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  1. Agreed virtually everyone I know with that kind of level of income vs expenses, has already brought in. They'll be a huge queue of evictions to process at the courts when they do come back online.... so they'd have plenty of time tbh.
  2. On a credit card? Might be a good time to start using credit cards again tbh for the protection they offer (with full balance direct debits, ofcourse).
  3. Would you participate into this system if you knew you'd be a serf and not retire?
  4. The average person is god awful at assessing risk, so for now (whilst furlough scheme is in place) this will simply act as confirmation bias. I still don't see how they're going to overcome the wave of unemployment by the year end, though. Not without taking some very extreme measures at least (which in itself, would potentially set off many alarm bells). If anything it shows how panic'd the VIs (including LBC) are. Lovely stuff. Thanks for sharing mind.
  5. I haven't had a SoW in years where the underpinning business case isn't "remove dead wood" (but far more subtle, ofcourse). I can only see this accelerating.
  6. Our education systems have failed us. Lack of basic financial concepts enable this.
  7. Et oh https://wolfstreet.com/2020/07/09/feds-assets-drop-for-4th-week-another-85-billion-4-week-total-248-billion-big-chunk-short-time/ I don't recall them reversing the injection so quickly in previous QE cycles at least.
  8. You could be well and truly correct that it remains a 10-20% drop and I agree that's certainly manageable. The reason I held off? 1) my investments paid off better than sticking it all in housing 2) 2008 QE etc just kicked the can ahead, same old same old. Essentially we deferred a business cycle of cleanup (aka recession) leaving us with a ton of zombie companies and poor productivity to boot 3) as a result of 2008, we're now facing not 1, but 2 "business cycles of recession" hence all the talk of depression rather than a recession 4) official inflation hasn't shown it, but simple fact is those under 40 and not in high paying industries (finance, tech, sales) have been sidelined from being able to own a home due to forever hpi policies This is why a few of us at least think we're due an all mighty correction of sorts.
  9. Possible, though do wonder given the £300bn+ blown for COVID if they'd do it? Been very spendy spendy lately, and much of the loans they've given will likely default. Even the gov must realise by now how parasitic high cost of housing is. For me, how does the UK be competitive in a post-Brexit world if we're still clinging onto high living costs? For a good part of the country at least (namely the south and some parts of midlands if not all), that's not going to help with shifting goods + services.
  10. To be fair with a little careful planning you can find gems of landlords. I'm in a build to rent right now, landlord couldn't be more helpful tbh. I did do some research on him though, including asking around and financial checks.
  11. I agree but it seems they're not going to come close to generous 80% limit either. £1k bonus to return? Really? By 2024 demographics would have shifted even more to millennial + gen x's. If they still find themselves renting by that point ... take a guess....
  12. They've been signalling a lot lately that its not an option to extend furlough scheme. IMHO quicker we pull that band-aid the sooner we can figure out this new economy/world. Just can-kicking in meantime. Besides, intervene again and doesn't this send the signal "its ok you dont need to save / put any aside, we'll come to the rescue" ? Terrible messaging... Hard to say either way atm; seems ideology has gone out the window as things stand.
  13. Oh dear. Oh I dont know, to other potential owner occupiers? You know drain the swamp of vampire BTL model? Not all families have thrashed credit. Tories are good till 2024 at least... Labour keep performing public hari-kari (fun to watch, though) .... seems like they'll be fine!!
  14. Hang on, are we talking about the same tory party here? ?
  15. Bingo. The amount of amusing conversations I've had with various legal teams re: "application of law vs enforcement" is highly amusing, and insightful.
  16. More likely IMHO. How's inflation worked for the last decade? Japan anyone?? 5% products have vanished. Very few 10% left. 15% is the new bar. Admittedly its much easier to get a 15% deposit for a 2 bed in Bham than it is down south!! Private landlords are the new landlord, apparently, hence "landlord benefit", landlord speed. But you knew that already ? This might be a good reason to "let it fall" IMHO, as why keep burdening the country with ever expanding housing benefit bills at the expense of the tax payer? Oh yes I know your answer, so I'll save you some copy and paste "the gov wont let it happen". What will builders do for income? Play the stock market? Or they could simply not intervene. They had a chance to extend the furlough scheme which quite honestly would have took care of this, acting as some kind of floor for the house market in effect. They could offer further mortgage holiday extensions too. Might be time to write to your MP to get that scheme turned on again?
  17. Indeed, until Financialization gets its dirty claws in. Then we're in ponzi land, but we tell the masses "your getting richer!!!11"
  18. Sure neither of us will know for a while, but if its as pervasive as you say, then surely that's a business case to be made to resource investigating is all i'm saying.
  19. Not so sure anymore. Given the £300bn+ just blown to get through COVID, it's possible they may do some research and find its worth resourcing after all... that could apply to VAT fraud too.
  20. Can't argue with that at all. The social contract is broken. Partly why this forum exists.
  21. Agreed, there's no "happy ending" as i've said a few times. Time to face the music.
  22. We are often reminded on here that HMRC "could" come to collect. Given the £300bn+ shortfall, does anyone really think its going to remain a "could" in reality?
  23. He's also potentially given his street away, given the low volume of completing transactions (if this is even real...).
  24. oooooh 2 outliners! That means the whole of birmingham goes up actually due to the absolute toilet rate of completions. Well done! Wonder why that is? Let me guess "the government and the MPs all own property so they'll never let it drop" ? Better than a xerox.
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