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  1. Look at doing a special type of doctorate. Mine is an EngD and I get approx £19k tax-free etc per year, rising £900 per year. I agree with you, though, with respect to normal PhDs.

    Thats not a bad idea, but I'm a bit perplex as to why none of my academics in research mentioned this to begin with. Mind you, its a very recent addition.

    Better get looking, thanks!

  2. Are you joking?

    PhD stipend was about £7.5k in 2001. Stipend for an EngD is knocking on £20k tax free this year. That's one thing that HAS risen dramatically under Labour. A PhD/EngD in science/engineering is just another public sector job these days.

    12k tax free is probably the base minimum in science (i.e. the EPSRC contribution without industry top up of at least 1/3rd on top) if you have no commitments it's more than enough to live on, you just need to cut your cloth accordingly.

    Mine would be in the computing domain, so it certainly wouldnt be near £20k. I've looked into this matter lately, so those figures were correct at time but dont take into account industry top up.

    I'm earning more than 12k self-employed!

  3. Offshoring imports deflation which is why the government has been happy to see it happen.

    The problem is, the main location, India, has reached saturation point as evidenced by the staff turnover rates and salaries being paid for skilled IT staff with the appropriate language skills.

    So what happens next?

    This combined with the fact that a good lot of them dont do a quality service means companies are starting to back pedal!

    There's no shortage of well paying jobs in IT, and infact there's shortages in certain areas. I have a few years experience, and put my CV out lately, and within 48hrs I had 4 job interviews lined up, all paying pretty well too.

    Those with the skills, a bit of experience, and are good in interviews (i.e. confident about their ability) wont have many issues getting a well paid job in IT whatsoever.

  4. This also applies to research grants for PhDs, despite being tax free. They havent gone up much over the decade either (maybe a few £k) yet everything else has. That's what really put me off doing a PhD after uni - no way I could afford to live on a measily £12k these days and have any form of a life. Shame really, as its hurting the research side of this country a lot in some cases.

  5. I've noticed this very recently in the last few years and I particularly blame the media of giving over this Hollywood style image of how the perfect couples should look like and behave.

    Its upto intelligent women to question that and if they dont, they often suffer. Rich, stupid, whipped single males are very much a minority.

    If anything, all this "Sex and the city" behaviour pattern just makes it far easier to spot someone you wouldnt want a conversation with :P

  6. Which is why I never install the java plugin for firefox - why take the trouble to surf with a secure browser but then add something that will potentially open a whole raft of security holes.

    The only benefit Ive ever seen from java is the ability to play a bunch of daft online games, I can live without those.

    The sandbox architecture and default security policies mean its fairly rare to have a Java applet cause damage. Any half decent anti-virus can pick up on the matter pretty quickly, so I dont mind.

  7. Its true, the worst thing one person can do to another is criticise their driving!!!! :lol:

    from my driving course days, it was CONCENTRATION and ANTICIPATION. Its bloody hard work. Drive at 30mph, think at 60mph

    If you cant maintain a constant speed then your concentration needs a little work.

    However, your at least are aware of the problem, so you are way ahead of many!

    I've been driving the old throttle cable designs for years (306) that dont have a fly-by-wire and had a better tactile response with less load. But yeah, I'm aware of the issue and keep an eye on the speed a bit more in these situations.

  8. sounds like you need to go on a driving course and learn how to properly control your vehicle, not the other way round

    What I mean, with the fly-by-wire throttle my current car has, at the pressure/angle at 55-60mph it doesnt take much of an pressure increase to start accelerating off where as I find it easier keeping my foot steady when I'm 65+.

    For the record, I have 0 problems controlling the vechile as I often anticpiate what's ahead of me and easily get 50mpg+ on a long run without trying too hard.

  9. Instead of a Boycott why don't UK motorists show their disapproval at high petrol/diesel prices by driving slowly on the motorways. Not too slowly as this would cause traffic jams, say at 55mph. Hang on this would save everyone 20% on their fuel bills. :rolleyes:

    Maybe motorists are not too concerned with high prices after all. :(

    I find it more difficult to stay around the 55-60mph steady with the throttle. Maybe cars should come with cruise control as standard, that would help.

  10. So glad my own well being isnt connected to consuming pointless ****!

    What I cant get my head around is that there are guys who'll do anything for arm candy... maybe this is the deep-rooted reason for all this crazy risk taking - they'll lose their trophy wife? :P

  11. What tosh these articles are. Too much supply always weakens the price - what makes those writers think the rental market is any different? Unless you pick a property that was brought recently in the bubble, its going to be hard for landlords to justify their rent increases given that land registry info is available.

    I smell VI.

  12. I've always run Mondeos. Well, Escorts before Mondeo burst onto the scene..

    Fabulous cars - I mean fabulous. Seriously. Look at the online reviews and compare to a Passat.

    Got a T reg 1.8TD and it does (genuinely) 50-60mpg depending on journey. It doesn't rip the tarmac up but it handles beautifully - don't laugh, they're passively stable unlike a BM rear-wheel drive skid monster. Safe as houses and SO SO CHEAP TO BUY!.

    It's the newest car I've ever had and would never buy new (thank heavens people DO otherwise we'd have no 2nd handers!)

    - only consideration is car must have:

    - ABS

    - airbags

    - no rust

    -maximum 90,000 miles - for a Mondeo diesel that's just run in. There's a taxi in Brighton with 500,000 on odometer..

    Oh I'm very very aware of how good the Mondeo is :-) I always grin when I see yet another brand new Mondeo on the market - just waiting for the time till they filter down to myself in the second hand chain. In the meantime, a genuine 50mpg+ keeping up with the 3rd lane on the motorway with ease (brim calculations) from my Xsara will do just fine.

  13. That said, newer cars seem to last much longer than 60s/70s/80s models, so maybe there'll be so much supply that prices won't be able to rise. But, as our BMW seller has found, most people paying 5,000 for a car aren't going to be looking for a V8-engined monster with high maintenance costs; given the number of MEW-funded 'luxury' cars and SUVs sold in the last few years, there may be a significant _undersupply_ of old economy cars.

    Demand for small cars outweight that of same year mondeo sized cars. When I was looking for my mum in 2006, a Fiesta 97 plate was going for £1500 with ease, where as the equivalent Mondeo on a 97 plate would barely muster £750.

  14. Actually, it's a more than decent starting salary for any recent graduate bar law/finance/vet etc. Which is kind of depressing...!

    I'm 23, I've just finished my degree with 2yrs~ experience in my industry (own business ventures etc), and I'm on 30k starting as a software developer... without stepping into London in the end!

    Whilst what I do is somewhat challenging (Software as a Service product based on a distributed computing platform, bit like cloud computing), you seem to be getting ballbusted for your level of expertise and skill vs pay and quality of life.

    If I was you, I'd give some real thought to whether you'll burn out in the coming months with your workload. Seriously.

    Remember to look after yourself at the end of the day, as the companies certainly wont!

  15. Aftersale heaven

    Precisely. Not enough people look at the overall cost and consider these potential bills when purchasing a car to begin with. Funnily enough, same thing happened in the house market - not enough people considered what would happen if they couldnt get another cheap fixed rate... and more often than not, those people are already on the edge financially.

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