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  1. The tax payer could come out of this doing well if inflation is maintained, nominal prices are stabilised inside a few years and losses are kept within historic norms etc etc. I suppose it depends on how negative you are about the future as to what losses and defaults you expect to see. I also dont see a benefitial outcome for young people created by falling house prices large losses in employment and so forth since once the bottom is reached, many young people will be unable to buy anyway. The people who will benefit from that kind of deflation are the cashed up richer folks who made a pile earlier on and then sold to rent and so forth. These are the people who need to be scared into spending money to keep velocity reasonable. I dont know about you but although i am in two minds and dont know the future and can see all manner of scenarios, the inflationary one does sort of scare me and i find it hard to believe my pile of cash is going to get more and more valueable. It just cannot possibly be part of the plan for that to happen.
  2. But he is also saying there is no risk the UK banks can fail and create losses for anybody. Which could well be true if the whole thing is managed well. And part of the management plan is to ensure that the UK continues to be able to borrow at reasonable rates. Vince in opposition seems to be saying that Britain PLC is in good shape and has no chance of failing. He is also saying that it is fine by him if the government spends away to avoid deflation - which is the BOE objective. Seems to me like he is on board and up to speed. The dissapointment might be none of the above is deflationary.
  3. Injin you seem to enjoying hurting people with your dishonest distortions of reality. I dont see i have anything to apologise about. For sure none is going to come while you behave in such a manipulative manner towards people. For the record since we dont have much to do with each other i am no longer waiting for that bus.
  4. Funny how idiots like you like to make out that insulting a person means absolutely nothing. Are you really so lacking in awareness or do you just behave that way I actually dont think you are such an idiot. I think it is more calculated than that and just some form of sadistic fun at another persons expense because you imagine nobody can do anything about it.
  5. When your habit is to treat people who dont agree with you as being delusional or defending some losing position, then courtious is the last word i would use about you. Obnoxious fits better. I try to be accurate about things as best i can
  6. It is not only a virtual world. Perhaps that is why you can be so obnoxious? You dont seem to realise the reality involved.
  7. When people talk about hyperinflation involving cookies costing 6.09 one month before their predicted hyperinflationary event with no mention of their predicted money supply figure and then use graphs of money supply to show they are right when money supply has not changed much in the last month and the price is still 6.09 then we can see that most people use these terms in an interchangeable and confusing manner most of the time and often it suits them to do so. Evidently this is not only done by central banking groups when even individuals can be evasive manipulating and dishonest. Because we are all doing this it makes sense to define what we mean when we use these terms which have very ambiguous meanings. Obviously Friedman at least did not say that inflation was an increase in the money supply only. He just said there was a close linkage and it was wrong to say that high oil prices or wage increases were causing inflation. Obviously he separated out inflation of the money supply and inflation in prices while also using the word inflation without saying what he was referring to - while making it clear there was a relationship..
  8. Funny how you can use a foolish definition of inflation where large amounts of unspent money is sitting in bank accounts to say this is the correct definition of inflation as if anybody pointing out the obvious absurdity needs to go back to school and be taught by you. Obviously any teacher who tells us that inflation is always and everwhere a monetary event and does not also realise that unspent money creates zero inflation needs to be removed from their pedestal asap. For the record i dont think Friedman was quite so stupid to use that one line in total isolation to every thing else he believed to be true. What we can probably say is true is that when inflation is occuring it is always and everwhere a monetary event.
  9. Funny how you can claim it is a misunderstanding while denying you can remember it. But this is not really personal between you and me. What it is about is that you have this habit of thinking you know the absolute truth and when people dont agree with you then you attack them like they are fools or work for the enemy and then when others like Hotairmail believe your version of events you then talk publicly about your innocence and integrity and bewilderment that what is happening is happening. And now you want me to just forget what you are capable of and make out we are friends. I am at this stage not sure if you really are just so confused and forgetful or if is just part of the psychopathic kind of manipulation that you might be capable of
  10. How about you set the record straight rather than taking the blame for something you appear to be blaming on me.
  11. Why do you keep refering to the private post i made to you that asked you if you could let me know more about something you had publicly said about bonds? And where later you had publicly misrepresented what i had said to you when i approached you for that bond information so that i then publicly reproduced this private post to you to set the record straight? And now in some manner you are doing exactly the same thing by bringing up the whole conversation again in this distorted manner where you want me to be seen in a negative light to make you appear in a more favourable one? Why are you suggesting i did something improper?? Had you not replied to my post there would have been no further emails perhaps? As it happens I recall you wanted to tell me how much you knew and how wrong i was to not agree with you. The conversation did not go very far as i recall because we did not agree. But later as i recall it, I got the treatment about how i had some vested interest in bonds, you were obviously right and anybody could see what i was doing. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...t&p=1915905 And Hotairmail joined in at that point http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...t&p=1915957 To which you twisted reality by replying http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...t&p=1915959 I dont have any financial interest in bonds. And you just made the same kind of attack on this other person about his interest in sterling which appears at least to be unjustifiable However i am quite happy to be friendly if people want to be friendly with me.
  12. If you could avoid creating fantasies about people like me, then I for one might see you in a more favourable light.
  13. Bizarre how the patient can destroy conversations with the no groups nonesense and when asked if he is in the groups who get it he says yes and sees no contradiction. We see a group of disconnected people who get it. He argues there is no group of people who are consciously connected or physically linked together. But we see a group and he says there is no group but he is in a group It appears we are not allowed to organise individuals into like groups and say this is a group of like minded people. Only a single mass or single item which is bonded together or melted down together or inside the biggest item can ever be a group. And the patients law requires that atoms cannot be in groups called molecules because there is nothing special about the random atoms forming the group of atoms in that water drop. It is as if the patients brain has a part missing.
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