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  1. According to my EA friend, there is a rush before the HIPS deadline.
  2. Had a conversation with a EA friend (Partner at a large Agency) He had been speaking to a colleague from London, apparently it is sloooow for them at this particular branch. There are no mad rushes to buy and the investors are slowing down. Not even the lower end flats are shifting to investors as the interest rates are making it less viable. Asking prices are rarely being met and offers below asking are being accepted, not just in London, but locally too. This comes from a guy who last year said he thought prices will double in the next 5 years.
  3. I have to admit. That was hilarious watching some of you nearly cream yourself with excitement, then see your day ruined in a second.
  4. This weekend my boys (6 and 4) played football at a school club, picked apples and blackberries from the garden with me, and took our bikes to a country park and then all ate ice creams. It doesn't have to be all doom and gloom.
  5. I considered STR about 2 years ago when our property was worth around £200,000. Just been valued at over £300,000. Not saying there will not be a correction of some sort, but I am glad I didn't STR.
  6. I don't know how, but yes. Friend of mine went bankrupt, they let him keep his house but his pension was grabbed.
  7. (It was last night) Anyway, it just seems mad that to get an extra reception room and slightly bigger kitchen without compromising anything else, costs at least £60000 more than our house has been valued at.
  8. My wife has always been excited by the rise in value of our house since we bought it. We are considering trying to 'move up the ladder', but the next rung is pretty high. In my course of explaining how much mortgage we could get (max 4x my income) and how interest rates would affect payments, she went quiet for a minute, then said 'God, how can people afford to buy houses'. I nearly choked on my beer!
  9. I am in that position, whereby i bought in 1998 for 97,500, Did it up quite a bit, now 'worth' £270,000 ish. But to trade up to a larger house is impossible at the moment. Would like a slightly larger house with an extra reception room and bigger kitchen. But, at least I have a place to call home for me and the family with a smallish mortgage, 4 bedrooms, huge garden and the very happy thought that if I just stay as I am, then will be mortgage free by the age of 50.
  10. I'm sure TB just did a bull$*** cough!!! when GB stated he knew the hardship parents felt!
  11. Looking through property section of large weekly local paper, a certain estate agent is displaying this, right in the middle of its property for sale (large page): Might sell, Might not! The current market is as near a 'normal' market as experienced estate agents have known for years in terms of the balance between properties available for sale and registered buyers. However, unlike most 'normal' markets, some sellers are not as committed to selling as they might be, and are prepared to remain on the market until what they regard as an acceptable offer comes along. Likewise, some buyers, w
  12. France has had it for years too. I thought we were one of the last!!!
  13. Do we all live in a dream? Just overheard a conversation in the sandwich shop. (Maybe not word for word) Owner: Hows business then? Builder: Busy as ever, seems to be getting busier. All the developers say they can't keep up Owner: Really? You're working round the corner at the moment aren't you? Builder: Yeah, haven't finished yet and they've all been snapped up Owner: No parking there is there? Builder: No, and they're tiny as well. A search on rightmove suggests that phase 2 is now on offer, so maybe he meant phase 1 has been snapped up. Looks like the prices range from 199,995 fo
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