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  1. That's a.... view. OTOH, are not entitled, chancer and silly words which might just as easily be applied to the vendor? Is not buying a house a matter of negotiation and price discovery? As a certain Mr M King remarked "House prices are merely a matter of opinion, (whereas debt is real)."
  2. Apart from anything else because it's physically difficult to fit all this into even quite a large house (well, lets just say anything except the top < 0.5%), never mind the typical 'executive slave hut'. Yet another interweb fantasist/boaster post. Meanwhile, back in the real world......
  3. Surprised no one on this thread has mentioned yet that a lot of private sector pensions (either the annual excrement for those sitting on a fund waiting to retire or, in some cases, rises for those drawing) have something in their smallprint saying "increase by RPI/CPI or 2.5% per anum (first person singular of anus), whichever is lower." I know one of my funds has this lovely little clause in it.
  4. Whilst I might agree with your analysis, I would point out there is no F in team, either.
  5. Erm, let me put it this way, without trying to offend anyone on here: No one close to any lever of power which might fix our problems is likely to be posting or researching solutions here or on Youtube. We are all just blokes down the pub shouting our worthless opinions.
  6. Longer than us serfs can stay solvent, I would guess is the plan.
  7. In all seriousness, no. K-waves (or whatever you choose to call them) tend to get shorter each cycle.
  8. Damn right. Hold on to that anger and tell everyone you get the chance to about it. "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!"
  9. Is anyone else seeing the site plastered with ads for the Samaritans today? AFAIK, despite our often morose posts, this is a first. Makes a pleasant change from Gay Bear Dating ads and Sarah Beeny's find-a-******-buddy ads.
  10. Or Blair or Bin Laden or... History has taught us that there are few things as dangerous as someone who has one of them strong moral compass thingies (which is usually based on having an imaginary friend). It's a thin line from that to total conviction that you are always in the right and so can do no wrong.
  11. Largely owing to the advantages of public health (such as clean water, an understanding of basic hygiene etc) and the dawn of modern medicine (so that the first serious medical misfortune that befell you didint kill you) than any rise in living standards. The easy wins were all 'in' by the time the NHS was founded. These days we're well past the Pareto point for advances in medicine. It's not the fault of the NHS that half of our kids arent dying of water borne infections anymore.
  12. I understand your point, but i think you are fundamentally wrong about one thing - that someone is not a serious buyer unless they have already sold. I have seen precisely 2 houses in the last 5 years I would have been wiling and able to buy. Sitting around with my house "sold" for years on end while waiting for such a rare event is not something I would be prepared to do, nor would I expect a potential buyer of my house to do so. If and when house number 3 comes up, if I decide to proceed, I will 'price to ensure a sale' so the fact that I have not pre-sold will likely be irrelevant.
  13. Geez... I'm genuinely shocked to hear these sorts of stories. when I was renting (mid 80s through to early 90s) there were laws introduced to stop tenants being charged a penny up front by agents because it was (and always will be) so open to abuse. What ******wit politicians repealled those laws and when?
  14. What they all said above. Plus it appeals to a.) their statist tendencies and b.). their inherent infantilism (it wasnt our fault everything to ******ed up, it was that EU that made us do it).
  15. Not so, mate: Tinker, Solitaire, bobthebuilder and myself have all written on this very thread about how we are homeowners who are cheering/willing on the crash. Amongst other things it is, as you say, about fairness.
  16. Yes, I think they are being unreasonable. However, you could 'instruct' a solicitor and tell them to do nothing for now. You're going to need one, eventually, right? Unless, of course, you plan on convenyancing yourself. No reason why not..... tell them this is a holding strategy. You can always change you mind later and instruct one. Also, make sure it's your solicitor, not the EAs mate or the same as the vendors. I believe you can put something into the contract (to buy/sell) that stipulates it has to be exchanged by date x and completed by Y. This would protect you and put the ball back in the vendors court. maybe any older EAs or solicitors on here can point you in the right direction? If after all this the vendor still wont go SSTC, then go and find yourself another place to buy. One with no onward chain, this time.... ETA: Seems to me like they know you're a newbie to this game and are trying some sharp practice to try to lock you in, as you say yourself. Dont play their game. You hold all the cards. SSTC now or show them the finger and walk away.
  17. In counterbalance to his one-dimensional portrayal of us, I will stick my hand up as a middle aged homeowner (mortgage paid off) who would dearly love to move house. You could say I'm just the sort of person people on here (like myself?) 'show no sympathy for.' OTOH, you could say that I'm someone who has actually thought about the economics, politics and social implications of the housing bubble and am cheering on it's end. My understanding is that there are many on here who fall into this camp.
  18. I too plan on doing this.... thanks for the kick up the backside to get on with it.
  19. No laughing matter, this is exactly what everyone should do, then this sharp practice (and that's being generous) would soon die out.
  20. Never NEVER fall in love with a house you dont own, Frenchy. One of the cardinal rules of house hunting. Save yourself a lot of pain and consider other properties.
  21. In addition, Bart, you often find subtle differences in model numbers between stores to confound comparisons. So John Lewis will have cooker model WBYEATS72WE, Comet WBTEATS72WQ and Argos WBYEATS72WX And of course the essentials of delivery, connection, disconnecting and taking away the old one etc are a joyous panoply of escape clauses and confounders, especially on cookers. Oh, and Trickster, I did think about replacing my failed router by buying one on the internet but....... I just didnt plan ahead enough, did I? Still, now I'm back on the web, I can get on to Amazon for a crystal ball and some sheeps entrails so I dont get caught out like that again.
  22. Yes, but it still seems most likely that they are renting somewhere now. So even if they want to, they cant sell for 65K or whatever whilst the old codgers they want to buy their new place in the Cotswolds from wont sell for a penny less then half a million quid....even though they paid 2 grand for it back in the day And so it goes on.
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