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  1. Dr B I hear Goldman sac, JP Morgan & the rest are 42,000 contracts short & they due on Monday......the billion bulls (China) are driving up the price & the looks like there have to be massive short covering? mike
  2. It baked in now, just sit back & watch round one..............round 2 is when the repo's hit the market.........round 3 is when rates rise to cover a collasped £.....round 4 is round 2 again.... Mike
  3. Morning RB http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/economics/interestrates/8019053/Aggressive-rise-in-interest-rates-if-Bank-of-England-loses-inflation-control-credibility-warns-economist-Spencer-Dale.html More warning voices of what IS to come! Mike
  4. They Cutting, as they printing.....so those in benafits can expect inflation & cuts eating into their "Pay" Ho Ho Ho..........
  5. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1314268/Vince-Cable-turns-spivs-gamblers-big-banks.html He sussed:- We need a productive capicaty, not "City" ponzi scams We need house prices to come down We need to reward factory production not lie loan house price production. Mike
  6. Mervyn King is said by those who were on the inside to be privately proud of the fact he "talked down the pound" in 2008. F*ck you MERV! When the inflation arrives & so does all the damage you & Gordo did we should string the pair of them up! Mike
  7. Up North here, between Liverpool & Southport we seeing MASSIVE cuts, signs with "Reduced by £25,000" on them........we at the tipping point. As i just said on one of the other threads i just reclaimed most of my tax from last year......think how many self-employed are doing the same!!!! A MASSIVE new BLACK HOLE is appearing right before their eyes! Mike
  8. Just seen my accountant, claimed most of my Tax from last year back, watch LOTS of blokes whom are suddenly out of work, most self-employed....the Goverment must be handing back VAST ammounts of cash............
  9. I went on a track day once with a group of Lotus Elise owners, i thought then they were MASSIVELY over charge for something that should be quite cheap...............the rest of the world now thinks so as well! Mike
  10. This is turning into a NIGHTMARE..............Trouble is China will NOT let them off the hook, a US bankupted like the CCCP is what she is after.....American forced to give up her MANY oversea bases
  11. I often thought about that myself, but if you look at the pattern of moves for the last 5-10 years it surgests other wise. "They" known about this for some time & if Oil came out of the bowls of the Earth China would have dug some rather deep holes by now. Mike
  12. Very GOOD Idea Dr B..................i shall pass that one on ! Mike
  13. The ship HAS hit the iceberg, the ship IS sinking........what part of this don't they understand? Mike
  14. They want them to borrow to genaerate growth, why not have a "Tax Hoilday" so they are hired & produce more? Mike
  15. Trying to suss how this will play out, i think it will come down to how good a Sh8g she is
  16. As i paddle away from the now FAST sinking ship, i gaze over my shoulder at the Capt & officers still telling what left of the passangers that the folooding is "Contained" & the ship normally lists like that....
  17. YYYYEEEESSSS!!!!!! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/economics/houseprices/8012899/UK-property-prices-fall-for-third-month.html FOX 2 ! Mike
  18. Every 5 mins we hear this, could it be that we are worried our crediters have sussed:- A. The "City" is a ponzi scam thats bust & there goes 20% of our income B. Northsea Oil & Gas are almost gone He has! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-1313247/PETER-HITCHENS-Will-turn-dust-ashes-just-like-Soviet-roubles.html
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