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  1. Shared ownership isn't that attractive to most. "renting is dead money" after all.
  2. Same; not had to pay for a "night out" in terms of tickets or drinks in a while strangely enough.
  3. This is in part due to oversupply back in those years, which lead to some crazy good PCP deals across the board. Even the consumers themselves are coming to realise that those glory days are over.
  4. Whatever it takes to wake the plebs up, but i agree that might not do it either (!).
  5. Why stop at 50 years? Why not go to 75, 100, 150.....
  6. It's a sad realisation but I've come to realise that virtually anyone who has the financial means of being "on the property ladder" has done it by now. That "vast" doesn't really exist, they're in on the ponzi that to date has kept giving.
  7. They (and to be fair, most of the population) haven't come to realise that this ever inflated asset prices = central bank manipulation. Takes one with some serious critical thinking chops to go there, often after they've not had the best experience in life.
  8. Comfort. Too comfortable to care.
  9. That would easily sign the beginning of the end for the "mad gainz" types.
  10. Being stuck in a HMO in your 30s can also help accelerate that shift.
  11. True true, and that's before one even looks into the Tier-3's such as metro banking....
  12. I've come to the conclusion that you cannot actually admit in the MSM "what is required"; the masses haven't mentally made the mental shit from "house = mad gainz" to "house = utility" just quite yet but its certainly in progress.
  13. Which with the deposit requirements is far more likely (35). Wonder how many other lenders had already loosened their standards towards this level? Am genuinely surprised with so much loose lending things are flattening or dipping down south. Likely deposit issues.
  14. Sometimes I wonder if it hasn't failed, but happily likes to pay "landlord benefit". https://obr.uk/forecasts-in-depth/tax-by-tax-spend-by-spend/welfare-spending-housing-benefit/ indicates £23.4bn in 2018-19 year alone. Imagine what you could do if that £23.4bn was diverted elsewhere....
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