banks will set rates for loans & savings themselves...the BOE won't matter in 12 months, in 18 months Merv will be sacked and a basta*rd will be put in........then the BOE WILL matter! Mike
  12. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1308899/Timebomb-alert-lenders-hike-mortgage-rates.html Yep 110% agree Mike
  13. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1308899/Timebomb-alert-lenders-hike-mortgage-rates.html Its been a GREAT week gang! Mike
  14. Another Telegraph/Mi6 attempt at the Euro......Just F*ck off, China got its back. Mike
  15. Its been a VERY "Happy" week for us gents, enjoy the Sunday papers............ Mike
  16. Just the start, let the bodies hit the floor...let the
  17. If they buy it off the bank @ a cut down price for $ or £ then they make a killing over the next 25 years! Mike
  18. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2010-09-03/services-climbed-the-least-in-16-months-in-august-purchasing-managers-say.html If you build a F.I.R.E econermy, what do you do when the fire goes out? Mike
  19. Yes, but i don't think it will happen like that............i think they can keep the Shell game going. I wish they allow the market to correct & just be ready if it did start to fly off the rails, but NO its now CCCP ! Mike
  20. Sorry, BMW UK will be crying...BMW is selling well in Russia/China etc. Mike
  21. We had an ODD Bear story, now its a flood with data to back it up, Nope it turned Gents, 25% cuts from asking price are now happening. Mike
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