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  1. 36,500 posts. i hope 36,499 are more cutting than this. i know nobody gets offered 1% mortgage rates to buy. how patronising. so what? NOBODY is buying. it is a ghostdown out there. transaction numbers are STILL going down, 4 years after the so called credit crunch non event. transactions have never been lower. Since Alfred the Great faught the Danish hordes in the name of Our Lord. the reason house prices are not going down is because millions have mortgafges like me, base rate plus 0.8% agreed yonkers ago and are sitting on zombie debt not doing anything. if UK had Australias inte
  2. and obviously the reason those concrete nightmare estates in Spain are not selling is because they are undervalued, in a nation of 25% unemployment and insolvent central government. undervalued? Spain? this is THe Economist correct?
  3. great links Tired. they woke me up for sure. unfortunately the latest offering makes the Daily Express read well researched.
  4. tim the senior veteran pedant. he probably gave fashion critiques to holocaust victims. the man has no idea how insane it is out there. interest rates are 0.5%. as a result many people on variable rate mortgages are paying ludicrously low mortgage rates. in additions, millions and millions of UK mortgages are on interest only arrangements, illegal in any other country in the world except Eire. yet loads of overindebted mewed couples are having to firefight with 2 good incomes because of the obscene amount of debt they have accumulated. If UK had interest rates of australias at 4.75%,
  5. prices to RENTS? RENTS? they do realise RENTS in the UK are so high because there are 10 poles living in one bedroom paying it, and a bunch of Nigerians claiming housing benefit next door, and others paying 80% of income. is that how it works in Singapore? Rents and house prices are too high in UK. By epic levels. to compare them both and say that makes UK not so "overvalued" is utter baloney.
  6. the stench of dogturd is overwhelmingly. UK house prices have been so overinflated by so much more, and for so much longer than any other area than chinkoidland, any reference to "long term averages" going back to 2000 is utter toilet. no other country west of dim sum land has a situation where both people work on above average incomes struggle to service interest only mortgages at 0.5% interest rates because the prices are so high. it is such a bubble. if its more "overvalued" in these other countries like Australia how can they afford interest rates at a level which would lead 5million
  7. not confused. immensely angry reading your communistic bile, masquerading as do-goodiness. capitalism got us out of the swamps. communism did nothing for anyone, except sadists and those enjoying gulag life. North Korea shares your wealth sharing beliefs. i dont wnat to live there. And I dont want anyone stealing my assets, and that includes thieving government and central bankers behaving like Michael Jackson on a spending spree. as the great Ghandi advises in your awesome list of quotes, we must not take a backward step to these thieves. the nonsense you spout is dangerous and to
  8. i would like to apologise to gf3. he likes Rainbow, he knows voting Labour was heinously foolish, and he makes groovy, homespun statements with a smattering of rude words. i like him very much.
  9. dont waste your breath Brucie, you seem a shrewdie. these cretins believe if you take money off "the elite" and share it with the 6,000,000,000 inhabitants of the world we would all be wealthy. one of them admitted to always voting Labour.
  10. i have heard some crapola, but to justify the lowest interest rates in history and printy printy because some people become divorced or get crippled?? i mean honestly, that is why we have the lowest rates in history, printed £300billion, and gave £50billion of funds to a bank with £3billion of deposits?? let them find new love online or get a wheelchair. but lets keep some semblance of fiscal responsibility. its Yugoslavian style bloodshed otherwise.
  11. i am sure they want transactions back what they were at the peak, and realise the disparity between buyers abilities to purchase at existing prices and sellers delusions or intransigence are the main impediments to this. if you read the anecdotals with a less anti EA glaze, you will see most EAs are reacting to totally odious, sarcastic, sneering characters going into estate agents talking to them like they are worms, saying dont they know houses are overpriced. which seems strange, because the characters on here saying that to them, are the ones in the market buying houses, which is dafter
  12. awesome stuff. the secret to economic recovery is always to liquidise bad debts. never fails. it has been 4 years now of printing and borrowing money so it can be given to people that are practically insolvent, and people applaud it. why are people not screaming more out there??? are the yahoos in the majority now?? i had no idea it was going to be this bad, and the mistakes would be this monumental.
  13. is this guy Mervyn King? Mike Tyson would demonstrate more economic brainpower on a forum. i have studied his "maths" and i think his central equation is renters must beg for low IRs as high IRs would just lead to huge hikes in rents so tenants can pay the BTLers mortgage. unbelievable. just get interest rates to 5%, let capital and earnings retain value, and demonstrate to these fat balding middle aged gamblers like fadeaway that semi detached slum housing in Tooting is not worth £600,000. if homeowners cannot afford their house at 5% base rates, then they never owned it, whatever they
  14. can somebody explain how in 4 posts we get from pointing out a brainnumbingly dull typo, to a pyromanial lunatic wanting to murder people on trains, because he once worked in an office 15 years ago ("before the boom") where somebody licked a metaphorical sphincter? only on HPC. It is why we love it.
  15. i am more for tarring and feathering second home parasites, than going the tax route. but i guess their hearts are in the right place and they are more gentle down there than the Welsh. all praise the Cornish. Gimme a pastie and a surfboard, its time to fly the black and white flag.
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