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  1. ursus darling

    Calling The Top

    I'm about to make an offer on a place after saying for over a decade that house prices are insanely over-priced. I am notorious for making bad jusgement calls. Expect house prices to plumet upon my completion.
  2. When will this madness end?
  3. I haven't logged on here for a while, but had to post about what I have just witnessed. I am currently watching location, location, location on channel 4+1. £425,000 for a studio flat in Stoke Newington. Four hundred and twenty five thousand pounds for a studio flat in Stoke Newington!!! I've been saying this madness can't carry on for over a decade now, but it gets more and more absurd. NURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I THINK I NEED MY MEDICATION!!!!
  4. ursus darling

    Mse - Property Crash ?

    i've been saying the same for over 10 years and look what has happened to house prices in that time. until there is a reduction of population or demand for housing the prices will continue to rise. big businesses backed by government will do everything they can to get future generations in debt. help to buy schemes and ridiculously low interest rates are just the beginning imo
  5. ursus darling

    Mse - Property Crash ?

    personally think supply and demand is the main driver ..... and can't see supply increasing much and demand decreasing much in the near too distant future
  6. ursus darling

    We Have A Housing Bubble...halifax Up 1.1 Mom 7.7 Yoy

    so depressing for me. I'm looking further and further away from where I want to live and can still only just get myself the cheapest properties available. I'm a 30something earning 30k a year with £25k of savings. since 2004 I've been saying prices were out of control and have awaiting them to return to a "normal" price and now we get another boom. house prices didn't even cool down in price (sterling) really wish I bought in 2004 now. mortgage would be 40% paid for and the house price would have increased.
  7. ursus darling

    London - Imminent Collapse!

    he has 12 more years to pay his mortgage off. well, he has 12 more years of me or another tennat to pay his mortgage off. prices would have to drop 50% overnight for him to lose money. we lost.
  8. ursus darling

    London - Imminent Collapse!

    i've heard it all before and it hasn't happened. i'm now thinking sibley was right. i've been waiting for prices to drop for 7 years now and it just isn't happening. most of my savings have been eroded. i only have a few ounces of gold. i've given up on the idea of owning my own home in the uk and what makes it worse is that i checked my student loan today. i've been in full time employment for 9 years since i finished uni and still haven't paid 50% off. i'm pissed off at paying for someone's house because they were 'clever' enough to buy another house in 2004 to rent it out. sorry - rant over
  9. printed another £50 BILLION and kept interest rates at 0.5% I hate this country
  10. ursus darling


  11. ursus darling

    Newsnight The Housing Market

    would love to see this discussion in 10 years time. she was absolutely terrible. LOL
  12. 36 yo, single rent, but will probably be forced into buying soon, as my rent has just been increased by £50 per month
  13. ursus darling

    How Are Hpcers Finding The Jobs' Market?

    IT - Kent/SE London currently in a job, but i've been loking for another for the past 3 months. very little response to my cv being sent out to monster/jobserve etc. i'm probably behind with the mareting aspect last 3 people have asked me when i got my qualifications etc (just trying to work out my age i'm sure) when they can work out i'm in my mid/late 30s they seem to lose interest.
  14. ursus darling

    Itv Now

    i'm watching it now. the estate agent is talking out of his ****.
  15. ursus darling

    Rumours Of A 500Bn Euro Aid Package

    it's official - 500 billion euro bailout package - all media showing it

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