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  1. Maybe the new pensioners bonds due out next month will absorb some of the pensioners savings (including mine) leaving less to fund the buy to let bubble. Decent interest rate and safe too.
  2. I found Yorick whilst walking on Exmoor. I fitted a few LED's and hung him up above the drivers seat in my VW. He was much admired by the children and their parents. The youngsters were all very polite and grateful. One took two sweets by mistake and put one back in the jar!
  3. I enjoyed the program too, but I thought it was an expensive way to solve the problem. I noted that they do a similar thing sucessfully in Holland but not in a sealed tank. I think that they may have a real problem if the river overtops the rim of the tank and silt gets trapped under the float, it'll take some cleaning out.
  4. Re: I live on HPCI The last time I sold out was 5 Dec 2007. Same reason I suppose, things looking too good to be true. I bought myself a VW Motor Caravan.
  5. As I sold nearly all my shares on 26th Sept, I have just calculated that I would have lost 3.358% of my investment if I had not been spooked by some intuition of an impending calamity. As I made a tidy profit, I am now busily moving the funds somewhere safer, some going into a Virgin fixed rate ISA. Still keeping my very small shareholding as I enjoy logging on every morning to see how things are going, gives me a bit of interest without the worry.
  6. Strange, I sold most of my shares yesterday.
  7. Have a look at todays Matt cartoon in the Telegraph. I had to smile. (I tried but failed to post the image)
  8. Just saw this on Yahoo Finance: TSB banking group (TSB.L) -LSE : 285.00p, Up 282.40p (10861.54%) Did someone get his/her sums wrong?
  9. I'm feeling pleased with myself. I thought that the sale was deliberately kept low key and lots of negative comments spouted, so I jumped in by pre-ordering shares. I managed to get 2845 shares @ 260p total £7,397. Sold the lot @ 296.325p ea. for £8,429.81 so just over £1,000 in 20 mins of trading. Be nice if I could do it more often.
  10. Now this is serious, I found this frogspawn on the lawn this afternoon during the storm. It seems to have been blown out of the pond (There is more in there). Any ideas? Yes, I scraped it up and put it into the pond.
  11. Me and Grandma rented a holiday home in France with a similar setup but with only a waist high dividing wall. Luckily there was a normal family bathroom as well. At bed time we would see how many jokes about it we could conjure up.
  12. Grandma sold her shares for a nice profit and a big smile. I bought quite a few more when the price dipped for a couple of days. At the moment I am showing an overall gain of 17% on my total investment. I am now, of course, wishing I had bought more. Where can I rent a time machine?
  13. Rather than turning on the heating when I am down my den for a short while, I put on an electric Silver Crest Neck & Back Heating Pad I bought cheaply from Lidle's. It keeps me toasty warm. It's also useful when I have backache, nice and soothing.
  14. Just had an email from Hargreaves Lansdown. So it's 227shares costing £749.10 for me and for Grandma. Glad that we weren't too greedy. A small celebration is in order, Now, do we buy some more? "When can you start dealing in Royal Mail shares? Conditional dealing in Royal Mail shares will start at 8am tomorrow (11 October). You will be able to buy and sell Royal Mail shares from this point ."
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