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  1. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-1313247/PETER-HITCHENS-Will-turn-dust-ashes-just-like-Soviet-roubles.html Suddenly, they get it! mike
  2. I like Max very much, Jim also but you must understand Jim is a bit "X-files". I recall his saited bars story (Gold plated Tugsen bars)......a checked with a few contacts & they told me:- A. The Tugsen would be detected very easy B. They heard no such info & they would have. Mike
  3. http://www.presstv.ir/program/142939.html Its coming apart, not long now! Mike
  4. I used to get VERY upset by this sort of thing, now i don't.........they just bringing the end closer & quicker! When we hit the end, we be back to a currancy backed by "some thing" & rates will be 7-11% from now on. Mike
  5. "Given the huge run up in prices from 1998 to 2007 well in excess of 100% we can expect a correction of the order of 40-50%." In Paper "Fiat" money terms YES, but in other assets EG Gold/Silver/oil/gas............overseas stocks etc i expect 1981 prices!!!!! Mike
  6. Some movement for you:- http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/liverpool-news/local-news/2010/09/17/hundreds-of-liverpool-council-staff-offered-redundancy-100252-27285381/ Mike
  7. china can, they have CNC machines, i used to make video drums for VCR manchines, i used a CNC in a aircon (stable temp) room......in 1989 in St Helens i could produce hundreads a shift to a tolance of + or - 5 microns.....no trouble. China has CNC & is making EVERTHING with them, hence why i have little to do all day but wonder at what point they CRASH the £ to force out China???? mike
  8. This is WHY i wanted Gordo to win, by now the sh*t would have hit the fan & he be off his head.... Mike
  9. It still went up, a bit.............the BLOODBATH will be when we get REAL falls...........we are still 6-12 months off. Mike
  10. With CON-nought now gone , you can ad 4-5,000 this month so if fact its up not down....................but what about all those "Poor" souls on sick? Mike
  11. Somethings going down!................Besides the $ & House prices Mike
  12. once people SUSS that they save a forture by simple waiting a year or 2 or 3 & with rates rises arrive, the "Party" will have started BIG time! Mike
  13. Anything under 1% is differcult to measure, so a wouldn't be shocked to find at the tipping point (which we are at) some say prices up & other prices DOWN! Mike
  14. After the 7% lift in Mortages i was a bit down, NOW am right back up again !
  15. Pump is primed,stage is set............Phoney war is over...........the Battle of Britsh house prices is about to begin! Mike
  16. Yes, there is a "face off" between 1st time buyers & those whom will NOT cut the prices..................but time is on the side of 1st time buyers..............the straw that will break the house price back is rates, not MEGA high rates (they come later) just rates of 4-6% Mike
  17. At some point its going to BLOW, but when & how i don't know. Mike
  18. Up on what? Month before? Year to year? Mike
  19. He might have read tomorrows "Express" headline! Mike
  20. I still think we are in a "Phoney war".........its going to be 6-12 months before we see what we want to see! Mike
  21. For better trade with Iran, (4 Is-real) the Anglo-Saxon meance must be delt with 1st. China/Brics will help with that......... Mike
  22. F*ck them! You spent the cash, now you can learn to SAVE money ! Mike
  23. We are bankupt Gents, simple as that...........the Carriers are Next, i mean the MOD "Plan" to build them then "invite" the US Navy to let us borrow the planes !!!!! Those ships will be scrapped on the slips.....TSR2 all over again! Mike
  24. During the 80's i did trainning in:- Office skills Eletrical engineering Weilding I worked on placment at shipyards & factorys across Liverpool........for little more than Dole...............F*ck THEM! They can get off their ass & do SOMETHING! Mike
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