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  1. To be fair, those were just two random compare and contrast jobs I picked out of a 2 minute internet search (that said, that werent that many science jobs came up to choose from). Fact also remains, when, a few years back, I got made redundant from my job as an R&D team leader (masters and PhD, lab based, hands on manager with responsibility for and successful track record in new product discovery and development) in a major international healthcare company I was 1) unable to find another lab job in the UK and 2) not even a higher rate taxpayer.
  2. Utter ******** Not wishing to get at the employers concerned, but compare and contrast, and tell me this country is doing anything to encourage people into a career in science http://www.newscientistjobs.com/jobs/job/qc-analyst-devon-1401164716.htm http://jobs.guardian.co.uk/job/4302828/9-6-receptionist-position-in-corporate-environment-for-immaculate-second-jobber-up-to-25k-plus-bens/
  3. Typical. Nobody on this board seems to appreciate how stressful it is to have to make all these underlings redundant and how much the people at the top need to have their pay increased to compensate for all this extra stress they are under.
  4. Did anyone catch Steve Norris and Ken Livingstone on LBC radio, about 11 am on Saturday morning? Can anyone post a linky? Basically they were briefly agreeing about how senior politicos on both sides are mostly good decent people trying to promote what they think will be best for the populace. Except Ed Balls. It was a PMSL/Polaroid moment, but sadly I was driving the car at the time.
  5. My wife has just returned with the local town hall with the two 4 page forms (one for each car) we need for residents parking permits for the next 3 months. She couldnt get permits there and then because, well, the forms can only be picked up by hand and posted back with a cheque (separate check for 6.20 for each form, please IIRC) to someone else in the council offices (presumably the Residents Parking Permit Facilitation Manager) rather than filled out there and then and handed straight back in in exchange for said permits. I think the term makework covers this nicely. Can you imagine any private company behaving like this, any private company with competitors, wanting to stay in business, that is? Just one tiny vignette which may or may not be relevant to this whole discussion.
  6. I predict the words 'surprising', 'unforeseen' 'short-term' and most importantly 'remain vigilant' will appear..,
  7. If Lady P isnt included I really can't see the point in making an offer.
  8. I'm rather disappointed that we got a MSM mention without being called TFHers, anarchists, baby-eaters or somesuch. Is this place losing it's edge? Or is the rest of the country moving towards our edge?
  9. Sticking a board up outside a block of flats is written on page 1 of the spivvy estate agent instruction manual. Advertising, plus unlikely to be found out. Sorry, should have followed a link before typing. You're right, this is something else.
  10. Pff... surprised it's taken so long, TBH. How many years has it been since Nokia has had a phone anyone actually wants, after all?
  11. As Douglas Adams might have remarked; The real purpose of the head of the IMF is not to wield power but to draw attention away from it. Gordon Brown would be supremely good at this job.
  12. He might as well say we have been purple or strudel or carpet for all it matters and all it means. Actually, saying that the MPC have once again chosen to be carpet makes a lot more sense than saying they are vigilant. Carpet is on the floor. It gets walked all over. etc
  13. Ultimately, work for a bowl of rice. Oops, sorry, missed that Tamara had already made that point.
  14. Maybe no direct bailout, granted, but they would have surely fallen without the indirect bailouts, the QE, the implicit knowledge that they wouldnt be allowed to fail etc.
  15. What with all their tax avoidance schemes and the eyewatering amounts the taxpayer has then had to bail them out by, could someone do a breakdown of the last 5 years of what the investment banking sector has paid in taxes in the UK versus what we have bailed them out to the tune of? We'll ignore for a moment the cost they have indirectly imposed on the rest of the economy by, for instance, M&As that have destroyed value. That should answer the question of whether we'd be better if the'd feck right off or not in terms that even they can understand. Oh, let me help: http://www.publicfin...-say-academics/ Incidentally, the figure for what they 'contribute' is, I understand, all taxes related to financial services, so it is substantially made up of, for instance, the income tax paid by your local bank teller. Thus we are being ripped off even more than this suggests
  16. I think price has something to do with this, too. 3 summers ago i took the wife and 2.4 kids on a 2 week all inclusive package somewhere sunny. It was an Ok family holiday, so we thought, nearly 3 years have passed, maybe we'll go again this year. Price for the same package, same time of year, same everything, had gone up from about 2500 to nearly 6 grand. In 3 years. Feck that, we thought. that's 2 months salary, a cheap new car etc. So we're doing something in the Uk this year. For just over a grand. I reckon this will do wonders for the UK, non-package tourist trade, as the price equation is steadily rebalancing in their favour. Edit to add: Maybe if I had any anticipation of any sex at any point, then things might be different. But 5/6 grand would buy an awful lot of exceptionally memorable sex, so I understand.
  17. My parents took me on holiday there when I was a preschooler. One of the most traumatic experiences of my childhood. I still have memories which keep me awake at night over 40 years later. Odd that they chose to go there seeing as they live/lived just down the road, but I guess that's what holidays were like back in the 60s. We only ever went on 3 family holidays in total. The other 2 were in Devon, for those who want to know.
  18. The longer the banksters get their puppets to keep this bubble going, the bigger my pot of money grows and the less time and inclination I have to take on any mortgage. I would say the banksters are thus shooting themselves in the foot on this one, but I suspect I am the exception not the rule and that there will be plenty of others who will sell themselves into indentured slavery to the banks thus balancing out any business they are losing from me.
  19. I sometimes think some of you guys might think that irony is something to do with get the creases out of shirts.
  20. Well, as this seems to be a regular occurence, maybe we should just have a pinned thread?
  21. There seem to have been a few suggestions, even on this thread, that public sector pensions should be funded, with similar sort of pension "investments" as used in the private sector. The banksters and their pals in the pensions "industry" must be pissing themselves laughing at the thought of all that extra money for them to steal invest. New yachts and whores all round, chaps!
  22. You should try visiting some modern, high density housing developments if you think that. Houses are now typically built (round these parts) contiguous with narrow access roads. If there is any pedestrian access it is in the form of 'colour-coded' pavements level with the road surface to allow vehicles to drive and park on it. Houses are also so shoe-horned in that even if you do have designated parking or garages, actually getting a car on and off them if your neighbours are already parked on their designated postage stamp would be next to impossible.
  23. i think you ought to define it though. Let me start you: Noun. Pronounced... Derivation:
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