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  1. I've always thought it was quite a nice place. Some decent unpretentious neighbourhoods/houses, easy access to the countryside and close to London. What's not to like? (lights blue touch paper)
  2. Was looking forward to this, but got Johnny Vegas in Benidorm instead. This was described at start and end of prog as an alternative to the scheduled programme, but no further explanation was offered. Could the contrast between these affluent worker jobs (which no longer exist) and current job opportunities be a bit too marked to be aired in the MSM (even R4)..... ....or am I just another mad conspiracy theorist!?
  3. Sounds like they're getting worried FSA view of lenders - CML
  4. On now. Osbourne is giving his speech at Tory conference. Behind him is a huge screen with some bog standard suburban housing on it. Is that Georgie boy saying, don't worry, no matter what cuts we make, housing won't crash?
  5. Is this the author? http://www.robgriffin.co.uk/ Looks like a freelance article, but you've got wonder about the Independent's editorial policy.
  6. Promises, promises....see and stick to it and take Crotchless with you while you're at it.
  7. Prophets not profits Pleased to see you've come out of the bull closet, instead of your faux-bear posturing of the past.
  8. Bore off Crutchster. Your faux bear whinging is becoming increasingly tedious.
  9. Scotsman and Evening News (web, not seen print) appear to be sticking head in sand by completely ignoring this, whereas Herald leads with it today and its prominent on Evening Times as well (again both web). Given that this was major news on BBC all day yesterday, how can they possibly justify ignoring this story!?
  10. This was on Reporting Scotland at lunchtime. All doom and gloom. Not a word about the benefits for FTBs. Jackie Bird looked/sounded horrified as she prepared to move onto next news item. Another media person with a large property portfolio?
  11. Tell me about it. Retiring from this site until 2019.
  12. OK Hamish, be a good chap and remind us where you've explained why you are so averse to house prices becoming more affordable and then we can go and look it up for ourselves.
  13. Hamish I see you have ignored posts #6 and #10 asking you direct questions. Typically, you have chosen to ignore them, presumably, because, you are unable to answer them. Accordingly it is very difficult to take you seriously.
  14. Fantastic stuff - why is this not getting more interest!?
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