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  1. 3 hours ago, Wayward said:

    I am expecting them to struggle to sell the place at the price quote on RM but then with the current UKGov promoted market mania who knows what might happen, it only takes one idiot. Some visits are inevitable and I am not looking forward to those...I work from home and will have to endure them nosing around whilst I sat here, the scum renter, trying to work.  Any thoughts on how to deal with viewings?  Particularly in the context of Covid?


    It's actually your right to refuse viewings - quiet peaceful enjoyment trumps all as your right as a tenant. 

    I actually did this on the basis I had already handed in my notice.  EA couldn't do a thing legally or otherwise.

    (they put for sale as remortgaging failed, place didnt sell, laughably overvalued for what it was)

  2. 2 minutes ago, captainb said:

    On the long term effects, with SARs and MERs two very similar viruses, the studies in HK following the outbreak showed in a small % of cases, shortness of breath and reduced lung capacity post infection. Also worth noting that in 12months those longer term symptoms also went. So there is hope there as well. 

    Early studies are showing much more than a small % of people suffering from breathing issues, but again its much too novel to really make a call at this point.  

  3. 15 hours ago, captainb said:

    Being concerned is one thing but that concern needs to be based in a reality where there is an acceptable level of risk. Otherwise nobody would ever drive to work, ride a bike, go up a step ladder etc etc.

    I do agree, I think the "novel" nature has been taken advantage of a little too much.  IMHO before the vaccine they should place much efforts of trying to determine the likelihood of being whacked hard with this virus or not. 

    15 hours ago, captainb said:

    In the last month there has been a grand total of 160 deaths under the age of 80 of people who have ever tested positive with CV19 at any point, in a population of 70 odd million..... At some point we need to move on. 

    The public dont have faith in the current track+trace system, which is not helping matters.

    Death isnt the issue, its reoccurring long term issues that may become the issue IMHO.  Being fatigued for 2-3 months at a time etc.  We're only just starting to understand the long term consequences, but rarely is it ever discussed widely.

    Interestingly I wonder if weak employment rights are somewhat to blame?  Lets say somehow you got COVID and as a result you're not performing 100% for a good 3-6m (with some of that off sick from work).  Surely if an org had to cut back, they'd be first in line?  Given many people live month to month, this could be a real sticky issue.

  4. 3 hours ago, GregBowman said:

    But after the novelty wears off it’s quite featureless around and well bumble F*** only so much rustic I can personally take and it’s miles away 

    I asked a french friend (sent him the rightmove link) and he basically said its got wine ... and that's about it.  

    3 hours ago, GregBowman said:

    Typing this from an Airbnb on the edge of Snowdonia - stunning 4 bed plot - 4 hours from London - I am sure there are places like this all over the UK you can get something decent for not much more without the hassle


    3 hours ago, adarmo said:

    Naked it. Wales would be my escape. Cheap, there's an incentive to support self builders with eco and you're never more than two hours from England. 

    A few consultants I've worked with over the years are based in wales, they absolutely love the quality of life (as well as value).  Can only see the dispersion effect growing from here onward.  They were both remote heavily pre-COVID too.

  5. 7 minutes ago, Staffsknot said:

    As pointed out in many countries locals reacting on their own and stopped going out much.


    This.  Sweden's population behaved as a collective not individuals so for them at least, not locking down is an option as they'll adapt for their own good.  The UK?  Don't get me started...

  6. 1 hour ago, captainb said:

    Not causing hospitals to overflow is one thing.. But the teaching unions seem to only want kids back on a zero risk basis which is something quite different.. And hardly stands up to scrutiny 

    Many teachers are 50, sometimes 60+ with underlying health issues.  Understandably they're concerned.

    1 hour ago, captainb said:

    Again, you are just assuming that without lockdown the situation would have got totally out of control. Yet there are plenty of places without any kind of lockdown where this hasn't happened. 

    It's Apples vs Oranges comparing country to country and their response.  UK's population isn't nearly as healthy as say Sweden's, so I somehow doubt we'd have had a similar response as it swept through the UK without a lockdown.   

    And yet this silly gov decides to encourage people to pig out "on the gov".  Well done ?

  7. 1 minute ago, adarmo said:

    Problem with that is it's in France. It might seem idyllic to work remotely to some but many have friends and family fairly close by. 

    The other problem is coming to sell it. A lot of 'bargain' property has been on the market for months or even years. 

    I'll grant you though that Bordeaux would be a great city to live in.

    You would be surprised how many down south are "economic migrants" which to me, basically means "not from the south".  But yes being realistic its too much a jump for most.  Simpler going north for many.

  8. 27 minutes ago, longgone said:

    what cars do you have in mind 

    For me it's about sweet handling, involving, yet predictable cars are my thing hence the Renault Megane RS mk3, Renault Clio cup series; a lot of low TCO/depreciation fun for £10k or less.  e46 BMWs also worth a look.

    If you want to go closer to £5-6k the Megane RS mk2 (later cup, LSD variants) will get you there too, just a bit more "raw" to live with which might be a good thing for a daily toy.

    If your comfortable spending a little more good Porsche Boxster/Cayman 987s are showing up now , but they will have a higher TCO ofcourse if not outrageous ala 911, so need more time / research / brave pills.

  9. Just now, Switch625 said:

    Sums up my life at the moment.

    Zoom works fine until you actually need to do stuff quickly with a group of people, then its painful.

    These are teething issues to a degree, but no doubt they're painful. 

    If your at a level of chasing one another via calls / emails regularly you'll need to revisit your processes / comms as that's just not a sane way to proceed over the long run.  That's the real issue.  But there's certainly a learning curve.

  10. 14 hours ago, MarkG said:

    You need to be pretty rich to do that in real life. Even if you don't crash and wreck one of a few hundred surviving cars, you'll soon wear out parts that are close to irreplaceable.

    TBH I think its the lack of driver training which leads to these issues.  I actually had a session booked for March till the dreaded arrived.  Also some cars do have a tendency to snap near their limits.

    Part of the fun is the risk mind.

  11. 16 hours ago, MarkG said:

    People still collect old guns that you can't buy ammo for. I'd guess a lot of the lower-end cars would lose most of their value, but there'd still be a market for the high-end ones.

    Perhaps a bigger issue is that I can now drive just about any fancy car I want in VR and the tech is getting better all the time. I don't need to pay $250k for a Lancia Delta S4 when I can just put on the headset and drive one flat out through Welsh forests.

    Having tried the full VR sims, they're definitely fun, if ultimately limited in experience.  Can be quite a workout too!

  12. 21 hours ago, longgone said:

    all these fancy cars are lifestyle choice cars, memories are personal to yourselves of course a used car dealer will not place much value on those ;) 

    Kind of; it's not just memories but the pure joy of using it daily.  Plus there's a ton of fun options for not a great deal of money in terms of running costs or depreciation these days.  Seemed like a better place to hold cash than the bank!

  13. 22 hours ago, GregBowman said:

    Hail fellow Alfisti !! I have had 2 Brera’s Prodrive and Matt grey  Italia Independent  , 3 Guilietta’s and now the Giulia - Just makes me smile - It is such a stylish bit of kit 

    Driven a QV sublime could be the next one in the story 

    Clarkson enthusing again about Alfa’s in the times today - massive Alfisti 

    Off to Wales tomorrow will defo detour and do the evo triangle again 

    Here’s to style ??

    Hello fellow Alfisti indeed!!  First Alfa admittedly having been a french hot-hatch tart for a long time prior (mk3 Megane RS was a particular gem - very cheap to run, amazingly fun over 5yrs+ - highly recommended for anyone who wants a pure FWD thrill machine without breaking the bank)

    I still have very fond memories of being a passenger in a GTV6 24v coupe, good god that Busso.... 

    I made the mistake of test driving the QV first then didn't even bother with the Veloce ? 

  14. 25 minutes ago, GregBowman said:

    The truth is still a lovely car and bullet proof engine - in more volume exotica maybe its because people aren't  buying new so getting 2 or 3 year older ones dragging the whole price range up perhaps ?

    Lease market "best value deals" might be dictating this more than we realise.  Certain cars (the Alfa QF included) had god awful finance deals, hence you dont see many on the road.  


    26 minutes ago, GregBowman said:

    Laverda Jota's . RC30's BMW r80/90's can't see these dropping 

    Absolutely, some of these are quite frankly pinnacles of their generation.  Picked wisely you'll get many many years of economical motoring too.

  15. 15 minutes ago, GregBowman said:

    Because as someone said its jewellery not just a watch thats like comparing my daughters VW  Up with my Aston or even for that matter my Alfa Guilia Veloce - there will always be a market for style and brand authenticity but not easy to make money or even hold your money as many of our watch experts on here testify 

    It took me a while to understand that somethings simply have an intrinsic value that is much greater and long lasting than the paper specification could convey.  So good the "itch" disappears.  I ended up with an Alfa Giulia Quadrifoglio as a result.  Every journey is magical.

  16. https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/m7jxvn/corporations-receiving-bailout-billions-have-laid-off-staff-and-paid-investors

    Interesting - if not entirely shocking - outcomes.

    "In total, 26 companies receiving financial assistance through the CCFF have cut jobs or announced plans to make lay-offs, totalling at least 42,848 UK jobs. Of the companies issuing dividends during this period, three have also announced redundancies totalling around 6,000 jobs."

    Help to Fire scheme, anyone?

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