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  1. Keep posting ? I dont think others see it that way at all tbh. Same old copy+paste, no real reason why with exception to "government will never let it happen". Isn't that called moral hazard?
  2. That's the confirmed cases (!!!). Millions of cases still havent been processed and its July.
  3. You do realise your contra.... ahh forget it....
  4. Meanwhile over in the states https://www.restaurantdive.com/news/53-of-restaurants-closed-amid-coronavirus-have-shuttered-permanently-yelp/581024/
  5. Logout option is top right corner, click your username. It's labelled "sign out". Your call...
  6. Support for mortgage interest etc etc? Oooh its turned into a loan. That's recent. Interesting.... https://www.gov.uk/support-for-mortgage-interest
  7. I thought the benefits system would have this covered? For most at least.
  8. Given Brexit is around the corner, surely this would scare away external investment and so forth. It's a global market, after all.
  9. Your a landlord. Or did that slip your mind already? Yeah we're not buying it... Why do you keep stating that 50% falls arent possible when rarely anyone mentions a % figure in a thread? Hmmm.
  10. Fire your low skilled easily replaceable workers, replace with young employment scheme, rotate to fill hours. Employment neutral, cost of employees gone for 6 months.
  11. Oh that's easy, just declare 50%+ house price falls. Whoops.
  12. Indeed, to the point many of us dont need much of a mortgage anymore.
  13. Rent seeking is not profits, and much of BTL falls into rent seeking. Financialisation has made pawns of you, all for the benefit of those at the top of the pyramid. You call it wealth and profit. Many of us call it a ticking debt timebomb. The goverment's contribution to this is all the more disgusting, but it seems there might be limits to that after all. Genuinely I thought an extension of the furlough scheme was coming today. Instead they reinforced its ending. From https://neweconomics.org/uploads/files/496c07a5b30026d43a_d1m6i26iy.pdf
  14. It's the reason I've returned actively in 2020 ? Speed1987 confirmed he's a landlord, which explains an awful lot about his "buy NOW!!" posting.
  15. My own father in law! Relatives etc. Those who have done well out of the government. To be fair to him, he lately conceded that sitting on my hands is the right thing to do.
  16. Nah dont do that, you'll miss out on all the fun! Landlord speed is just showing his true colours. I have no problem with that.
  17. It's not 2009 though, landlord speed. We're in a much worse state than 2009!
  18. Yes landlord Speed1987, the gates will just flood open as everyone in HK just wants to come here.... sure...
  19. Many would be shocked to find that the HTB scheme is often seen by boomers as a grant, not another loan. One that if it goes sour, we're all on the hook for. Optics. It's all about the optics...
  20. Maybe the Magic Money Tree isn't so infinite after all?
  21. Same. Too much for here, but when HNW clients started getting "get outta cash, hedge a bit into gold" late last year.... well, follow the money....
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