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  1. We started with apprentices a couple of years ago at work at the same time there was a generalised move towards what seems to be de-skilling the job (electronics/mech engineering) which has caused ill feeling. The apprentices themselves are a decent lot and it is nice to have a fresh influx of young blood and new attitudes. However the training they receive is very basic mostly consisting of lots of very short courses and they aren't sent on day release to study for decent qualifications as I was. Instead they do a low level NVQ which doesn't even cover the basics of what they need to know. Without a higher level qualification they will be stuck in low level jobs without a hope of moving upwards. The ones I really feel for are in their mid twenties starting an apprenticeship after completing a useless degree (Linguistics anyone) from a decent Uni or getting an engineering degree from an ex-Poly. They are now saddled with a huge debt earning bugger all and working with 16 and 17 year olds straight from school.
  2. When I looked at it at 10pm last night when heading home I could only see a single light on. I'm guessing a fair number of the buyers are none to bright BTL'ers "investments"
  3. I know Crosspool quite well and was told this building was put up with planning permission only for it to be used as a cafe. Most people doubted there was trade for a cafe in that location so no suprise when it stopped trading. I wasn't aware that the planning permission had been changed.
  4. The problem is you are in the south east. Move to an ex mining area and try again
  5. I have dealt with companies who have had these grants and sadly it didn't surprise me. Most likely the grant was from the EU (one of those delightful schemes where they give us some of our own money back and we are supposed to be grateful) which are available if your company is based in an area of high(ish) unemployment. I have seen them make some weird decisions in what to fund but it helps if your business is based around whatever the bureaucrats think is the latest hot business area which right now seems to be iPhone apps. Many of the "entrepreneurs" think up a new business plan every year which ticks the boxes and make a nice little living out of this. In addition there is an entire ecosystem of consultants who make a living out of advising these companies many of whom are based in the same business incubators (funded by the EU) as the companies. Incidentally its an area ripe for fraud as I'm sure may of you have guessed.
  6. Just a quick update from the south of the city. Basically nothing is happening ! Houses aren't selling (although the sold signs go up they soon come down again) yet prices aren't dropping that much. Thinking about it I haven't seen a removal van for months its like the entire market is stagnant. Odd happenings on my own road where I noticed a house was empty. Then in April it appeared on the Land Registry site as being sold but there had never been any For sales signs up at all. Now the house remains empty still in early July. Most odd has anyone ever seen this before ?
  7. I have heard this asked many times. Until she retired a couple of years ago my Mother worked as a Physics teacher in a not very good Northern Comp. Whenever they advertised any Physics teacher post (even a maternity cover one) they would get between 10 and 20 applicants this at the same time as there was supposed to be a dire shoratge of teachers in this subject. Other teachers said there may have been a shortage of such teachers in the 1980's but the endless Government ads had persuaded many Physics grads who used to work in industry to retrain as teachers despite the fact there was no jobs for them.
  8. Greetings fellow old Ashleigh old boy ! Sadly the place has gone downhill very rapidly and the local parents seem to want to send their children anywhere but the slasher academy. The houses on the old lower school site are also very cramped. They look a fair size until you see them up close outside with a car or even a wheelie bin next to them and then you see just what a small amount of land they each occupy. I'm told two of the houses on the main road part of the old lower school estate are BTL owned and seem to have short term tennants then remain unoccupied for long periods. I'm certainly glad I don't own them.
  9. Indeed I see tonight they have a 5 bed house for sale on Greenacre Close (?) which are the newish houses off Gleadless Common which were built where the council houses used to be which is reduced from £205K to a mere £200K. Houses on this road have always been up sale at daft prices. A relative went to look at one as they were being built and was told the detached property (which was on the small side) with a garden the size of a postage stamp was on sale for £250K or upwards ! Needless to say he laughed at the EA and walked. This on a road close to one of the rougher schools in the city where nice 30's semis fetch in the order of £130K. I could be wrong but the last house on Greenacre up for sale was a repo and initally went on sale for above £200K but eventually went for £165K. This one is advertised as having no chain so might be another repo.
  10. I can confirm they are still open. Last night I went past and although there were no cards in the windows the EAs inside were busy doing whatever EAs do. The place must be having a refit.
  11. I will check next week when dog walking. I went past there last week and saw what I thought were electricians working inside so presumed the place was having a refit. Sounds like it could be something else. We dealt with that branch a few years ago and I always rather liked them due to their habit of leaving us alone while EA went into the back to search for something or another. I was always able to look at the EA's PC screen. It had everything on there including the number of previous viewings , previous offers and sometimes the lowest figure the seller would accept ! Mind you it was all academic since all they seemed to have on their books was over priced cr*p.
  12. Yes those are the ones although I haven't been past for a few weeks. They aren't bad looking compared to many modern flats and that area is quite decent apart from the trams which can sometimes be a little noisy. I was passing Haybrooks at Geadless Townend last week and saw they actually had a newish flat in at £49K which has to be the first I have seen under £50K. Sadly I didn't see exactly where it was as the dog wasn't keen on hanging about in the cold. However its interesting that these flats are continuing to fall in price. Incidentally the old Doctors surgery on Charnock Dale Road was bought by builders are surprise surpise turned into several flats (sorry luxury apartments) these were completed in the summer but there have been no takers as yet. In the same area a lovely old Victorian house on Oak Road was bought by builders knocked down and being replaced by flats. So there will be plenty of flats appearing despite the lack of demand which can only mean prices going one way.
  13. Indeed but there is a certain type of customer who doesn't (or can't) plan ahead or doesn't do the Internet and wants a DVD or whatever right now with no waiting. There were plenty of people in the 80's and 90's who hired a new video/DVD every Friday night and I suspect that for some of them it has become a ritual. My local Blockbuster used to look quite pleasant inside with big displays of upmarket ice cream and drinks they were trying to sell to customers. These days the store appears to have replaced these with cardboard boxes full of cheap used DVD's for sale they even have a box outside sometimes making the place look very down market.
  14. Totally agree on Jessops I don't think I have seen anyone in their Sheffield shop for months. The mystery is how they have managed to keep going this long. BHS - I went into the local store a couple of months ago trying to avoid a downpour and was amazed it was like stepping back into 1985. The goods had changed (slightly) but the displays and store layout just had that odd feel of 25 years ago. The only other shoppers seemed to be old ladies. Debenhams - I presume the new owners are trying to run the place on a tight budget. Staff are few and far between with just a single till on each floor. I managed to buy a shirt in a strange little sale section on one of the floors which despite the packaging saying it was long sleeved turned out to be short sleeved. When I took it back the staff member I eventually found decided to fight me by giving me a line about the sale of goods act not applying to goods sold in their sale ! Obvious cr*p and I eventually got my money back but I just got the feeling things were bad and the staff were being told to be awkward. Maplins - Unless they are in a lot of debt they look OK. They seem to have found a little niche and their Sheffield shop is always busy. Mind you I was a trade customer of theirs but they screwed that up. My employer would buy £20K a years worth of goods from them until one day when the sales rep told me I had to pay £1 or so each for the new catalogue. I explained I wasn't going to do that and that I wanted my usual 10 or so free catalogues but she walked away rather than do that. I still get calls every 3 months or so from the new area rep asking why we don't do business with them any more. Currys/Dixons/PC World - Honestly how do they keep going ? The stores appear huge due to the lack of stock. Blockbuster - They seem to have shrunk back to cheap small suburban locations and there always seem to be people in my local store but I have no idea why.
  15. A good friend of mine lived Heeley when we were in our twenties and had a lovely setup. A great location for someone of that age since it was close to some good pubs and plenty of restaurants. Even better if you worked in the city centre you could walk in to work. It was a nice mix of people with plenty of decent locals , students renting etc the only downside was every road seemed to have several rough families who would nick anything if it wasn't screwed down. Thanks to them car thefts and burglary seemed quite frequent. On another note I drove past the new flats on White Lane (S12) today the ones next to the row of shops and the pub just before Ridgeway. These were built about 2 years ago and I was told were pretty much all bought by BTL'ers. Currently there is a forest of "To Let" signs outside and given the few cars outside the majority must be vacant. Anyone thinking of renting one could have some fun playing BTL'ers off against each other.
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