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  1. latest figures suggest, with 27% of all mortgage approvals in April being for properties costing less than £125,000. Number of first time buyers increases
  2. I'd rent it out. Or if its Kingston, Jamaica; live in it.
  3. So back in the economy as wages/bonuses ? So we agree ? OK we almost agree, you think this will not have any inflationary effect. I do.
  4. CPI and RPI went negative shortly after, I will assume some lag. Is there a link for average rent over thsi time to hand ? I think wage rises will come as result of Quantative Easing/Increasing money supply. Where do you think this increase in capital will end up ?
  5. Implying? I was explicity referencing it. When did I say I would ignore inflation on my house purchase. Its one of a number of reasons why I am buying it. I take it you are not offering further explanation of your dollar comment ? What do you recommend as an investment ?
  6. Inflation wasn't high at he begining of this price crash, cpi and rpi went negative.
  7. I see no reason why they will earn lower wages. Hence my investment in gold.
  8. As far as I can see the pdf shows that current house prices are bang on trend - long term real house price trend, on last page ? But you think the nationwide method is not valid ? OK whats your method, house prices to national average wage ? imageshack is blocked for me I am afraid, any other links ? Rents rise because landlords pass on any increase in payment. I don't know the percentage of landlords who are cash buyers.
  9. "the cost of the profit to my descendants" ? What the hell are you talking about ?
  10. afaict ? Accroding to the beeb my house has up 4% in the past quarter, still down 6% on last year. Which suits me. House price Dollars ? Are you suggesting instead of buying my house I transferred my deposit into a dollar savings account ? Or are you just saying that the pound has lost value against the dollar ? Which suits me as I own debt in the UK, and have significant (to me anyway) foreign currency savings. How much have you spent on rent in the past year ?
  11. Whats you method for calculating the trend ? Greece type event to send interest rates high ? Yeah possible, hopefully my gold will work as a useful hedge. And in any case, even if itnerest rates do sky rocket, i would still need to fund the increased rent I would have to pay if I were not a homeowner.
  12. Those predictions are very debatable, you assesment of risk is based on what exactly ? Persoanlly I think they will stay flat, but I enjoy having my own home. And I would have to pay rent anyway, so I have gone from paying someone elese mortgate off to paying my own off. And having the independence of not worrying about a dodgy landlord.
  13. Depends how much of a deposit you've got. But fair enough, you don't want to buy. I did, and I found a house I liked for a price I thought was fair. My general point is I think this website can be a bit blinkered - if you bought in 2003 you 'd be well sorted, wish I had done.
  14. Or rent it out. I take it you rent now do you ? The monthly market rate on rent is about 1/3 higher than the repayments (and 1/5 my monthly income).
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