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  1. I looked at the sound regulations several years ago. I seem to remember that the new sound regulations were going to make it compulsory for all new builds to have an acoustic sound test; but, they received such a backlash from the housebuilders that a messy compromise was hashed out. Basically a new standard was set that builders had to follow, the acoustic test was scrapped. However, I also seem to recall that conversions were still required to have an acoustic sound test. Recent conversions therefore may prove of interest to you. You should be able to ask to see the acoustic sound test re
  2. Don't won't to say at the moment as the source is not that reliable. I'm trying to get further confirmation. Hopefully i will be able to confirm whether this is true or not soon.
  3. I live close to the company's offices and see him several times a week normally. Haven't seen him recently though. I think everyone in the area with half a brain new that the company was massively over exposed. As other contributors have already said, i do feel sorry for the small firms. Can have nasty knock on effects. While we are talking about troubled companies, i have heard unconfirmed rumours about a local chain of estate agents.
  4. Halifax and Caroline Flint talk so much BS its unreal. 1990's - Decline in UK house prices from peak to bottom using Halifax figures = 11.75% (decline started Q3 1989 finished Q4 1992) 2007's - Decline in UK house prices from peak to current date using Halifax figures = 9.64% (decline started Sep 2007) In the 90's it took 3 years to fall 11.75%. We are nearly at that level in less than 12 months.
  5. I've been looking into trading in US Shares aswell. I found the following article that may be of use (haven't read fully but looks interesting) : http://webreprints.djreprints.com/1911390585556.html
  6. I was in the process of purchasing a property to renovate in sandbanks recently. Decided to ditch it just before exchange as i feared the holiday home market would be hit serverely. Incurred some costs but very glad i decided not to go for it now.
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