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  1. People always want more. It is the human condition. But 'I want' doesnt get these days. Or, if it does, not in any meaningful sense unless you are a banker or other protected elite, of course.
  2. IMHO, the best of an outstandingly funny thread.... Made me LOL. Fortunately , her ladyship hasnt asked what was so funny. You know, I understand that there may be a niche of internet porn with estate agents as the subjects. Notwithstanding that, of course, every sexual predilection you can imagine (and some you'd rather not) is catered for on the web, I have now come to wonder whether this particular niche caters solely for HPCers?
  3. Also, in my experience, by the time I'd finished my PhD I was 26 (late summer birthday, 4 year first degree) and too old for any of the banks serious recruitment tracks. I've somehow managed to make a career of sorts out of science. But, I think like pretty much every science grad who has posted on this thread, I would sit up all night with my own kids trying to talk them out of it if they decided to try to do the same.
  4. Not sure if this point has been made, but the owners, ie you and me, through our pensions etc, of listed private sector companies dont really get a choice either. They dont get to vote, it is exercised by bankers, fundmanagers and the like, usually against the owners interests and wishes, I suspect, if we were given the opportunity.
  5. Prison service, too. My BIL retired in his 40's very comfortably, in the prime of life and in excellent health. The problem is, you dont really want elderly coppers or screws or whatever the equivalent term is for firemen. But no one has addressed how to deal with this without letting them retire on silly pensions when most people are at the age that they are expected to work their socks off. Pissing taxpayers money away is not just a council thing. How about all those public schools, which couldnt survive without all the forces, FCO etc kids being paid to attend them, for instance? And before anyone comes down on the 'but they have to because of being posted overseas with their jobs' whine, may I point out that I have never heard of such a perk for international jobs in the private sector, and I work in one (in pharma) and so did my dad (for a big bank), both industries hardly known for stingy perks.
  6. Sigh. Dont those commies at the Torygraph realise that the time has come to move on and stop criticising those poor, hard done by, sensitive and misunderstood bankers.
  7. I know nothing of this story, however, two things you might want to consider, RB: First, the Daily Hate is not a credible scientific journal Second, and I speak from 25 years working in the biotech/pharma industry: There's normally a fairly high correlation between lofty public pronouncements from these sort of academic spinouts and their sudden realisation that they have run out of money and/or their idea has run out of tarmac (wont ever work), and that's it's thus time to find a Greater Fool. Remember: For every Cambridge Antibody Technology (which incidentally, despite being the biggest success in UK biotech, no longer exists), there are hundreds of British Biotechs.
  8. i wouldnt have spent 5 minutes explaining my plan for Global Domination through liqourice allsorts to that James Bond chappie, that's for sure. To all other evil geniuses out there: No matter how tempting it is to chat and gloat, and no matter how much he encourages you, just STFU and get one of your minions to shoot him, with no messing about or delay.
  9. Sounds like a critique of Vogon poetry. Have these people no cultural nous or sense of the absurd?
  10. He didnt comment on his work. He commented on Polanski, the... ahem... person.
  11. The problem with this is when and what, exactly, is the cut off? Or is it going to be a sliding scale? Will you be entitled to 10% if you've slept at the other persons house? Will full sexual intercourse have to have taken place? How often and how recently? Or is it when you have a toothbrush there? If people want this protection, what the hell is wrong with even a civil marriage or that new thingy they've recently introduced? Surely one of those procedures is not too much to ask, after all, what is the point of them otherwise? I'm 20 years married so, it's all pretty much not my concern. It's rare that I say this, but this really is political correctness gone mad. I'm shocked to see it from a tory government.
  12. At which point they notice that there are, in fact, no jobs, at least not of the sort they had been led to expect (interesting, well paid, with prospects) and the smarter ones realise they've been royally had. I dont disagree with you, BTW
  13. Well, if I were criminally minded, I'd love to get this as an app for my (nicked) iPhone, so I could quickly look up where the best mugging and burgling opportunities are to be found. Foot, meet Mr Bullet and Mr Mouth. Idiots.
  14. Corrected for you. I'm afraid your information is about 15 years out of date. There's pretty much nothing left now, and this pretty much nails the coffin lid shut. So, of the four things Michael Porter said the UK excelled at (in the Competitive Advantage of Nations), what do we have left: Pharma/health R&D - close, merged, offshored - gone Financial Services: Discredited albatross round the neck of the rest of the economy Sweeties: I get the impression a lot has been sold off and offshored Weapons: You tell me Perhaps we should work more on our last remaining Global competence: Kicking the shit out of weker countries? Oh.....
  15. Luxury (in best Python Yorkshire accent). I passed two houses in my neighbourhood (Brentwood, sandwiched between the M25, the A12 and the main road into bretnwood, lousy school catchments primary and secondary) yesterday whilst taking #2 daughter round the corner to the local am dram panto. 2 places for sale - one for 800K (5bed, would have guessed at about 3-400K) and a second, empty, obviously in need of a complete gutting as well as a quick sale, 1920s style house, 2 beds plus a large cupboard, just shy of 600K. Reality has a long way to bite yet.
  16. No, Mr Osborne and the bankers. Tell you what, when, say, the boss of Barclays is sufficiently ready to move on to say he is grateful to the plebian taxpayers for saving him and his friends sorry arses, then I will be ready to move on. Move on to expecting some justice and retribution for their crimes against the people, that is. And, what has been sorely lacking despite it being nearly FOUR YEARS since it all went tits up, move on to some toothy regulations to reduce the chance of it happening again.
  17. Stole my thunder, I was going to ask if this was for him and his mates or for us plebs? Let me guess.....
  18. Feck the ipad, they ought to throw in a free DIY suicide kit (knife, rope, bottle of pills, bottle of scotch, sheet of paper and a biro). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkJNyQfAprY
  19. Was CGNAO right after all? He's probably off in his mountain lair somewhere stroking his gold and his long-haired cat. I believe one of those things can cause an allergic reaction.
  20. I love that you slipped that one in. RB.... Do you think we don't read your posts copy-pastes?
  21. What we are witnessing is the end of the experiment in allowing the proletariat to gather enough to get by comfortably and consequently get uppity and above themselves. It pretty much started post WW-1, picked up new impetus after WW-2 and is now being reined back in. There has been a slight change in who the Lords and Masters will be going forwards, but that is pretty much it.
  22. g I think the penny is starting to drop that, in the words of a certain Bovey-ine pwortperdee developer criminal, that would be huge wealth and piles of cash which have yet to be realized.....
  23. Probably because they made such good, long lasting stuff, they never got repeat sales and went bust?
  24. I've noticed that the 2011 specs of several of the mountain bikes I like are similar/identical to the specs of the model one down from 2010... and the price has gone up 10-20% into the bargain. (Lower spec AND higher price)
  25. Bump, this is what I thought, but was too lazy to look up the details. So, essentially, for what they would have us believe are completely unexpected reasons which have (allegedly) caught everyone completely by surprise and which will disappear again soon, inflation has been too high for the last FIVE YEARS and they have done feck all about it. So, having been fooled about 60 -odd times in a row, I'm starting to think that someone might be lying to me about this inflation business and their commitment to controlling it. But for all that I am slow on the uptake, the Meeja and the general population seem to be even slower.
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