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  1. Very, very few people can write good code that actually works properly. This is partly aptitude and partly experience. Books come into it very little. It is this kind of management thinking that has lead to numerous companies wasting millions on projects written on the cheap by Indians six months out of Uni.

    Very true, programming is like learning a language - not much can replace actual experience.

    As a final year uni undergrad, a lot of the points made here are very valid. The quality is slipping, whilst delusion of one's actual value increases at a rapid pace. Employers arent exactly helping themselves either, expecting something for nothing.

    Worst of all is that these soon to be graduates expect high paying jobs coming straight from uni with very little experience... yeah, right.

  2. 48 hours? Quality not quantity springs to mind.

    Also see:


    Nailed it on the head. So what if your doing 48hrs, are they good productive hours? Getting sick of this whole "you must be putting in 50+ hrs to be working hard". Its just never that simple, and yet I've overheard many conversations that employee X putting in 50hrs+ should get the promotion - and not a whisker about the quality or results of their work.

  3. should be a few cheap ones around as all the BTL landlords who buy one with their millions go bust in a couple of years time.

    Same is true for x5, porch 4x4 whatever its called, indeed most epxensive gas guzzlers will be bargains soon.

    Could never get my head around why people would spend loads on an X5 when there's plenty of nice cars on the market - other than the plain obvious :-p

  4. I know, but there is a general sentiment that the whole of the UK educational system is terrible. It might be terrible, but even then it compares relatively well with the rest of the world! Whether that is something to be happy about (i.e. the UK educational system is better than average in the OECD) or cause for alarm about the average quality of education in the OECD I don't know.

    Its not all lack of education's fault. Society (including the TV) teaches that when one is feeling down that "Retail therapy" is the way forward. Noteably it also picks up a drink when they're feeling really low. The fact is, you learn it from somewhere.

    You'd only have to watch spendaholics for a couple of episodes to see that behind many's spending is typically some emotional trauma undealt.

  5. Pointless, might as well live at a travel lodge or something if your only sleeping there :(

    Its really common across Coventry too. Infact I know of a friend who's parents did exactly that. Dad works 7 days a week (!), mother 5-6 days, not back till late. Kids having their days planned and told what to do every single day. Now they've grown up, the kid is in a total mess in many ways, despite being shipped to a private school! And he's not the only one, funnily enough most of his private school mates are in the same kind of mess... I wont list all the major problems :-p

    Oh well, some are just brought up to consume and not question, not much you can do about that.

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