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  1. Well, yes, so do I. Why would anyone want to pay for food with 'no' calories in it, after all? Why not just eat less often /fewer things if you dont want so many calories, after all?
  2. What, you mean as in sensible, rather than batshit crazy and displaying no sense of proportion or value? So, did she accidentally mean to imply that bcadnsopov was a typical female solution? Bit of an own goal for herself and her entire gender if she did.
  3. Very few Christmas cards this year too. Of course, that could just be that everyone has fallen out with the Melchetts this year?
  4. Last time I went into the local Currys PC world duopoly it was to buy this here netbook thingy and a new phone for my girl in Thurrock. The netbook was a hunt-the-person who can help experience in one of them. Eventually established they didnt have any in stock (despite the display), so had to traipse over to their sister store to repeat the experience. I seem to recall in the past stores with any thought of customer service or getting a sale would have cabbed a high value item like that across from a store in the next town, never mind sent a pimply youth on a five minute shanks pony round trip. Then the phone....... 45 minutes of hard sell before the salesman relented and eventually let us buy what we asked for with the contract we wanted. Next time, buying on line for me. No arsing around, no hard sells. And these guys wonder why they are going bust.
  5. I predict: 1) No senior bankers or politicians will be brought to justice for their role in all of this. Unless it is by lynching. 2) The national debt/public spending will continue to increase. Politicians and the media will continue to talk about cuts. 3) Nothing of any substance will be done by the government to permit/allow the housing market to correct. 4) There will be more bank bailouts. Many/all will be hidden from public view. 5) At least one more European country will have it's ostensibly democratically elected government ousted by a bankster coup. 6) UK base rates will remain unchanged. Is this enough for you?
  6. On the plus side, at least Ms Strange ( really?) has been spared The Horror of a weekend In Bruges going around the Christmas markets. As has famously been remarked: "Maybe that's what hell is, the entire rest of eternity spent in ******ing Bruges."
  7. Still, he can look forward to lots of support from his friends and family when he gets out of the nick, cant he? No, wait....... I think the Golgafrinchans had the right idea as to what to do with his sort.
  8. Thank you, Durch, for your words of sanity. Maybe you have to be over, say 35, to have been around the block at least once and to see this.
  9. Evidence would largely suggest that yes, the world has indeed gone ******ing nuts. Good luck.
  10. Nice one... although the real answer is, of course, not particularly amusing: A bit like politicians being employed/kept as consultants by banks, academics would generally not be kept as consultants by industry without their public sector employment. I wont say anything more detailed, as the reasons then start to vary, but the overall principle stands.
  11. Dunno. i first noticed it about 2 weeks ago. The site greyed out and it said i had had my 10 (think it was 10) free views, if I wanted to see more, pay up. Maybe if you delete your cookies you might get back in, but I have cookies for a reason, and I dont delete them lightly.
  12. I've just heard Cameron admit as much on the R4 midday news. Reality overtakes satire. Shame the mash has gone subscription only. I wont pay to read internet funnies, sorry guys.
  13. Doesnt matter that there's not many of them. What matters is that they are our best, and that they will be going.
  14. "All of this has happened before, and it will all happen again."
  15. Excellent post Tamara. Also, it took a couple of decades to get us into this great, steaming pile of shite. It'll take decades (if ever) to get us out, even if gubberment does show some balls and jettisons it's VIs and does the right things. It';s the clever and the able young that will leave in droves. Doesnt matter where, to those who remain, and frankly it doesnt matter that if it is just a few % of them, because despite what 50% uni entry would have you believe, the clever and the able only constitute a couple of % of the population.
  16. Oh, baked beans, toilet paper, firearms...... You're all new here, aren't you?
  17. A disproportionate number also seem to suffer from subsidence, probably because they've been cheap with the foundations. Of course, no one cares whether it is subsidence on the main property or the extension. You'll be fecked just the same. I wont touch an extended house with someone elses. One of the biggest turnoffs in the book.
  18. However, as my dad used to say, back when he was a little bit more rational about house prices: What you have to ask yourself is why would I want to spend my hard-earned on this particular property, when there are so many other options available that dont have such blights on them? IMHO, short leases, like so much else, are for the vendor to sort out before putting something up for sale. If something like this were easy, cheap (or even possible) why would they not do so? If they havent sorted them out, it is rational to assume it is going to be neither easy, cheap, or indeed perhaps possible.
  19. Hey, Paddles, good to see you again! Interesting times..... and most people dont know it. The Beeb last night was leading on how hopefully all this would 'calm the markets' come Monday morning, but no mention of any democratic etc implications. Do they not see it, or do they not want others to see it?
  20. Unless you are a banker, a politician, are employed by the BBC etc.
  21. Shakes head in despair. This country is so ******ed. In any country which was not so ******ed, no one who is not certifiable would be able to see that place and/or the asking price without dissolving in a fit of giggles and then calling the funny farm to come and collect anyone who didnt find it preposterous.
  22. Someone appears to have added an extra zero to the price of that shack, Simon. Shocking. You'd think people would proof read listings before posting them on rightmove.
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