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  1. If they keep rising like they are presently then, apart from a pretty steep dip down followed by a fairly steep jump back up again then its the equivalent of a soft landing. I know you must be pi$$ed off by this but its reality. And as I said on an earlier thread, the poeple picking up the tab are mostly home owners anyway (or are going to be the beneficiaries by being the children of homeowners) so those that benefited from HPI are paying for it too. So, Good Work FP? - hardly.
  2. And the iceberg didn't even sink us, it only caused a bit of a dent which the government have now repaired and we are back on our way to America (although some guys in a rowing boat behind are warning that there's another iceberg up ahead and when we sink they'll refloat the boat and it'll be theirs all theirs).
  3. Firstly, we know that flats have taken a pounding - too many of them in big cities. Secondly, it was 2004 prices that Jonathan was saying were going to fall 30% not 2007. As for being an ostrich, the reasons these flats get on the net is because they are the exception. Go and find me a nice three bedroom house (not ex Council or HA or in places where there is no work)that has gone down 30% since 2007 let alone gone down 30% on 2004 prices and I will think you have got a point (although I expect I could find the odd exception). A better place for you to look would be on the LR repeat sales data and look at a house that sold in 2004 and that resold this year. Whose going to be the ostrich now.
  4. Sorry I should have been clearer. Jonathan was predicting the average price to drop by that amount, not just one house.
  5. In Sep 08 Jonathan was predicting prices would drop 40-50% by 2011. You have the comfort of saying "Yeah that's about right" but do you believe it? Trollish I know but a reasonable question I think.
  6. Yes, when a post starts off in the main forum then moves I feel compelled to follow.
  7. You must be right. Troll = a contributor whose posts you don't like.
  8. Are they down 45% on late '06 prices though?
  9. Well I actually could move a whole house of furniture on with the help of a couple of mates and a van. Some people would say that they couldn't find a house let alone buy one without the help of an estate agent. Fine, you have obviously bought a few houses yourself but for those who haven't it is a very daunting prospect. I am standing into danger of being called an Estate Agent here and no bear will believe that I am not one - I'm not though.
  10. I'm rubbishing his predictions because, by any objective analysis, they were rubbish (and the excuse that it was the BoE that thwarted him are just smoke and mirrors). What's this then, we're only to comment on posts since we joined?
  11. That's a new one - people taking out 30-35 years mortgages, how does that help?
  12. Agree that no-one needs them (just like we don't NEED removals companies) but it does make life easier.
  13. Apart from adding to the unemployment numbers this is pretty good news. In most villages, towns and cities there are far too many EAs when you only need a few to encourage healthy competition. Hopefully the unoccupied shops will be taken up by someone who provides a service and they are not just left vacant (otherwise "Apart from adding to the unemployment numbers and the possibility of empty shops in our high streets ......").
  14. Well if 70% of the properties are owned by the occupants and a percentage of the others are occupied by the unemployed then the only people disadvantaged by this are the renters who are working. If there are 2.5 million unemployed and 14m of the properties are OO then the absolute maximum households that could be paying for something they didn't contribute to is about 5 million. That's bad but at least the majority of beneficiaries are now paying for what they've had (appreciating and sympathetic that the majority of the posters on this site fall into the "paying for something I haven't had" category).
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