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  1. The point here is Air BnB as a model becomes much less attractive if HMRC enforce collection, especially retrospectively and with fines. That's regardless of the operating model beneath. Part of the attraction of BTL in the first place is the low / no taxation element. I suspect that's the same with Air BnB.
  2. With all due, your attempting to paint this as "little effect, move along here" once again. But does anyone actually have facts to prove this or otherwise in the UK? I guess not....
  3. Coming back to the Air BnB issue, I wonder how much BTL would still remain profitable with s24 + declaring income beyond the £7500 "room to rent" allowance?
  4. True, but its still going to be noticeable to some. Especially higher rate earners.
  5. None whatsoever. 100% s24 (removal of tax incentives for BTL) impact as of April, correct? 🍿
  6. I think they might have an incentive now. A £300bn+ one...
  7. https://www.propertytribes.com/air-bnb-agree-data-share-with-hmrc-t-127649259.html Late, but better than never.
  8. Correct I used this in our last tenancy, quiet peaceful > all. Nothing they could do.
  9. I think the UK has its own "age of disorder" awaiting it ... https://inews.co.uk/opinion/deutsche-bank-age-of-economic-disorder-millennials-648404
  10. Had a chat with someone who I do business with, he's in his late 20s. Still renting. Has seen typical homes he'd be interested in double in price in the space of 4-5 years. He brought this crazy Boris 5% scheme up in conversation, genuinely concerned he'd be priced out forever. I didn't even bring it up....
  11. Pretty much what was said here by shelter https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/boris-johnson-generation-buy-mortgage-deposits-b754599.html
  12. Interesting you say that, I've been checking the comments on the daily mail article. Are you lot posting or is that the general public's view? 😂 The sentiment is really negative.
  13. Kind of - many mid level jobs are dependant on those minimum wage jobs. Deferred effects. I know many big earners who are sitting jobless right now, and that's in the lucrative tech industry (!). Never seen that before.
  14. I'll try find it later, but I read an interesting report showing that with every central bank "intervention" recently the actual impotence / effect to the real economy has become so poor that even the USA are now considering a digital dollar is to the next way to overcome disruptive events. Eventually the drugs stop working too.
  15. IMHO the effects of CV19 have merely been deferred. When there's no real economy of which to base lending on, NINJA loans is what it'll take next. But yes agreed, buying a house should actually be the least of one's concerns right now....
  16. If they can keep the real economy going, maybe. As posted elsewhere in this thread, that's the real problem this time. Will they give mortgages to the jobless?
  17. As I like to remind everyone on this forum, you're one of the lucky ones, whilst a generation and possibly two priced out as things stand ... and there lies the fundamental issue. Easy to get swept away in your own world, though.
  18. Well about that. Barclays also stopping BTL mortgages for LTD companies, along with now requiring a 70% LTV for BTL outside LTD https://www.mortgagestrategy.co.uk/news/barclays-restricts-btl-to-70-ltv/
  19. Oh your funny. I would have too voted up, but does that make me intelligent? Most of the country would have also voted up....
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