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  1. In fact. F*ct it. I am done here. I think house prices are overvalued and I am a bear on housing. But I am just bored of reading the same old bitter and twisted web-dwellers whinging about their lot and hoping for total colapse. Best of luck to the sensible ones. Get a life to the TFH'ers. Adios.
  2. Indeed As a natural pessimist/bear I agree with the sentiment. But us HPC'ers always have the Black Swan-esque scenario on the horizon. We have been through some of the most treacherous times in Global banking and we are all still here, unenployment is lower than expected, reposessions are less than expected, we are now in a growing econnomy and there has been no gilt strike. All of which has been debated on this site and each was professed to be our downfall into a tinned food and shotgun existence. I also agree with the OP, depsite as I said being a natural pessimist, that things are not as bad as what people on here said they would be. Yes, they could turn out to be that bad in the future but we have had many potential catalysts but meltdown simply hasnt happened. On the street, things just simply arent as bad as the hardcore HPC'ers say. As I posted before, I have set up a new business with which I have been granted very significant trading lines from a major UK bank. It wasnt difficult, it was one meeting to discuss the business plan (with the obvious KYC/DD procedures). The money is around if you are doing something that people like. My point? Dont miss life, it will pass you by. If I had bought a house when I first looked at this site (well before registering) I would be in my own home and not underwater. A mistake? Yep. Afraid so. Once my new firm has some visibility on earnings I plan to buy a home and get on with life. I suspect there will be some poeple on this site in 50 years still waiting for that Black Swan event. Just like the miserable old *****ers you get in your local golf/flying/boating club that was always on the verge of doing something great but is just a sad old git that no one can be ******ed with. Sorry about spelling, a bottle of wine in and cant be bothered to re-read and correct.
  3. Why 5%? Just a number plucked out of the air? What are the long term average rates? What do you think is a sensible charge to use someone elses money over a 35 year period when the only way for rates at this stage is up?
  4. I am afraid I disagree. The drain on public money is by the public servants who are incompetent and incapable of doing their job, so they bring in the above firms to do it for them. You are addressing the (albeit overpriced and usually pointless) cure, not the illness. EDIT: Correct a typo
  5. I am afraid I disagree. The drain on public money is by the public servants are are incompetent and incapable of doing their job, so they bring in the above firms to do it for them. You are addressing the (albeit overpriced and usually pointless) cure, not the illness.
  6. As I said. Mine works well. Its sucks up the dirt on my floor, what else do you want it to do? Sing you a song? Yes. Agreed. Again, I do not believe that those roles have been outsourced to Malaysia. Big Hugs.
  7. Do Engineering Graduates want a manufacturing job assembling vaccum cleaners? I would doubt it. Perhaps they might be interesting in designing them, something I gather Dyson still does in the UK. My Dyson works well. I still have to push it around and empty it every now and again but it works. I cant really understand the anti-dyson feeling. Its largely a British success story but perhaps that is the problem for the HPC hardcore.
  8. I applaud your research, I note you visited my profile and trawled through my posts. I think this proves my point that medics are underworked. I am sorry for not replying earlier but full time work for me isnt 4 days a week. Alas, in terms of time, I yearn to be a NHS GP. PS. Thanks for your concern about my business but you need not worry. Its reccession proof and risk free. Sleep easy my public servant friend.
  9. HPC is fast becoming the refuge of morons. I know everyone on here thinks they disseminate the news well but where were the profits made and where are the big bonuses going?
  10. ]I will start this by saying that my wife is a GP so I am a little nervous slagging your guys off so I am glad this is anonymous. Doctors are by far and away the most removed from reality out of any profession I know. You are the only ones that think your salary is your monthly take home pay times 12 and on the whole you have absolutely no idea whatsoever how much your pensions are worth in the real World. Yeah yeah, I know. You "contribute" to your pension. What? The same as my wife? 3% is it? And thats will added years so she can retire early. £10 per consultation. So thats £60 an hour. Yeah yeah, I know theres loads of paperwork to do. Thats why Doctors get up to 4 hours over lunch. All this on top of it being the only profession I know that counts a full time job as 8 sessions (thats 4 days a week to real people). I am sure you are not one of those. But you do seem to have an awfully large amount of postings. Rant over. EDIT: Just to add that you are covered by insurance (which is a tax deductable expense)and a hefty union so I dont want to hear this "open ended responsibility" nonsense. My wife receive a conference invite this week which covers tax planning with respect to the new tax rules so dont play the "poor us" card. I guess my rant wasnt over.
  11. Yeah, unfortunately every European Country has a bloated public sector....... (relax Lefites. I am joking ish.
  12. I found this interesting in the article: "The West Midlands saw the biggest jump, with optimistic new sellers raising their asking prices by 8pc, while homeowners in East Anglia asked for 7.5pc more than people who put their homes on the market in December. " Wow. We really are a Country of deluded and greedy morons.
  13. Whilst there is some truth in what you say, I must say that I find what Flintoff says closer to what I have seen out there. I do not live there but I am there at least once a month on business and everytime I fly there I end up reading an article on the plane about how barbaric the police are/women being thrown in prison/abandoned cars at airport/economy collapsing (add any doom and gloom story to the list) and I am always amazed how out of kilter the Western press is about Dubai. In fact, it has shown me just how much the press are willing to make up for a story that sells. PS. I am no Dubai apologist. I dont like the place, I am more of a "traditional" person and find the place too fake, lacking in accessable history, lacking in charm etc. and find the imported labor a very uncomfortable thing to deal with.
  14. U Umm, ok. Sorry. Thought we are/were going down the usual tin-foil hatter nutter thread that HPC now seems to specialise in!
  15. Utter utter nonsense. I was in Germany last week spending left over Euros that I had in my wallet that I took out of a Irish cash machine. Now I accept that by some miracle that all of the notes the Irish ATM issued were originated in Germany but I totally and utterly doubt it. I am back in Germany in two weeks and I will use the left over Euro notes that I got from Austria this weekend and will let you know if they are not accepted. Dont hold your breath. Brrrrrppp ding, cuckoo.
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