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  1. Well said, given up on this forum as virtually the same patterns emerge from the same set of posters. How dull. I'm always confused if these owner occupiers are so content & happy in their situation, why are they posting on HPC forum the same old **** each time? 🤔
  2. I'm not sure how much of the NI pricing is Brexit related, but you can see in Bloomberg/WolfStreet that shipping prices globally have shot up. How do you split the two events up?
  3. This is a global issue, USA port prices also shot up; not brexit per say but COVID which for a while caused a dip in production, and now we're seeing production come back online and companies trying to get their products into countries hoping to take advantage of the post-vaccination retail surge, amongst other things.
  4. Believe it or not the hospitality & travel industry is quite far fetching. Once you get out of the south east in many cases those sectors paid well enough to secure a mortgage.
  5. Simple really - more "help to" schemes, perhaps that 5% scheme turning up. The only problem is unemployment. (good chance it'll be a big one this time, even after a vaccine is deployed)
  6. Not just the UK, but the USA and EU are keeping their economies alive through sheer printy print / QE. "Markets" are now addicted to constant stimulus. Writing's on the wall as you say.
  7. TBH the longer they keep this charade going, the more likely we can kiss all this "wealth" goodbye. (bring it on - 2021 will make 2020 look like a small dumpster fire, IMHO)
  8. I think it might actually. You might as well call the current gov "new labour with a blue label" quite frankly. For some reason - maybe from not having a proper recession in 2008? - as a country we've seemingly forgotten why the bankruptcy mechanism exists in the first place. Now as a society we're absolutely terrified by the concept, when its simply a natural part of the business cycle.
  9. Fully aware, but I don't care tbh and I don't see why my generation and such should bail out your generation's pension pots. We can't even afford homes, so why the hell should we save your lot? Sod that. See above. My generation won't have a pension worth its salt by the time it comes around, provided they haven't pushed retirement age into 100 years by then. It's about time we faced our demons as a society. This all smells like extend-and-pretend to me. Like I said earlier even those in the commercial industry acknowledge its massively overpriced.
  10. Maybe its a good thing they go bankrupt and start again, afresh? Then as you say more sane business rates, saner commercial rents etc .... it cannot go on as is; something has to give. Even a chartered surveyor I know fully admits CMBS is in a massive bubble. Throwing more loans doesn't fix that fundamental issue. We're in extend-and-pretend forever otherwise, with the taxpayer on the hook.
  11. Retail was on its knees WELL before any of this. Targeted bailouts will just protect the CMBS industry to a degree, whilst leaving the businesses with loans they cannot service ... extend and pretend, basically.
  12. Jim Cramer's "Age of disorder" awaits the UK, as it does the US. As you say, either the existing government "owns" this disorder, or finds themselves replaced by it. I don't think politicians in the west have the guts to do what is right anymore, so disorder + political chaos it is.
  13. The issue is the state really has a limited playbook when it comes to "seismic events". Print, austerity, print, and goal seeking stats. The playbook is looking exhausted; there's only so much debt a system can take before kapow. Cgnao's right - prepare.
  14. In a "Mad Max" scenario, short of the true landowning types having their own defence & preparations, the masses will likely be caught with their pants down and as you inferred earlier have no real skills to defend their homes on the whole. There wont be much help from the state at this point, either. And if you cant service the mortgage on that just brought property, again, struggling to see the benefit. edit: Not that I disagree with what your saying - GTFO of cash, get lots of property, defend and actually prep - just for most its genuinely not an option.
  15. Record gun sales & ammo, manufacturers cannot keep up this year. Even the lefties are getting their gun licence etc. In the North of the UK I'd agree, still signs of community and self-sufficiency. South.... good luck!!!
  16. In the USA this is already happening, but the UK doesn't have much of a prepper mindset at all. I've only met one fellow prepper in all this time.
  17. Can't disagree there, but so do most of the "haves" (shares at least, if not cash).
  18. Indeed, if anything piling everything into a single house will seem like a fatal mistake in "Mad Max" world. Does the house come with turrets?
  19. Looking at the latest figures GDP from last quarter, we're in a depression.
  20. True, but it'll surely impact your entry into the job market. But yes they wouldnt know better.
  21. My parents brought theirs through right-to-buy. Good to hear awareness is spreading. Even if its on this forum.
  22. No ofcourse not. Having to face 2 financial crisis events which enriched anyone with assets in 12 years. No problem whatsoever.... Even my parents and in-laws now get the severity of the situation. No more "when are you buying??".
  23. Your right to be sceptical, but at the same time that £300bn+ hole needs plugging without entirely resorting to income level tax increases. I can already smell the "consultancies" selling them data ingestion and analytics projects to solve this 😂
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