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  1. Here's the thing though, putting myself in the place of this vendor. If it was my gaffe I'd be quite happy to sell it to the OP for, lets say the same as i paid for it waybackwhen, but I cant do that until the people selling the property that I want to buy are willing (or have to) do something similar. Otherwise I've sold my house and cant buy another. And seeing as I dont have to sell (in my case because any move is just to get a nicer house, plus the gubbermint has effectively removed the possibility of distressed sales through its policies), well..... We're all in for a long wait. Popcorn, anyone?
  2. Ah, this is sad news for me: Since their Thurrock store opened I've not bought my gadgets anywhere else (except online, and there's the rub): Good stock, well priced, knowledgeable staff and no quibbling or dicking around like some other big electrical retailers I wont mention.
  3. It's not at all difficult to picture. Somalia or just about any country in the hours after the downfall of the ancien regime provide clear examples. Unless you are living in a log cabin high in the mountains somewhere, a state is generally required to 'hold the ring'. The sensible question is not 'should there be a state?' but rather 'what should be the limits of the state?' and 'How do we constrain the state?' My gut feeling is the founding fathers of the US got it about right, but that, as is the way, the beast has grown insidiously ever since.
  4. I know I take the pee out of Erranta occasionally, but I wont put him on ignore (well, not yet): When he's not doing his Dan Brown impersonation, his posts are often quite good and I wouldnt want to miss them. It's usually fairly easy to recognize the Dennis Wheatley-type posts: He flags them up with lots of fancy fonts and you can just skim on past them without reading.
  5. Whilst i agree with everything on this thread about that Balls creature, there hasnt been enough attention given to Bob's comment, so i thought I'd "+1" it.
  6. Ball, meet long grass. Just like Liebour before them, these muppets (and I choose that word advisedly - muppets are your better class of puppet) have totally failed in their duty to the people and the country and have failed to take a once in a lifetime opportunity to control the parasites. None of the 3 'main' parties will be getting my vote again.
  7. Thank you, Injin. And indeed I was arguing no such thing with VOR: The 'All bankers bad' was his phrase not mine. I have friends and close family who work in the city. And they are, generally spivs. I never made the equation between spivs and bad, that was VOR. I was objecting to the culture where they regard themselves as somehow superior to everyone else and thus worthy of (mis)appropriating the fruits of everyone elses labour and the profits which, in a proper capitalist system, would belong to the owners of the businesses they work for. I accept, that this was not the point of the OP and that Injin (and a couple of others) has argued the original point far better than I have. Thanks Injin
  8. As we saw in practice when these self proclaimed masters of The Universe, who regard themselves as somehow more worthy than the mere mortals who actually produce the wealth off which they parasitize, crashed and burned in 2007.
  9. A: I'm not talking about an admin on a sub-national average salary as I am sure you know. I am talking about just about every other senior manager or exec in just about every other organisation in the country, and the processes used to select them and manage their performance. B: How dare you compare some city spiv to someone who has to make life and death decisions. As to life and death decisions, long hours and stress for very little money, lets start with a humble squaddie over in Afghanistan as an example, shall we?
  10. F*ck f8ck ****** f%ck f£ck. You had to go there, didnt you? No amount of bleach is going to get that out of my head now. F^cker!
  11. A; The same ways that any other employer does, I should imagine. B: You keep trotting this out in one form or another, but there are plenty of other jobs with at least equally long hours and/or at least equally stressful decision making required, that dont pay anything like as much, so this is clearly a fallacious argument.
  12. I dont mean to pry, so feel free to ignore or tell me to mind my own business, but does the little un actually bring you and the wife together or is it that you stay for the little un? there's a world of difference there.
  13. Quite. People put on all sorts of fronts to others. And some people actually enjoy having the odd public row. For all anyone else knows they could be at it like rabbits when they get somewhere private. As to kids, in my experience, they can only drive a couple apart. The stress and the demands of having them make this inevitable. People should ask themselves whether they think their relationship is strong enough to survive having kids, rather than expect some miraculous strengthening of it. Of course, once you have kids, another thing comes in to play if you are a. a bloke and b. have any shred of decency or care for your kids, and that is what will happen to your kids and your relationship with them if you split with their mother? I'm sure there's plenty of guys weigh that choice and grit their teeth and stay in a relationship with a woman for a mix of those reasons.
  14. I think it's time to up the medication, Erranta. You're making even less sense than usual.
  15. OTOH.... I find having kids the most fulfilling and meaningful thing I have ever done. Ranks way above achievements (and I have had a few), career, friendships (which IMHO are all transitory) and hobbies and interests. The marriage has had ups and downs, as all do, but on balance, that would also rank above all the other shit. What's your 'one thing' if not family, and does it really mean anything in the long run?
  16. I employ people to spend my money for me: I call them the wife and kids. But if this recession/depression/lost decade keeps up, i may have to let them go.
  17. Sorry chaps who run the shops and economy, I'd love to spend some of my rapidly devaluing dosh and fill my place with more useless shit, but it's already packed to the gunwales. Of course, if I could just afford to move to a bigger house then I'd have more room to put it in. But sadly my salary of ~3x the national average and the couple of hundred grand i have in the bank wouldnt buy me more than a 3 bed semi round here. And seeing as I already live in a 4 bed semi, you can see my problem. Sorry.
  18. I understand X Factor starts again soon? Apparently music was rubbish in the 80s and is brilliant now. Meeja people keep saying so, anyhow, so it must be true. Much like A levels.
  19. A new winter coat and shoes for the wife And a bicycle on the boy's birthday It's just a rumour that was spread around town By the women and children Soon we'll be shipbuilding
  20. Well, for one thing, the two annoying geezers in bowler hats who used to do their TV ads should have been replaced far earlier by the perky, fit young lady .
  21. You would have thought someone at the FSA would have heard that those who cannot learn from the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them? No? Oh well. See you at the next economy-busting systemic banking collapse and bail out then.
  22. I prescribe a jolly good, once in a lifetime seeing-to, preferably with a Jewish banker; one alcoholic drink too many; and a weekend relaxing with friends/family with a strict 'no-religion-or-politics-conversations' clause. These treatments can be taken consecutively or all together. If the patient persists banging on like this after the treatment, then they are a hopeless case. Trust me, I'm a doctor.
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