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  1. Anyway, vaguely back on topic, this Danish chap doesn't seem too keen on his nation's Sovereign Wealth Fund holding dollars: - Youtube (this one is pure HPC: )
  2. I think that argument is against some hyperinflationists' argument that the US gubmint will borrow and spend it's way out of deflation. I'm a stagflationist - my guess is that CBs will drop IRs so low in their attempt to recapitalise banks that, faced with a tsunami of ultracheap USD & GBP carry trade money, the banks will bid up food and energy prices, and fund a mass of renewable energy start ups - a replay of the housing bubble (bidding up essentials, but food & energy this time) and the dot com boom (but funding renewable energy companies this time around) combined. Sovereign Wea
  3. Wow! you found a BLOG that says it - this changes everything. Case closed.
  4. Outbreak of fear amongst bad spellers: http://www.google.com/trends?q=reposession
  5. Is he buying it joint with his partner or something? 2 peoples' combined CGT exempt amount is approx £20k
  6. Thanks for this suggestion, ollie - works really well; saves loads of time & clicking
  7. At least he must be closer than when he made it last year, and the year before
  8. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/7267506.stm http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/7271007.stm
  9. I'm not an economist, but in Japan the CB took at least 10(?) Northern Rocks onto their own books. Not going to happen in a debtor nation.
  10. Anyone who is able to accurately predict the future would have been in these inflation hedges recently.
  11. Presumably you saw this coming and are currently long commodities in order to take advantage of the interim period?
  12. I'm not really a STR (never rented) but not a penny of the proceeds from selling my (mortgage free) house in the south of the UK remains in sterling.
  13. You're slipping. Does this mean that you're going to change your name to nonicehousepc?
  14. I think the aim of the next wave of cheap money is to recapitalise the banks. Instead of reloaning to the deadbeat public, they'll loan internally to their prop funds and bid up the price of food, energy, renewables, etc.
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