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  1. Anecdotal mood music. Take it as you wish to.
  2. Small village near us has seen the return of gazumping. An asking price offer was made for this: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/new-homes/property-24036976.html The offer was accepted, and then the potential buyers got gazumped!
  3. Interesting article in The Telegraph today, moving on from green shoots to blue skies... Any thoughts? I don't quite see it myself, but base that purely on 'personal sentiment' - that is to say I don't have any statistics, graphs or hisrtorical perspective to back me up, just a feeling that we're currently still a fair way from the end. edit to try to quote text properly!
  4. The house that is currently 'B' (Longwall) on this map sold in about 6 weeks. Dunno what for, but selling in that time assume close to full asking. Stuff still seems to be shifting, just not as much stuff and not as fast as once upon a time.
  5. A momentary diversion from schools... as I posted in Oxford thread, seems stuff in nice locations can still sell quickly - I guess that means it was priced right, but have no idea what it might have gone for before! Lucky them... And now back to your regular programming... edit for speeling.
  6. Looking round, seems stuff in nice locations can still sell quickly - I guess that means it's priced right, but have no idea what it might have gone for before! Lucky them...
  7. Thanks for taking the time to write, interesting and much appreciated!
  8. I promise that it was the article that said 100% falls - they have changed it sometime between my first reading and yours! Spoilsports!
  9. I knew that, promise... I just forgot to add ! edited to add that yes, I really did know that - its gloriousness was what made me post the article!
  10. Begins with the alarming news that prices have fallen by more than 100%! "UAE. Property prices on The Palm Jumeirah, the island dubbed the 'eighth wonder of the world', have fallen by over 100% since September 2008 amid fears the global credit crisis is stalling the Emirate’s economy." The agent interviewed sees this as a great opportunity, saying; “We’ve seen a steady stream of bargain hunters in the market shopping for these prestigious addresses, with many motivated primarily by price. Many end-users who previously could not afford to live on Palm Jumeirah are also now turning their attention to the bargains currently on offer." Skyscraper projects are being mothballed or slowed down - and quite possibly abandoned, though no-one has quite admitted that yet. For all there is talk of the British economy being based on house prices, the reality is more complex (thankfully - although three more years of plummeting into and then crawling out of a depression beckon!)... all Dubai has is oil and property. And, of course, a huge sovereign wealth fund, but while it will keep those at the top of the pile living in luxery, the country is going to head downhill fast! Full story here. just a note to say indent doesn't seem to be working, but I edited to try to help it along! edited again to say my first edit only took a second but when I got back to the main page there were 14 views! must be a snow day!
  11. You're gonna find being a member of this forum a long, hard slog if you intend to write 'utter nonsense' after each post that deserves it...
  12. http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/4ff76cb0-cca4-11...0077b07658.html It's there!
  13. How can you be a proper Doom Lord if you don't support the HPC pet conspiracies ?!
  14. Thank you for that - simple and (albeit to me only with hindsight! ) clear. Cheers.
  15. Robert Peston writes... I would have expected this figure to be much higher, even accepting that we are only at the start of the downturn. Any ideas why BTLers don't make up a greater proportion of the repossession stats? Is this something that we could expect to happen next year? Or (just a thought), that a number of the repossessions given as non-BTL are actually BTLers who lied to get a mortgage ? Dunno. But surprised anyway!
  16. First point, I'm not certain it's HPI which has removed this choice from young families, but will skim over that to your second, regarding which, reasonable to be called out on... I am only friends with (and indeed only know) four house-husbands. Each of them is (or at the very least, claims to be and gives every impression of actually being) very pleased with their lot... but then again, until this thread came along I was blissfully unaware of the chips carried by so many gen-xers, so may be missing the truth !
  17. Do you really believe this? That all those born in 1964/5 missed out because of the one's that came before them? Really? Plenty of folk born in those years did get big houses and great jobs, just as have plenty of folk born in the years since. If you've missed out on these things (and therefore feel you've missed out in general?), look to yourself for the reasons , not to those who went before! Edited to add - wah, non-intentional double post sweetness!
  18. Ooh, patronising secret time, thanks! There's a fair few men who would equally happily look after the kids while their wife/partner earns the family's money. That's the choice to have!
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